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Lately I've been loving hand pies because they're a neater version of one of my favorite desserts. I recently received a gift box of goodies by a*pour toi (which specializes in French food gifts) that included these raspberry-filled treats by Saint Aubert. Oh. My. Goodness. They taste like mini raspberry pies, with a not-too-sweet filling and a soft, buttery, cookie-like crust. Needless to say, the box was finished within 24 hours of its arrival…

{Photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I think that anything mini looks so delicious!… Oddly more delicious than a full size version! These are no exception! I probably would have devoured the entire box immediately too!

  2. These look so delicious! There is something about them that make me think of decadent, raspberry fig newtons, yes? A buttery outside, a preserve filling…yum!

  3. Your “currently snacking on” posts always make me want to drive down to LA to check out all these good eats! On a side note, you always have the cutest cloth napkins!

  4. I just had to say it: How do you eat all these sweets and not get fat? Seriously jealous of your figure.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you! Thats very sweet. I try and eat desserts in small doses. I also exercise pretty regularly. I could never not eat what I want so exercise seems to help offset that!

  6. These look like our mini buns filled with cheese in Turkey. Making something sweet in small portions is a brilliant idea for those who can’t do without dessert! This gives me a good inspiration for minimizing my pies, cakes and tarts!


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