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a get-carried-away {giveaway}…



Baggu is kind of like my go-to for all my "toting around" needs. I use their tote bags for grocery shopping, their zip bags for storing Ruby's diapers in my diaper bag, and their key chains for my car and house keys. We're in Palm Springs right now, at my friend Kelly's house, for a little family getaway, and I thought it would be fun to share the Baggu bags that I'm using on this trip. So I've partnered with Baggu to give away this set of five bags (which retail for $118) to one lucky reader.


To enter, simply visit Baggu's website, and then leave a comment here telling me your favorite piece from the site. (My other favorites are this striped bag and this little pouch.) Entries must be posted by this Thursday, April 18th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Haley Y. from Evanston, IL for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $118 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

{My top from Madewell, dress from Target.}


  1. In love with the Chestnut colored Backpack! It would be so cute to take to the beach this summer!

  2. Electric Poppy – anything is so pretty, but I am a HUGE fan of the sailor stripe duck bag! Takes me back to my seaside new england childhood! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joy,
    I love the weekend bag sailor stripeโ€ฆ big enough to hold all of my school supplies and the BAGGU X3 animal print for my daughters diapers and little nick-nacks. So excited about this give away I love BAGGU!!!!

  4. I love Baggu! I toted my Daypack around all weekend, and constantly use the duck bag for my farmers market hauls. I’d love to add a drawstring leather purse and a sailor stripe big bagg to my collection.

  5. I JUST got my first Baggu bag and i LOVE it! Next on my wish list are the Striped Duck Bag and the Saffron Day Bag! Great company!

  6. I love the drawstring purse. I’ve been looking for a bag that shape for ages and love how simple it is (with Baggu’s great quality).

  7. I LOVE the weekend bag in sailor stripe. Fingers crossed. I’ve been looking for a bag like this for forever!

  8. the duck bag and leather tote are my favorites! and the blue and white polka dots remind me of your cute pants!

  9. I love the blush stripe day pack! Would be a fun alternative to a diaper bag ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The sailor stripe weekend bag totally caught my eye – I love it’s clean look – would definitely take it on a trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Love love love the navy dot backpack! Perfect for carrying around all of my junk and still looking cute haha

  12. oh my! i’ve lusted after their day packs for awhile but I’m excited to see they have also come out with a slightly roomier backpack. I’m due with my first baby in 3.5 weeks and I’ve been considering a backpack for my diaper bag instead of a more traditional option. I would die for a back pack in sailor stripe or blue dot to tote my baby girl’s goods! Thank you!

  13. I’m a huge fan of the electric poppy daypack. I can already imagine wearing it with so many different outfits…

  14. I have used baggu from the beginning. But I had no idea how much they had expanded! I love the striped weekend bag!

  15. I love the Sailor Striped duck bag! I’ve been riding my bike more and am thinking of getting a bag that can go across my body, not spill out what I throw in there, and look cute!

  16. I love the paint blue baggu. Perfect for the summer.. ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love all 5 bags!

  17. I love Baggu’s simple leather items. The zipper pouches are probably my favorites. They make perfect gifts.

  18. I have the alpaca print baggu bag that I love – but my favorite from the site is probably the striped weekender bag.

  19. The Gold Leather Bag is TO DIE FOR – LOVE! Would be awesome with the Painted Face Pouch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I love the sailor stripe backpack! It would be perfect to take to Bonnaroo with me instead of an ugly old backpack!

  21. Ohhhhh yea! I LOVE baggu! I love The Cactus backpack and The weekend Bag And The Leather Bags, of Course!! Thanks For Sharing This. Pick me! Btw! I Have That Dress Too….isn’t It Great!

  22. Love the baggu’s in alpaca, in any color! would make grocery shopping a lot more fun!

  23. i use their reusable shopping bags for almost everything and i’m loving their new weekend bags *fingers crossed*

  24. I love Baggu. My favorite item on their site is the iPad case in sailor stripe. I use it every day! It’s functional and pretty. In a close second, I love their little wedge pouches–specifically the gold one.

  25. I love the duck bags! I have one and it’s the absolute perfect bag for travelling as a “hold everything bag.” Plus it’s cute so you look fab!

  26. I love any and all reusable bags – especially ones that easily fit in my purse so I dont forget them in my car. I also love the blue polka dot backpack!! It would be such an awesome diaper bag!

  27. Baggu’s are my favorite reusable grocery bags. My favorite part of them is the little bag the bags go in! Love the set of 3 zippered bags in various patterns.

  28. I love, love, love the medium zipper bags – I use them for everything from knitting projects to my purse contents!

  29. I love bags, I cannot miss this ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like the laptop cases, but my favourites are duck bags (poppy, cactus, fig and sailor stripe… adore!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I love the leather totes so much! It says they are sold out right now, but maybe they will come back : )

  31. i love baggu. Been wanting a Leather M one for some time (tangerine is nice), but the weekender in sailor strips is also calling my name.

  32. They all are wonderful. I think the zippered animal pouch bags are great . . . and useful!

  33. I have, and love, two of the totes. The duck bag looks neat – perfect to hold an iPad and bottle of wine?

  34. I LOVE baggu! I use them for everything and have been giving them as gifts to everyone I know. I recently got the Duck Bag in the stripe for myself and the polka dot for my sister and have to say that they are my ABSOLUTE favorites. (I might have to get some of the solids soon as well!)

  35. I absolutely love my leather tote from Baggu. I use it to carry my books and laptop when I go to school. It’s the perfect neutral tone, perfect for spring. I also use the original Baggu bags for groceries because it satisfies eco-conscious self! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  36. So awesome! I’ve always wanted to try one of their bags. Love the zipper bag animals, and keychain

  37. I love to use my Baggu bags for grocery shopping. They’re easy and come in such whimsical prints. I’d love to have the nylon alpaca bag. Also, the leather nutmeg is beautiful.

  38. I really love the gold pouch, your daughter is very fancy!!! Now I want to carry my daughter’s diapers in the pouch too! hahaha!

  39. I like the wedge pouch keychains: perfect for spare items or cash. I’ve always wanted a Baggu product…pinned a few on my Pinterest. I love your style: simple, yet so put together!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Love the backpacks – need one, too, now that I’ve started biking more (canvas tote keeps slipping off my shoulder).

  41. I love Baggus for traveling! They hold up the best and they wash well. I love the fox print tote!

  42. I’ve been crazy about Baggu’s leather line for ages now – especially their medium leather tote in Nutmeg. (well, I REALLY loved their “apricot” color, but that seems to be gone now, sadly.)

  43. love love love the sailor stripe duck bag! it’s so rare to find a tote bag that has handles and a cross body AND a zipper. this will be a great bag to travel with!

  44. I love the bags, but I have to say, I’m really drawn to the simplicity and utility of the keychains!

  45. Love everything Baggu. But the Baby Baggu (in the ‘paint’ patterns) seems perfect for toting around as a catch-all or lunch bag. The daypack in ‘blush stripe’) is also so cute and I can imagine adventuring around a new city with it.

  46. I love the leather bags and the set of three animal print bags. It’s so hard to name a favorite. Such a fun giveaway. Thank you.

  47. I live Baggu totes…been using them for groceries for years and haven’t needed to replace them yet! Love the elephant and alpaca patterns. I don’t think I can pull off that pattern on a shirt so why not wear it on a tote? Thanks Joy!

  48. I love their leather pouches, and the backpack would be a great transition from a diaper bag to toddler bag. They’ve got great stuff!

  49. I would love to have the backpack for my upcoming trip to Germany, and the standard baggu bags would be perfect for Saturday mornings at the farmers market.

  50. Dear joy, I am a mom myself and always seem to run out of hands with my feisty baby. Baggu fits our always chaotic needs. We especially love the navy dot pouch, the painted face collection, and goldenrod backpack. I don’t know how you pack so lightly when you travel. Brilliant giveaway. Hope you have a great getaway!

  51. I adore their Duck bag. I’ve had mine for two years. It’s strong enough to carry my textbooks to school.

  52. Love the weekend bag and the leather tote! Thanks for the giveaway; enjoy your getaway!

  53. I’m in LOVE with their navy dot backpack, and it’s on sale for $20! I might have to ask for that as a birthday gift soon…

  54. I’m in love with their navy dot backpack, and it’s on sale! I might have to ask for that for a birthday or other holiday soon…

  55. How fun! I love BAGGU. I have one of their navy stripe grocery bags – Love it!
    The laptop case in SEA is so so cute. That might be my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. I’m a huge fan of the colorful animal bags (like the ostrich one) & I adore the gold leather bags!

  57. Wow! They have such great colors and patterns, and their prices are so reasonable! I think I’g going to need a baggu weekender before too long!

  58. Coveting the weekend bag in Sailor stripe. It looks like the perfect bag for multiple uses.

  59. Maroon is my favorite color (from back in the day when the Crayola 84-pack defined the colors of the world for me), so I have to pick the Baggu in Maroon!

  60. I looooove the canvas backpacks and the leather drawstring purses. So classy and fun — such a hard combination to master!

  61. I really love the keychain, but the backpack is also so cute. I bike to work, so a cute (and functional) backpack is a must!

  62. I have such a soft spot for anything with elephants on it! I love the zipper bag set and the large Baggu in the elephants print.

  63. I love the drawstring purse in leather. It reminds me of a purse my mom used to carry when I was little. Also the daypack bags seem ready for any kind of adventure!

  64. I love Baggu and am obsesively forming a little collection! The zipper bags are great for packing and I plan on getting a backpack for my honeymoon this september!

  65. I love my striped duck bag, I use it every day!! I’ve been lusting after the matching weekend bag!

  66. I’m all about the gold leather! The medium gold bag is my fave. But I also love the gold keychain.

  67. Just one? Not possible!
    The leather totes (sold out…snif), the pouches (pretty much all shapes and sizes), the zipper bags (stripes for me, animals for my kiddo), and of course the classic nylon shopping bag. Ah! Baggu! J’adore…

  68. We love BAGGU! My daughter uses her bag to carry her gym clothes to school. The bag is so lightweight and sturdy!
    My favorite bag atm is the gold leather bag S. I bet it feels amazing.

  69. i love the gold pouch in the giveaway. i would also love the little zipper bag m animal pouches for carrying all the little items that my three year old “requires” that we bring with us.

  70. My favorite is a one I already have – the sailor stripe Duck Bag! So summery and chic!

  71. I love the weekend bag in colbalt (thinking about getting it as a diaper bag!) and the drawstring purse in natural!! Baggu is fantastic!

  72. I love Baggu, and use their nylon bags for groceries. (navy stripes) I’ve been lusting after the leather M bag in nutmeg or gold for a while now, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

  73. I love Baggu! I too grocery shop with 6 of their bags… and I use the medium sized zipper bags (in the animal prints) for my daughter’s diaper bag necessities. I love the keychains… I may have to order one!!

  74. I love love the weekend bag in cobalt! and the baggy x3 would be awesome. I have one and I use it ALL the time for everything!

  75. The royal blue backpack. Bright enough to be cheerful, and dark enough to camouflage dirt.

  76. The Blushing Nutmeg Pouch with Painted Face, of course! How cute would it be to see that face when I reach into my bag for coins?!! Thanks for the giveaway offer, Joy! x

  77. LOVE the blush striped daypack! I’m a Yoga Instructor and it would be the perfect yoga bag!

  78. I love the backpack in forest green – so many great colors though, it’s hard to choose just one!

  79. Love the electric poppy daypack for a picnic or stashing art supplies to go somewhere. Also love the name of the color “electric poppy!”

  80. I love the gold pouch! It would be easy to find in my purse or look awesome on it’s own!

  81. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity! I love the backpack in the sailor stripe!

  82. Love these! My favorite piece is the Neon Ostrich tote–so unique and cute!
    I love your blog btw. Hope you have a great day!

  83. i already have a jcrew ed. baggu adorned with elephants and i love it! my fave right now though is their tangerine pouch. thanks for the giveaway.

  84. The duck bag in sailor stripe looks like a lot of fun to carry around during play dates.

  85. i got baggu’s 3 set for christmas last year. love them…so handy, compact, & colorful. I would love another set plus a striped backpack. thanks for the opportunity.

  86. I love them all!!! The backpacks will be perfect to carry my twins stuff and the gold pouch is so chic. I also like that the reusable bags can be machine washed. They look like shirts ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. I’ve been eyeing the gray stripe daypack for awhile now — and I love the shapes slate baggu.

  88. I had no idea they had expanded beyond my favorite grocery tote! Love the Duck Bag in Sailor Stripe, might just get it for my mom for mother’s day as my parents go sailing all the time.

  89. I love the surf sling! Such an innovative project and perfect for living 5 blocks from the beach in Santa Monica. <3

  90. I love Baggu. I use their bags every time I go to the grocery, but I didn’t know they had other types of bags. I especially love the duck bag.

  91. The gold leather bag is absolutely beautiful! It goes with everything, casual or dressy!

  92. The Duck Bag is perfect for toting things and keeping hands free with the shoulder strap to tote children!

  93. I have quite a few pouch bags and use the duck bag for work, but I would love to add the weekend bag in the sailor stripe to my collection!

  94. Have been using Baggu products for years! We have several of the shoppers and yet to get the zipper pouches! Would love those for cloth diapers!

  95. I absolutely love their large zipper bags. They are so perfect for tossing in another bag–I love to use them for knitting. My mom calls me a bag lady–I love bags. ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. I love Baggu! I sometimes use the canvas tote bag as a diaper bag, with the three-pack of the nylon zipper pouches for diapers and pacifiers. I’ve had my eye on the striped weekender bag lately and a cactus green back pack.

  97. I don’t usually gravitate towards backpacks, but I’m drawn to the poppy one.
    It looks like it could hold my boys’ snacks and my husband could easily find me when
    I “wander” off.

  98. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I love the zippered and handled canvas tote in blue dot.
    Good luck, everyone!

  99. The animal zipper bags are adorable. And I also love the sailor striped backpack. Great giveaway!

  100. i love the navy dot small pouch and the alpaca baby baggu. the little things are always so great for small gifts.

  101. I need to pick up several of the nylon Baggu shopping bags. I love all the fun patterns.

  102. Really love the leather Baggu’s with hand-painted faces. This one in particular: POUCH S PAINTED FACE

  103. Loving the Sailor Stripe Weekend bag – so much better than the overnight bag I’m working with now!

  104. I seriously am OBSESSED with the Drawstring Purse in Natural. So simple, yet so classic. I love Baggu! Great giveaway Joy!

  105. BAGGU is such a wonderful company. I gave their reusable bags to my bridesmaids as bachelorette gifts and they were so thrilled. I stuck with the blue and white striped, papaya, and mint so they all looked great together. I live in Laguna Beach and they just passed a plastic free law so I constantly have BAGGU bags all over my car. I’d love to try out one of their leather totes!

  106. I have been itching for the new striped backpack since I first laid eyes on it a couple months back. I have a red messenger and love it but I want something for summer bike rides.

  107. I love the seahorses because I know my nephew would LOVE it. It’s currently his favorite animal.
    I love the wedge pouches too and the weekend sailor stripe. :]

  108. the weekend bag in canvas! I also loved the leather tote in natural, too bad it’s sold out!

  109. I like anything in the sailor stripe – weekend bag, duck bag, tote… that stripe is PERFECT!

  110. Wow, that wedge pouch is really cool! Their leather tote looks super useful too!

  111. I’ve used my electric poppy day pack from Baggu to death! Love love love it, but I’d be over the moon for one of their leather pieces (like the tote).

  112. Baggu products make me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the sailor stripe duck bag, sea weekender bag, natural leather tote, & gold keychain.

  113. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but you can’t go wrong with the original Baggu in the Sailor Stripe print! Thanks for sponsoring this contest!

  114. Thanks for introducing me to this brand! I like the backpack in Navy or sailor stripe, zipper pouches in blue, laptop case in sea and the daypack in poppy!

  115. My every-day bag is a Baggu duck bag but I would love the small gold leather bag for dressier occasions.

  116. they’re all so cheerful! if i had to pick though… my fave is the duck bag in sailor stripe.

  117. I like the little animal-print zippered bags. I love using little pouches to keep my bag organized. A friend gave me a Baggu shopping tote several years ago and I keep it stashed in a pocket of my purse so I always have my own bag whenever I run to the store for a few things. It’s a fantastic bag — really strong and big enough to hold lots of goodies!

  118. I absolutely love the pouches, I just can’t decide on a color! And I could really use a set of the zipper bags too, the animal ones are so cute!

  119. I love the weekender bag is stripes. But I love so much stuff on the site it’s hard to choose!

  120. In addition to the ones you like (I love anything striped, and the wedge shape on the pouch is cute and different), I like the zipper bags and the weekend bags. Can’t decide on one color!

  121. The gold leather bag is very cool and unexpected. It looks like their typical grocery totes, but elevated by the color and material.

  122. Weekend Bag in Sailor Stripe and the animal Zipper bag medium for my little one are totally on the must have list! go Baggu!

  123. Wow, it’s so hard to choose! All those colors and bags are great… I think my fave is the weekender bag in Poppy or the backpack in Chestnut.

  124. I have a duck bag, which is like my favorite bag ever, but I really like their weekend bag and the baby baggus (especially in animal print!).

  125. First love your blog, my daughter (16) watched every video of your daughter. Her favorites are of her little hands pointing to her cheek, chin etc. We were laughing at how adorable she is. My favorite Baggo are the neon ones, also the leather, so cute! I have the basic green one which is about 4 years old, use it all the time. So small I keep it in my purse.

  126. I love all the colors Baggu has to offer! I absolutely love the Duck Bag in Goldenrod, the Papaya Baggu, and the Sea Weekend Bag.

  127. Most definitely the duck bag in stripe! And i’ve been dying for a baggu clutch.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  128. My 5yo daughter is a pink fiend – we’re loving the Hot Pink neon Baggu grocery bag!
    P.S. Joy, you’re an inspiration! Thank you for your fun blog.

  129. I LOVE baggu products. My favorites are the sailor stripe duck bag and the animals zipper pouches.

  130. Every mama always needs more bags. I love the surf sling in neon. Super casual and chic!

  131. I love all of their small pouches! I have one in my purse for all my lipsticks and chapsticks and it works so great so I can always find those small items ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. I’ve been wanting a little pouch for summer to take to the pool, beach, etc. Love the dots or metallics!

  133. I’ve been pining for a Baggu backpack for… years now! I love the Cactus and Royal Blue colors. The Drawstring purse in Neon is likewise amazing.

  134. Oh my gosh so many to love …but my favorite would be blush/striped daypack…with two grandbabies that I take care of this would be perfect for summer packing….
    Thank you for sharing this site with us and for maybe making me a winner…

  135. Well the Natural Drawstring Purse is sold out of course, but the Medium Gold Leather bag is in!

  136. I’ve been loving Baggu’s leather totes… the black one is sleek yet casual. Love it!

  137. my favorites are duck bags and the canvas backpack. I own them both and they are so easy and versatile!

  138. I am in love with the animal patterns, especially the alpaca and elephant. I also love the Duck Bag in sailor stripe!

  139. Hi! I love the “Goldenrod duck bag” I have never seen a bag like that! I also like the fact its in yellow. I’m going to be walking a lot with my mother, so it would be cool for a travel bag.

  140. The weekend bag is sailor stripe! I love the bags with the black and grey stripe as well.

  141. I love so many of these! But my favorite has to be the duck bag in neon or the painted smiley face pouch!

  142. I absolutely adore the sailor stripe duck bag!! You can use it for so many things!

  143. I’m a fan of that weekend bag in poppy. That looks great to stuff all the baby junk I have when I travel with my three month old.

  144. too many to make a decision. i love the leather bags plus the wide striped bags and anything with polka dots. i like that you can fold them up and put them into your purse or bag. love them.

  145. i love the pouch s in navy dot. perfect size for carrying around essentials and looks super chic!

  146. I really like the neon Surf Sling. Looks like my stuff would fit perfectly and the color would dbe great for spring and summer. : )

  147. I love the drawstring purses! Too bad the natural and black are sold out

  148. I absolutely love Baggu! My favorites are the weekend bag in sailor stripe and the drawstring purse in natural. Thanks for the giveaway, Joy! ?

  149. I love the leather bags and puches! Well, I basically love everything they make but those would be on the top of the list:)

  150. The leather tote in natural looks sumptuous. Too bad it’s sold out; it’s my fav!

  151. I’ve been searching for the perfect yellow backpack and Baggu has The One! The side pocket is clever and I appreciate the new buckle as opposed to their old button.

  152. My favorites are the sailor striped duck bag and the laptop case in sea (what a gorgeous color!).

  153. Big baggu in Neon, and of course all the gold leather bags. Mmmmm gold leather. Fingers crossed, I enter all the drawings and neevvverrr winnn wompwompppp

  154. The alpaca print slays me, but the medium leather bags are to die for. Especially the gold! I’ve never come across a leather bag in that shape, perfect.

  155. I love the blush stripe daypack and the backpacks in every color! wow they have so many new products since I last visited their site!

  156. I love the Baggu daypack in saffron! What a practical bag for the big city. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wished I had a light, easy to pack backpack for Saturdays around town.

  157. Ahhh I love baggu, I use all their animal print bags for my groceries! But it would be so lovely to have the gold leather bag for a fancy occasion!

  158. love the baggu bags for groceries, but had no idea that they made leather keychains or backpacks. would love either of those.

  159. The backpack in sailor stripe is pretty fantastic. I also love the animal prints they are doing in bright colors

  160. i love baggu! they fold up so neatly. i have a giant mociun one that i use all the time, and don’t even get me started on how awesome the little zippered pouches are. i’ve been wanting to get the fox bag…i love the color.

  161. I love the neon fox bag, and the saffron dot bag. Perfect for summer picnics and farmers market trips!

  162. oh i LOVE all of these!
    definitely a duck bag… + then possibly a weekend bag, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. I love the mixed print zip bags….how perfect for traveling with kids this summer! Hope I win!

  164. I definitely like the cactus backpack best. I’ve been looking around for a cute backpack for when I go back to school in the fall, and here it is!

  165. The saffron dot bag is my favorite! And I’ve been debating a backpack for a while but can’t decide if I want a stripe or solid… A solid is more practical I know, but the blush stripe is so good!

  166. I love their sailor stripe duck bag! Ok ok, the fig duck bag is awesome too. It’s a tie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. Their nylon bags are the best for the grocery store–a clerk even commented on that once. Love the leather version of their grocery bags too.

  168. This is so well timed… I nearly purchased the fox print nylon bag last weekend after spotting it, but to my husband’s happiness (he currently does most of the grocery shopping and pink is not his color) I was able to resist. My all-time Baggu favorite it probably the leather pouch – it’s so versatile! Thanks for coordinating this giveaway.

  169. I love the sailor-striped duck bag, whichโ€”coupled with some small zips for dirty diapers– might be just what I need to tote around supplies for my soon-to-arrive little one….

  170. Well, I love anything blue & white but I shivered a bit when I came across the black leather tote and the black leather backpack – Beauties!
    Really lovely bags.
    Thank you!

  171. so many cute options!! hard to pick but i’d say the weekend bag in the sea color or sailor stripes… i also love the shape of the duck bag!

  172. Uggghhh. I love Baggu. I’ve been lusting over the new canvas colors; I especially love the duck bag in goldenrod.

  173. I love the original baggu because of the few I have I use so frequently. I also love the duck bag and the weekender.

  174. i love baggu! they have such great pieces. i use the regular baggus all the time but i would love to try their leather pieces or weekend bag too.

  175. Beach days are here! Love to pick up the Weekend Bag in Sailor Stripes, seems big enough to carry our towels and some play toys for LC.

  176. this is so funny, i was just looking at their site yesterday! i love the zipper pouches in fun colors/stripes, the little pouches as a clutch, and their laptop cases!

  177. I love the weekend bag in sailor stripe, and the daypack bag in blush stripe! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  178. I recently purchased the baby elephant baggu as a lunch bag. But I really like the Medium pouches in Jade.

  179. I’ve had my eye on the Duck bag in blue dot and a pack of the baggu x3. They would be perfect for when I take my daughter on trips to her grandparents house. I would love to have the sailor striped weekender too.

  180. My favorite it the backpack in blue dot! thanks again for this wonderful giveaway :]

  181. I bought the duck bag in sailor stripe last month and absolutely love it! I also love the loop keychain in gold.

  182. Love the weekend bag in cobalt- i could use that daily. Plus, the fox print and the gold pouch!

  183. I absolutely love the leather drawstring purse in natural. I have the mustard canvas backpack and use it all the time.

  184. The Baggu pouch of course! Great idea to use their cut offs and perfect size for when all you have is a phone and money. I don’t know why I don’t have one already… Maybe soon?

  185. iI love the leather bagu in the medium size in Nutmeg. I would bring it everywhere with me!!!!!

  186. I already have the duck bag and I love it. My new favorite pieces from the site is the small navy dot pouch and the chestnut backpack!

  187. i’m pretty obsessed with BAGGU! and i can always use more! i’d LOVE the leather bag from baggu. anything leather from baggu actually…SO useful, functional, great quality, and adorable! perfect, right? great giveaway! thanks for having this!

  188. my favorite are the surf racks because I need new surf racks for my car and there are not may cute ones out there.

  189. I love the duck bag in blue dot or sailor stripe, the leather bags in orchid and pretty much all of the original baggu bags!

  190. Love the weekend bag in sailor stripe. I have a Baggu from West Elm and I love it!

  191. i love the backpack and the weekend bag. all the colors are so juicy and vibrant!! i love the cobalt, sea, and sailor stripe.

  192. I really like the Cobalt Weekender bag. I’m starting my career as a psychotherapist working with kids and I’m going to need a bag like this to drag around all the toys/books/etc that I’ll need for children and adolescents. LOVE the bright color… something a little fun for the kiddos to look at ๐Ÿ˜‰

  193. Hello Joy! Oh brother, I cannot pick just one. My favorite is a tie between the small painted face pouch in blushing nutmeg and the black drawstring purse!

  194. my favorites are the shapes slate and sailor stripe prints. in any bag ๐Ÿ™‚ fingers crossed!

  195. I love the animal prints! I’d pick either the alpaca or fox one. So simple but stylish~

  196. I own the canvas iPad case and love it, especially the fleece lining. I have been trying to find a backpack, and Baggu’s is the only one i can find that doesn’t look like something I would have used in middle school!

  197. I’m in between their reg. Baggu in shapes slate and their Wedge Pouch in navy dot. The geometric patterns in the shapes slate color have me hypnotized + color me a polka dot addict!

  198. i adore the painted face pouches : ) they’re so spunky! really, i adore baggu’s whole line, though! & i could really use some lovely bags to start grad school in the fall!!

  199. i love baggu so much! some of my current picks: daypack in blush stripe, duck bag in blue dot, backpack in poppy, and all the pouches are adorbz. thanks for hosting this contest, joy!

  200. Fav is the weekend bag sailor stripe-just seeing it makes me think of lazy long weekends! The zip bags are super handy to have, too! I (not so secretly) covet the leather baggu, tho.

  201. OMG! how fun!! my fave is definitely the wedge pouch and striped tote. SO CUTE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  202. The stripped duck bag is my fav! Love the canvas material. Thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway joy!

  203. I love the chestnut brown backpack and the sailor striped weekend bag. Simple chic and fun ๐Ÿ˜€

  204. I’ve been looking for a lightweight day bag to use when traveling this summer – maybe the daypack in electric poppy is it!!

  205. i love the neon key chain … simple yet bright enough to make finding my keys that much easier.

  206. Oh tough choice, but I think my pick would be the duck bad in sailor stripe – so pretty and functional!

  207. Love all things Baggu, but my favorite item on the site right now is the Leather tote – it’s just so useable!

  208. I love their sailor striped backpack! Baggu is definitely my tote bag of choice as well. So well made!

  209. Love the Baggu x3. Anything that I can grab on the go and use for multiple uses is the best!

  210. Man oh man. The Backpack in Forest or the Small Leather Bag in Jade are heaven. Thanks!

  211. I don’t think I could ever pick just one favorite at Baggu! I’ll take anything striped or dotted. My fav right now is the day pack in blush stripe. I’d use all day, everyday!

  212. Backpack in Forest is perfect to take on outings with my 3 1/2 year old and the new baby on the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. love the gold pouch! (also the leather bags) Love that they are so kid friendly from swimming lessons to to playing at the park or stopping for a bite to eat! hope it’s not too late to enter!

  214. Oh boy – do I need this now! I’m a newish mama and am sick of bags sliding off my shoulder when I carry around my little lady. Just this week I decided on the Backpack, maybe in forrest??

  215. I’m all over the set of three animal-print totes. And the zippered pouches are pretty fab too.

  216. sailor stripe backpack! nay dot pouch! grey strip day pack! seahorse big baggu! how do you choose?!

  217. medium leather pouches I say
    would look great any which way
    in my hand or on the shelf
    i’d like every color for myself

  218. I love their nutmeg pouch and loop keychains! (I have a bright red baby baggu that I use almost every day.)

  219. I think my favorite bag is the duck bag in sailor stripe- great shape & size, and I love the colors!

  220. I love the navy polka dot backpack. And the pouches…can never have too many of those.

  221. I love Baggu, but if I had to choose one thing to be my favorite it would be their medium leather bag…in black!

  222. I love the tiny polka dot pouch. Perfect for loose change for the food trucks when they come to work!!

  223. Love their backpacks, especially the Striped, Royal Blue & Fig colors! The weekend bags are gorgeous too! All the colors so fun, so it a tough one to choose.

  224. Oh, baggu! Be still my heart. Love their products. Really into that Poppy Weekend Bag at the moment.

  225. I actually have a couple Baggu bags from J.Crew! They are really handy for groceries. I love the Animals set, the Duck bag in Blue Dot, and the Leather Tote in Natural. I had no idea they made such cute things.

  226. Ooo… I love the elephant one! I have it in the large zip pouch now ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the three pouch sets for little things I need to carry for my kids. Hair bands, band aids, sanitizer, ect.

  227. in love with this giveaway, joy! baggus have definitely become a go-to for me this year as plastic bags have been banned here where i live! i can honestly say i love all of their patterns and bags but the baggu x3 animals print caught my eye today. thanks for the chance to win!!!

  228. Loving the sailor striped Duck bag! But its a tough choice to pic a fave ๐Ÿ™‚ Great giveaway!!

  229. Hi Joy! Absolutely love the sailor stripe weekend bag. Its perfect as a casual bag to carry all my son’s diapers and clothes. Also love the little navy dot coin pouch.

  230. ok too many things to love! but i love the stripe duck, nutmeg M bag (which is such a bummer that it’s sold out!), orchid little leather pouches… omg dying

  231. Has to be the striped weekend bag — I have been on the hunt for a stylish large bag and this seems like a great fit! Bonus points for the fact that it looks heavy duty enough to keep up with my crazy lifestyle!

  232. My sister first introduced me to Baggu a year or two ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite Baggu style would have to be the classic “Duck Bag” – it is my “go to” for everything! Grocery shopping, traveling, walking around the city – it does it all.

  233. I love their Duck Bag and their Weekend Bag both in Sailor Stripe!!! Can’t get enough of their classic simple pieces!

  234. I never thought to attach the keychain to the pouch! genius! I have some of their reusable bags and have been looking at the weekender or the backpack! I have no need for a backpack but it’s just so cute!

  235. I have a couple of Baggu’s regular Baggu bags for groceries, but I’ve been meaning to gift my mother some and try out other bags. My dream bag is their Weekender bag, probably in the sailor stripes, but maybe in the sea color? I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet. Someday, I’m sure.

  236. I love so many, but since I”m in the middle of seeking a good backpack, so I would like the blush stripe backpack. Cute cute.

  237. I LOVE baggu bags – I keep one in my purse all the time. I have been eyeing the leather bag for the past few months.

  238. Weekend bag in sailor stripe looks adorable! Perfect for a two-day road trip to Malibu! @KatiaDmitriyeva

  239. My absolute favorite piece is the baby baggu elephant bag. Would be so perfect as a lunch bag.

  240. I really love the Big Baggu in Electric Poppy. All purpose for laundry, groceries, kids’ toys, potato sack races…not that it resembles a potato sack in any way other than size. How chic would I be at my next company picnic, hopping around in this great bag!?!

  241. The navy dot duck bag would be perfect for carrying around everyday items. But I also can’t stop staring at the gold leather bag!

  242. I’ve been crushing on the cobalt daypack seems like a chic trip bag that I cn get my boyfriend to carry when I get worn out.

  243. I love the leather draw string purses or the back pack in sailor stripe! Everything is cute though!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  244. had no idea they offered so many other products! love the striped duck bag and zippered pouches!

  245. Ooh. Loving the duck bag. Would love to get one and screen print or appliquรฉ the side.

  246. I’ve never left a comment before, though i’ve followed your blog for ages! i love all of the baggu-stuff, they are so simple and neat,
    but my favorite right now must be the baggu in shapes slate ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love from Norway!

  247. I own the 13″ laptop case in the electric coral and adore it – but I’m also lusting after the pouches in jade, cobalt and gold to keep makeup and art supplies in my tote bag. ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. I use Baggus everywhere I go! I shared them with friends and family as Christmas presents last year. I’d love to expand my collection to a backpack or some leather. <3

  249. I love the small gold pouch… I actually own it! I put all my cards and cash in there and simply toss it into whatever bag I am using for the day.

  250. i have been pining over their gold leather bag for a while. they are the coolest bag brand.

  251. The baggu neon fox or alpaca! Oh and the duck bag in poppy! Love them! Thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. I bought my bestie the duck bag in salmon and she loves it! I am drooling after the backpack in cherry red, though… ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. So many favorites! I love the original Baggu, but the weekend bag and zipper bags are nice too!

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