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feeling like a candy shoppe…



Maybe it's because of the work we're doing in my studio or maybe it's the warmer weather, but I can't get enough of these springy candy colors right about now…

{01. nesting rings from Madewell, 02. 31 Bits necklace, 03. canister by LeeAnn Yare, 04. pom pom banner by Napkin Items, 05. Cassandra Smith knots, 06. Fleet duffle bag.}


  1. Just as Sarah Carlson states here above, my girlfriend is currently obsessed as well with these very clear and powerful colors, so obsessed she thinks we should color our sleeping room the same color as the blue can which is striked through by your numer 3 i the graphic / picture above.

  2. Those colors are EVERYWHERE. I went into Vera Bradley and almost bought the store which is really crazy because I rarely a huge fan of Vera. I think it was all the colors!

  3. The “whatever” banner is awesome. I was thinking about hanging a giant “2013” banner at my graduation open house, but a saucy “whatever” pom banner might make me smile more!

  4. I LOVE the Luna necklace from 31Bits. I have the pink one and wear it all the time. So pretty and it goes with a ton of looks!


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