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happy friday + a little bit of confetti…






Last weekend, we went on an Easter egg hunt in the park. Our friend that organized the get-together made cascarones (hollow eggs filled with confetti), and Ruby just loved them. She had never seen or played with confetti before, and she kept asking for "More, more!". Once we had smashed three eggs worth of confetti, we spent several minutes picking confetti out of the grass to keep her going for a few more rounds. Wishing you a weekend full of tiny bits of color and magic…

P.S. More confetti fun… and thanks so much for all your kind comments, tweets, and emails about my new studio space

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby's dress from Target, sandals by Salt Water.}


  1. It looks like Ruby had tons of confetti fun! I took my 3 to the park to for fun with the Easter bunny last weekend. I do love your new space! Have a great weekend!

  2. so cute! we do cascarones here in texas – you can buy them buy the bagful, but i’d love to try making them – and they are so much fun…

  3. I am so in love with the spring little girl’s clothing at target. I almost bought that little dress for my daughter, just might have to go back (for a third time) after seeing little ruby modeling it!

  4. Little Ruby is just so precious! I love how fun and magical it is to introduce my daughter to fun new things like confetti. It’s almost like experiencing it all over again!
    Chelsea & The City

  5. Aaawww I just love her! I bet your mini me and Muppin (My little love) would be really good friends if they could play together 😉

  6. Be still my heart, she is adorable. Also I have to say I am equally as infatuated as she is with confetti, and I am ‘grown-up’. Though I have heard that calling yourself a grown up is a sure fire way of assuring everybody else that you are still a munchkin. Happy (late) easter!


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