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happy friday + happy mother’s day…



A special Mother's Day (and Happy Birthday) wish to my amazing mom, my mother-in-law, and my awesome friends who are moms near and far. I respect and admire you to no end. You guys keep me sane in those moments when I think I've had enough and understand me in those times when I can't imagine feeling more loved.

What do you guys have planned for Mother's Day? We're going to get dim sum (my favorite rare treat) and then go to the Echo Park Craft Fair to visit my favorite local makers. To all of you mothers everywhere, I hope you have an extra special weekend of love, back rubs, handmade cards, breakfast in bed, and other happy treats this weekend!

{Photo of our little baby/mama crew: Viv & Leah, me & Ruby, and Marisa & Cam by Bob Cho.}


  1. Your daughter is so adorable! I love the look on her face in that picture (cluck, cluck…)
    I’m going to Skype with my mum this weekend. Living so far away from her is hard sometimes, but seriously, thank goodness for technology.
    I hope you have a marvellous day!

  2. We don´t have Mother´s Day now here in Sweden so I´ll just have a regular “hang with my family” – kind of weekend. That will do too! 🙂

  3. Hi Joy! I just wanted to share that I had the pleasure of working with your mom and she is SUCH a wonderful lady who brightened the day of everyone she dealt with. I didn’t find out until our last day of working together that she was your mom and I’ve been a long time reader (fan!) of yours. I couldn’t believe it! She’s such a humble, kind person and it was so sweet to hear her talk about what a wonderful daughter you are. When I told her how much I admire your creativity and how you’ve built your (and other) brands, I could see how proud she was. I just wish I had found out sooner she was your mom so we could’ve had fun chats recapping your posts. 😉 So just wanted to share that little story with you for Mother’s Day. Hope you have a great one!

  4. i love how the girls are looking at the little boys antics.
    I feel there really is a difference between little boys and little girls, despite our best efforts as parents (whether or not to make their environment too girly/boy-y).
    boys seem to like the boom, crash, bang (loudness of things)…while i observe that little girls seem to be more intent on small/delicate play.
    There are always the exceptions ofcourse… but i always think its funny how their little minds develop that way.
    Happy mothers day!

  5. Giving esteem to our mothers is so important. When we give esteem to the people around us, we will receive esteem, which we can give again.


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