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the love behind cakes…







The other night, my friend Mari made a Scandinavian Princess Cake for her husband's birthday. This type of cake has been his favorite cake since he was a kid. So she researched and planned and prepped to made a very special one for him this year…from scratch. It was so delicious, but also so special because it made Mari's husband so happy. No matter how old I get, cake still makes me really happy, too. And, I love the love that goes behind making a cake for someone else

When's the last time you made a special cake for someone? It's something I want to try and do more often…

{Sources: Yay cake by A Subtle Revelry, floral cakes by Charm City Cakes West, hot chocolate cake by Matchbox Kitchen, Sweetapolita ombre iced cake, rainbow cake by La De La Felicidad.}


  1. oh, i saw that ‘yay’ cake on pinterest and i’m loving it! last year, for my husband’s birthday, i had planned to make him this great carrot cake! he loves it but i’m just not a fan so i never make it. so i got all the ingredients and had it all ready to go when i went in to labor… so instead of a cake, for his birthday, i gave my husband a son! they also have the same name… william the third and william the fourth 😉

  2. I’ve always thought that the act of baking was a labor of love. I’m a cake person fo sho – angel food is a fave and the special cake my mama would always make for me on my birthday. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve tried baking desserts for my hubby, but he’s not really a cake person. This was discouraging until … banana bread! He’s a huge fan and I happen to make a mean loaf.

  3. I’m not sure how special it was because it wasn’t the fanciest looking cake but my husband loves carrot cake so a couple years ago I made him a carrot cake from Pioneer Woman’s website. It tasted great & he was very happy. 🙂

  4. Those cakes are so pretty! Too bad I’m not a great baker and have never made a cake before. It might be a disaster.

  5. i made a red velvet cake for my partner kristie’s birthday last december, but midway through realized we didn’t have quite as much red food coloring as i thought…so it ended up as rather a “pink velvet cake”!

  6. I always make a cake for my husband’s birthday and I usually try and make a cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday. They both really appreciate it. My husband doesn’t cook or bake, so I never get a cake for my birthday, though. Just once, I would love it if someone would bake me a cake. My husband says that one of these days he may surprise me, but I’m not holding my breath. ; )

  7. Ahhh, that cloud cake is AMAZING!!! Also, those Yay cupcakes… how do they do that?! Magic. Delicious cake magic. Yes, please.

  8. The last time I baked a cake was when I left home for school again after a long break. My mom was at work, and we had to leave without saying goodbye. So when she came home, there was a cake sitting on the table just for her. Cake is so special, because when it’s made from scratch, it shows how much time and love you put into making something so sweet and indulgent.

  9. My dad and I made a cake this weekend that we shared after running a half-marathon together on Sunday morning! And I have always been the designated birthday cake baker in my family – mostly because I like to lick the spoon 🙂

  10. My family is Swedish and my mom makes me a princess cake (prinsesstårta) every birthday! It’s the most delicious.

  11. your collection of cake is quite awesome, I love making cakes for people 🙂 I don’t make as much time to do more involved novelty cake but it’s on my list of things to experiment with

  12. i’m crazy about cake but not about frosting, so i love making my own so i can control the ratio. 😉 that yay cake is killing me… and btw, princess cake is amazing. xo

  13. I made the ombre cake for my daughter’s second birthday party. She wanted a blue cake and pinterest delivered!

  14. When my fiance finished up his time in the Navy, I surprised him with Smitten Kitchen’s monkey cake, that he had seen online and loved. I was so tired, and it took forever, so I almost didn’t go through with it, but he was SO happy – it was so worth it 🙂

  15. Ohhh, what a delicious post..!
    Love that first image of the ‘yay’ cake. Definitely going to have to make that for someone soon!

  16. I’ve been researching on ‘must eats’ in Stockholm for my trip next month and princess cake is one of them. I’m definitely going to have a big slice now that you’ve mentioned how delish it was 😉

  17. I am cake decorator and the thing is that I never had made any cake to my husband, well I use to make them in my mind, I have the intention the willing but finally I prefer to go out to celebrate!!!
    Nice post and nice cakes

  18. Thanks for sharing Joy! I love anything cake related 🙂 I made 2 out of the 5 smaller cakes for my wedding. They were dark chocolate and salted caramel. Even though they weren’t quite as pretty as the professionally made ones, they were by far the most delicious cakes I’ve ever made. And it made the day a little more special to have made and shared homemade cakes on our amazing day.


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