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a summer shades {giveaway}…



Although I wear sunglasses year-round in sunny L.A., I get extra excited about them during this time of year. I love picking out new frames to wear, so it's nice to have cute and affordable options so I can have a couple to choose from on any given day. So for your upcoming sunny days, I've partnered with Lookmatic to give away one pair of sunglasses to three lucky readers (yes, three)!

To enter, simply visit Lookmatic's website and then leave a comment here telling me which style of sunglasses you'd choose if you won. Winners will be able to choose from Rx or non-Rx sunglasses. Entries must be posted by this Thursday, May 23rd, at 8 a.m. PST, and three winners will be chosen at random*. 

UPDATE: Congrats to Shelley T. from Lexington, KY; Abbey T. from New York, NY; and Danae D. from Cibolo, TX for being our winners this time!

*Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $65-95 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

{Photos by Casey Brodley}


  1. Ooh! I’d definitely want to get the ‘woody’. I’ve been looking at tortoise shell sunnies for this summer, and these are PERFECT!

  2. I love the tortie woody or the apprentice. really most of them are quite awesome!

  3. Even though I scrolled through everything, I have to say that my favorite is the very first one, the woody. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think its classic and cute.

  4. Feeling the Kingsford, but also the Uncleonard in clear … something different but hip. Hope I win!

  5. Patti Goes To Paris because they look like something I’d be too scared to try normally.

  6. I LOVE the Maxine Shades in tortoise. Ohhh crossing my fingers..I could use a new cute pair!!!

  7. I’ve been eyeing Patti Goes to Paris in pink for a while now… Need to rock ’em with a Bardot updo!

  8. Oooooh I’ve been needing new Rx sunglasses for SO LONG! I’d go with the Andy or Marlowe, both in tortoise.

  9. Ah! Such a hard decision – they have so many choices – and I’m so picky about shades! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving Lookmatic’s Bel Air – and the Woody – ok the Woody is my favorite!

  10. I have only just subscribed and I am loving your blog!
    I love the clear Ricky sunglasses non RX.
    My little fingers and toes are crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I would pick the Hobbs or the Maxine. Or…maybe Uncle Leonard (good name!) Tough decision! Thanks!!

  12. Woody in tortoise shell all the way! Maybe Lucy in tortoise as my second pick….

  13. I love the Austin – they’re just like a pair I wear currently, but were purchased from a gas station and I’m not sure how much longer they’ll last. I’d love to have a higher-quality replacement!

  14. Really loving the Buddy style of shades in Olive Tortoise, since they’d compliment a casual or dressy outfit. Great site! Thanks for sharing.

  15. The Pris sunnies in zebra tortoise print are pretty awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. It’s so hard to choose! I think I’d have to go with the Bel Air in a funky color!

  17. I like the Bel Air and in need of a new pair as the little person likes to pull them from my face and the current ones are a bit funky

  18. i’m from southern california, too.
    I like the ricky in clear because i have a similar pair that are about to die and i like that type of style a lot.

  19. Love the Davenport style-I live in Florida so sunglasses are a must have year round!

  20. Definitely the Kingsford, although the Woody in tortoise is pretty wonderful.

  21. I’d choose the Ricky! I have a pair of classic black already, so it’d be nice to have something more hip and trendy.

  22. I’ve been dying for a pair of Rx sunglasses. My favorite style is Evelyn.

  23. Ooh… I like the Abby and the Andy. (Although “Tippi” might win out just for the name…)

  24. i love the Reeve…maybe the Clark? Ah, how do yoe decide without trying them on! (yes i saw they have a virtual try-on, but still!)

  25. I just got contacts for the first time so I no longer need my RX sunglasses. I love the Woody!

  26. such a great giveaway! i just ordered the woody sunglasses and would love a second pair – the marlowe to be exact!

  27. Wow! So many good options to choose from. I *think* I would pick the woody, though.

  28. I love the Woody sunglasses! Would be perfect for a day at the lake when I can’t wear my contacts.

  29. So hard to pick! I’d have to go with either the Marlow or the Woody. So cute!

  30. bel air deep blue! if they have those in sunglasses. if not be air ruby sunglasses ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Payton because I’m in need for classic black shades. They Kitty is so fun too though!

  32. I would LOVE the woody! having them with a prescription would be amazing for driving!

  33. can’t decide betweent he woody and the marlowe. great giveaway considering my dog just chewed up my fav pair. love!

  34. I would choose something fun like Kitty in pink. So fun and different! I also love that it’s a collab with Loeffler Randall!
    mcchaublog at gmail dot com

  35. I have been “eyeing” the Kitty glasses…so fab! I wear an Rx and I am so overdue to get new ones.

  36. i would either go with the black/clear reeve, or the tortoise woody frames. lovely!

  37. I really need a pair of Rx sunglasses for my non-contact lens days. I would definitely go with Woody in Tortoise!

  38. I’ve had my eye on Lookmatic for a while and this would be perfect timing as I just updated my prescription today! I love the Woody!

  39. Patti Goes to Paris in pink is my absolute favorite! Guaranteed to make one feel like an ethereal glamorous actress.

  40. I love the Bel Air in pink in a prescription sunglass…so cute…pink is my color…
    thanks so much for offering to do this…

  41. I love the Bel Air in pink and in blue, and the Buddy in olive tortoise. Fun!

  42. The Andy are wonderful! I am so happy to find cute prescription sunglasses online!

  43. I love Lookmatic! I’d probably go for the Woody (my brother’s name, ha) or the Reeve

  44. i love the Marlowe sunglasses! so sassy and cute with the tortoise shell frames!

  45. i LOVE the Colt Non-RX Sun, great website. Was nice seeing you in Seattle the other week!

  46. I’m torn between the Bel Air or the Darcy but I’m leaning towards Bel Air.

  47. I love the Marlowe sunglasses! The tortoise frames are so in right now!
    Hope I win!

  48. I love the Woody frames in tortoise – all of them are so cool, but I think the Woody frames would go best with my face-shape!

  49. It’s tough to pick just one! I’m torn between the tortoise Woody or Austin.

  50. I’m loving Bel-air in blue!
    I would have chosen Maxine in tortoise but that appears to be beyond the giveaway price range. It’s my birthday on 5/23 and I’m sunglassless at the moment, so fingers crossed!

  51. I have similar features to you Joy and the colt looks good on you so I’m assuming it would look just as good on me :).

  52. How does one pick!? I love the Maxine in tortoise and the Woody in tortoise. So hard to choose! Such cute sunglasses!

  53. I was drawn to the clear Uncleonard glasses…discovering they were designed by Jason Schwartzman solidified that choice!!

  54. Oh the Walt! or the Marlowe… So hard to find stylish prescription sunwear that doesn’t cost a fortune! Fingers. Crossed.

  55. i have not heard of this company! super cute. i would love patti goes to paris. but might chicken out & get the adorable maxine.

  56. I would gladly take the Andy or Evelyn sunnies. I desperately need a pair of prescription sunglasses for this summer.

  57. The Marlowe in tortoise are great! I am trying to be better about wearing sunglasses and would feel like winning would help my luck and help me remember to wear them!

  58. I like the Buddy & the Hobbs. I love trying on sunglasses in the summer, living in TX more than one pair is a must as well.

  59. That is such a tough choice because there are so many cool styles! But I think I would take a pair of Kitty sunglasses in the horn color. meeeeeeOW!

  60. Loving the beautiful simplicity of Lucy & Avery, but a bolder me really digs Reeve! So hard to choose one!

  61. Oh my goodness, I can’t decide – I WANT THEM ALL!!! However, if I have to choose one then of course, Patti Goes to Paris. AMAZE!!!

  62. I love the Woody glasses or the Marlowe! Super cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I love the black Woody! I would gift them to my boyfriend because he’s so selfless, it would be so awesome if I can surprise him with these ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I love the style of the woody!! I don’t own sunglasses in that style and they’d be perfect for summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. I think I’d go with the Buddy or the Ricky. Would love an RX pair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. I love Maxine, Abby & Tippy!! Maxine are my fave! I don’t wear RX glasses but these would be great in clear for my smart days!! Hehe!!

  67. I adore the Woody, but the Apprentice looks like it might suit my face the best!

  68. I can’t decide between the Jones, Buddy, Wayfarer, or Apprentice! So many stylish options!

  69. After my sister sat on my sunglasses last week in the car…I am in the search for some new ones! I would definitely pick either the Marlowe or the Kitty (why not go a little bold!). Hope I win. Crossing my fingers.

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