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look what i found in palm springs…





Yesterday, my friend Kelly and I did a little vintage shopping in Palm Springs. While at Revivals, I found these cute little stools for my new studio. They're not really practical at all, but they're pretty darn cute and were only $15 each! We might recover them in a new fabric, but I also love the colors as they are. And, when I brought them back, a certain someone couldn't get enough of these pint-sized seats…

{Photos by Oh Joy. Rug from West Elm in my friend Kelly's house. Ruby's top from Crew Cuts, leggings from Target.}


  1. This are so adorable. They are perfect for Ruby!
    I love how you can stack them pretty great for storage.
    So excited to see what your workspace will look like when it is done!
    xo Quinn
    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. Lucky you — what a find! They’re delightful. (I’m jealous, they’re even in my new colors.) And, lucky little footstools! Soon, they get to be part of your cool, new studio…

  3. My grandparents had these exact stools. I loved them. I always look for them at estate sales and stores! You know what else is great about them? Because they are a tripod leg design, you can rest them on their side (on 2 legs), and put your back against them while your laying on the floor watching TV. By any chance, is there a manufacturer’s sticker on the back side of them?


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