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wallpaper for renters…





When I launched my wallpaper collection with Hygge & West a couple years ago, many of you have said that you rent and therefore couldn't commit to wallpaper. Or maybe wallpaper just seems like such a big commitment even if you do own your home. Well, Hygge & West now has removable wallpaper tiles of a few of my patterns as well as a slew of patterns from some of my favorite fellow designers and illustrators! You can see them all right here

P.S. I know you haven't seen any new designs from me in a while, but hold tight. I'm working on some really exciting new products and patterns launching in 2014. 😉


  1. oooh i love that blue one! so pretty. this is such a great idea! hopefully we’ll be buying our next place but even if we rent i can still do wallpaper! yay!

  2. SO glad to hear this! We’re in the process of moving and my new home office is in desperate need of a sweet accent wall. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this month…. 🙂

  3. I echo what Jess asked about the petal pusher in gold… and saw what H&W’s answer on their Facebook page. It’s a pity because the gold is also my favorite!

  4. I just found this post from bloglovins most liked. LOVE the wallpapers and what a great idea with removable wallpapers.

  5. Just wanted to say that I saw these and thought they would be perfect way to customize those magnetic boards. And I’m very excited to see new designs from you!

  6. What timing! After years of renting tiny spaces in Brooklyn, we finally bought a home in Denver. Well, I guess removable wallpaper would still work…as I tend to be a bit indecisive! Gorgeous designs. Beautiful wallpaper!


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