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what’s your favorite thing to eat?



Someone recently asked me what's my favorite thing to eat. I find that to be a really hard question to answer. Do I pick savory? (A great eggs benedict). Do I pick sweet? (I'd say ice cream or a chocolate croissant). Do I pick type of cuisine? (Thai, hands down).

What would you say? What's your one favorite food?

(It's hard to pick just one, right?)

{Photo Sources: donuts by Joseph De Leo, avocado toast via Melting Pot, summer rolls via Lily, smoked salmon via Kwestia Smaku…and more right here.} 


  1. I have to say the savory/sweet combo! My favorite snack is thinly sliced crusty french bread with cream cheese and pepper jelly! It is delish.

  2. Savory? A slice of Drunken Goat cheese. Sweet? Ice cream. Type of cuisine? Indian, hands down. (We both gravitate towards our roots, don’t we?)

  3. This question is nearly impossible for me to answer (esp being 16 weeks pregnant). I love a really good chocolate salted caramel. I also love a runny egg atop toasted bread, avocado, and bacon.
    Right now, I have a thing for pizza. Chocolate croissants are also a really great pick!

  4. a simple stir fry with flank steak and watercress (with a dash of fish sauce and garlic)
    its. just. so. good.
    my (vietnamese) boyfriend introduced me to it, i guess his mother used to make something similar. the dish isn’t necessarily vietnamese, probably something she just whipped up one day because she had the ingredients (mainly, the fish sauce) on hand.
    it’s SO simple, we usually have sliced flank steak in the freezer in 2-serving portions laid flat for fast defrosting, adn we have everything but watercress on hand at all times, so usually all it takes is picking up a bunch of watercress at the bodega around the corner and we’ve got ourselves or favorite meal!
    hope everyone enjoys!
    cheers 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, what a question.
    Cuisine: Middle Eastern and Italian.
    Savory: Olives/ stinky cheese
    Sweet: Macaroons or Federal Donuts (yeah, Philly!) 🙂

  6. Funny, my husband and I were talking about this this morning! Avocado toast, hands down. It is the perfect texture and with a perfectly ripe avocado, it’s divine 🙂

  7. Pour moi, c’est le saumon qui me donne très envie ! Mais ce que j’aime par dessus tout c’est tout simplement les tartines de fromage de chèvre frais avec un filet d’huile d’olive très verte !…

  8. impossible… i think i would have to go with my homemade chocolate ice cream. only five ingredients and it’s so creamy and yummy! wow you made me think!

  9. That is a tough question! I have so many, spicy bbq ribs, Indian food, my Mom’s pernil (roast pork) but I must say that the one thing that brings me joy is a sweet, ripe, juicy mango!!! That one single thing is just so perfect to me.

  10. Oooo well I’m more of a savoury girl and if pushed my favourite food is simply bread and cheese. But there is always room in my heart for afternoon tea and cake (I’m so english!). Annnnd more recently I have fallen for Japanese cuisine… You’re right, can’t choose just one really!
    Gemma typically.pretty.english

  11. great question!
    this isn’t so tough for me, i could eat mexican food every day.
    mexi-cali is my go to. guacamole on everything!!!
    my sweet tooth comes in at a close second. milkshakes all day everyday!!!

  12. Savory: Super thin crust pizza with Buffalo mozzarella, creamy blue cheese and goats cheese served with fresh green olives and some salad and pesto. I love cheese.
    Sweet: I’ve just started eating peanuts again after 1 year off due to thinking I was allergic so definitely something of the peanut/chocolate combination… Reeses Pieces or Snickers ice cream or a cheese cake! Hmmm…
    Cuisine: Japanese was my instinct but I do adore Italian food too.

  13. OMG, your food pics look so pretty! I’d have to agree with you. It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one type of food. I love so many things. Lately, I’m really digging donuts, not sure why. I’ve also been craving pho as well. I think I just love Asian food (namely, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese) in general.

  14. My new perfect food is greek yogurt with honey and crushed pistachios stirred in it. It’s the best of everything: creamy, sweet, salty, crunchy, and satisfying.

  15. Argh I really can’t answer this question. However, being a true blue Malaysian, I’m kinda biased towards Malaysian cuisine but don’t ask me which one in particular!!!

  16. Meh. You can’t pick just one. It’s impossible. Although I could probably put most of my faves under two categories…italian and chocolate. Homemade ravioli makes my heart sing.

  17. This is hard only because I’ve never been a “favorites” person. I have a hard time picking a favorite ANYTHING, let alone food. I could probably start with one of the photos you’ve provided above, though. Those all look divine.
    Jules of Canines & Couture

  18. There are so many amazing foods for all different foods, so I need to keep my “favorite” super general: bread. From brioche to Italian loaves to whole wheat rolls to naan, I love it all. Even baking bread seems magical!

  19. It’s very difficult to choose but I’d have to say potatoes for mine. I love them, and there’s so many different ways they can be prepared.

  20. Sweet potatoes, by far. which is funny because I love almost every kind of food, but for some reason I fell in love with sweet potatoes and I don’t think that will ever change.

  21. I could pick favorites from several countries. Growing up in NYC spoiled me! 🙂
    My family is from Greece so that will always be comfort food. Avgolemono soup (Greek chicken soup) is my favorite thing to eat when I am under the weather. Though at the end of the day nothing beats my mother’s spanakopita (spinach pie). We roll out our own dough and everything. No filo!
    For Thai, I think my favorite is shrimp in Massaman Curry. The coconut milk is so yummy in there!
    Maybe it would be best to do this by meal!
    – Breakfast: Amy’s country breakfast. Its 2 biscuits, butter, jam and coffee. Perfection!
    – Brunch: Eggs Benedict
    – Lunch: Thin crust brick oven pizza. White pie with sausage and olives.
    – Dinner: French! Escargot, onion soup, steak frites.
    – Desert: Chocolate Chip cookies right out of the oven. I have not tried making these yet, but they look insanely good!

  22. That question is really impossible… I just enjoy eating too much! I love fruit… and ice cream… and heirloom tomatoes… and fish tacos… and Ken’s Pizza… There is just too much goodness in the world to have a favorite…

  23. So hard to pick just one thing!
    Your choices are very close to mine though… But simple always wins out.
    Savory: spinach soup, leek and bacon quiche
    Sweet: tiramisu, ice cream, or scones + clotted cream + jam
    Cuisine: Thai is a close second to Korean (the ultimate comfort food!); or else a good steak


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