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hey, seattle…



Last year, I was honored and thrilled to be a part of the launch of the Petites collection at Anthropologie. So, we're celebrating petite style with another party…this time in Seattle! I'm super excited to visit as I've never been before.

So Seattle, I'll be coming your way in a couple weeks to co-host the launch of the Petites Shop at the Seattle (Fifth Avenue) Anthropologie store on Thursday, May 9th from 6-8pm. I'd love to meet you guys, so come by, try on some clothes, and say hello! I look forward to meeting you guys! Click here to RSVP…

{Photo by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. There are actually 2 Anthropologie stores in Seattle! One is on 5th Ave (the petites shop is here) & another in University Village!

  2. Shrieks! Woohoo! I just RSVP’d and am so delighted I will get to meet you! I read your blog daily and think you and Ruby are just the cutest! I know how much you love breakfast and if you’re at Anthro – I recommend a quick stop at Portage Bay for amazing pancakes or you could try Eltana for the best wood fired bagel of your life (only found in Seattle) you will L-O-V-E!

  3. How exciting Joy! I can not wait for you to come to Seattle and am so excited about a petites collection. I was in Anthro yesterday and was wishing some of the dresses had a shorter hem for my short legs 😉 Looking forward to meeting you! Oh and I recommend Umi Sushi or Pink Door if you are looking for some fun local restaurants. Enjoy!

  4. After all these years of reading your blog, so excited to finally be meeting you in person! Do pick up a cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes. My favorite! There’s a pop-up shop at Pacific Place shopping center on Pine St, between 6th and 7th. Just a couple of blocks from Anthropologie. 🙂

  5. Wish I could go! I helped make the sign–so cool to see it here (can you tell I’m a newbie?) 🙂 Can’t wait for the petites to launch in philly someday!

  6. First Off, I love your dress in this photo! I recently discovered your blog after comiing across you on IG. Now I follow you and your hubby on IG b/c I love all the photos of Ruby as she reminds me of my little munchkin. She is too adorable. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you!

  7. I can’t help it. I needed to add a few places. I am assuming you are coming for a quick trip and are staying downtown:
    a french cafe in the heart of our public market:
    mobile food trucks are everywhere during the lunch hour:
    amazing for breakfast or brunch:
    one of Tom Douglas’ many eateries [palace kitchen]:
    amazing mexican [a bit of a trek but you would love Ballard]:
    best bakery in town [with a new capitol hill location]:
    a hand forged doughnut:
    Sculpture Park:
    Our beloved Market:

  8. Oh, I’m so so so sad that this isn’t happening in NYC. I didn’t even realize Anthropologie is doing petites… I’m always so late to the game.

  9. Awesome — I will be there!
    I second Denise regarding La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard — which you will love (especially the mole) — and stroll the Ave for cool stores like Velouria, Blackbird, and Lucca. I also agree about Bakery Nouveau. They just opened a new shop on 15th and John in Capitol Hill which is divine. Best croissants! WE KNOW YOU LOVE FOOD, and we are grateful.
    You know how LA’s Silverlake has a new shop of my favorite coffee place Caffe Vita (to rival those bastards at Intelligentsia)? If you go to the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle (where I live), you can literally have the 7 best cups of coffee you’ve ever had: Vita, Ladro, Uptown, Muse, Citizen, Fiore, Macrina, etc. This is the main reason I still live here! 🙂 The store Show Pony in Fremont is also great, but increasingly pricey, plus they also have an LA location now.
    If bringing baby, check out the Seattle Art Museum’s new video screen and the Olympic Sculpture Park downtown. Not far from there, you could try an incredible banh mi at Seattle Deli or dinner at Tamarind Tree in the ID (Int’l District), as well as two of my favorite shops — Momo and Kobo. The owner of Momo is like your twin of coolness. 🙂 You must go there. You must.
    Okay, I just planned your trip! Buy me a martini! At Canon, in Capitol Hill — the new trend is whiskey gastropubs. It should be beautiful weather here next week for your visit! 🙂 Enjoy!


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