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Fashion Journal Kids

hers & mine…






An on-going photo journal of our often similar things and moments…

top | Hers & Mine: A flower crown made by Yasmine from the leftover flowers for our upcoming Make Someone Happy video.

middle | Hers: Saltwater sandals. Mine: Loeffler Randall clogs.

bottom | Hers: 3191 bunny made from vintage fabric. Mine: vintage blouse from Wear it Well.

See past ones here and here

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Oh how you make me miss the days when my daughter was that age (shes 17 now!!). She was so cute, and so much easier back then lol. Enjoy it while it lasts mama!! You two are adorable!!

  2. Hey salut, j’adore ton blog! Je suis vraiment fan de tes billets que je regarde tous les jours! La mère et la fille…c’est beautiful and so cute 🙂
    Big up de la France

  3. OMG…Ruby’s face is priceless! When Sophie saw this photo, she thought it was her since that is one of her many looks also! 🙂 You guys are too cute!


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