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what i did in seattle…



Last Thursday, I flew to Seattle to host a Petites event at Anthropologie. While I was there less than 24 hours, the one thing I had to make room for was a trip to Pike Place Market. I had never been to Seattle, but knew that I'd love it.




No trip to the market would be complete without stopping by the gum wall. It's so pretty—until you think about how much saliva is on that wall. But you've got to admire those who spelled their name in gum. Um, nice penmanship (or should I say "gum-manship", Kristina!).

Next, I ate and ate and ate…



I spent my two free hours walking and talking and catching up with my friend Jenny, who I've known since 2005 but have never met in person. Our first stop was Beecher's for their mariachi mac 'n' cheese…spicy, tangy, savory, and oh-so-good!


Next, we stopped at the Daily Dozen for an assortment of freshly fried mini-doughnuts. There's really nothing better than a fresh doughnut. They were gone within minutes.


Then we stopped ay Three Girls Bakery for some giant cookies…


…and finally Piroshky Piroshky for some Russian baked goodies.




After consuming a billion carbs within an hour, we burned them off with a little shopping at Watson Kennedy, Pirkko, and Bella Umbrella. Then I said goodbye to my sweet friend and headed off to get ready for the Anthro party!






That night, I hosted the Petites event at the Fifth Avenue Anthropologie store in Seattle—the only Anthropologie in the country to sell petite sizes in the actual store (and not just online)! It was an awesome night meeting so many Seattle readers. You guys were so fantastic and so welcoming! And, the florals and treats were the perfect topper to an already great evening.


After a post-party dinner with the girls from Rivet & Sway, I headed back to my hotel room exhausted and ready for bed. But of course I had to check out this crazy-awesome TV embedded into the bathroom mirror one last time! Although it was a quick trip, I had a blast in Seattle. I came home and told Bob that I want to go back with him and Ruby for a long weekend this summer so we can really explore (and eat more).

{Anthropologie event photos by Phil Chester. All other photos by Oh Joy. My party dress by Anthropologie.}


  1. Hahahahahaha you unintentionally made my morning
    “I headed back to my hotel room pooped and ready for bed.”
    When I first read this, especially with the bathroom pic right above this, I thought “umm okay, TMI” then read it again, laughed a bit more but this time about myself, and finally got the meaning. Ahhaha so sorry, but this is really funny 🙂

  2. OK, so I really want to know: how does Joy the gourmand maintain her stature as Joy the petite? Exercise? Hollow leg? Fortunate metabolism?

  3. thanks to your instagram feed and knowing that you were in seattle, i’ve been looking forward to this post 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello my dear!
    so beautiful picture s!
    Even if I live in the other side of the mediterrany , Ive been in seattle and I love this fvtown!
    thnks for the post!

  5. Your trip looks so fun! I’ve never been to Seattle before either and haven’t heard of the gum wall, I will definitely have to contribute.

  6. We went to Seattle when I was 7 months pregnant, with my third child, over 6 years ago and I still remember those donuts!!! Everytime someone says they’re going to Seattle, I tell them to try THOSE donuts!!!

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed my city! Seattle really has such great food, you’ll definitely have to come back to eat more. 🙂

  8. I just went a couple of weeks ago and wish I saw this before! Would have loved to try those mini donuts. 😉 I went by myself for work and had the same thought.. need to come back to bring hubby & my little one this summer to explore. There are so many kid activities and kid-friendly places in Seattle!

  9. Oh my gosh, mac & cheese is one of my absolute favorite foods, EVER! Needless to say, I’m now adding a trip to Beecher’s to my bucket list. Haha. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. It was great meeting you, Joy! Do let me know when you come back to Seattle. We can meet for a cupcake/food date. 🙂

  11. I’m off to Seattle for a few days over Summer and your photos have got me all excited about it 🙂 Must go see that gum wall. It looks amazing – but the idea of it is pretty disgusting when you think about it! Must not think about what it is and just appreciate the pretty colours!

  12. I just visited Seattle and Portland a few weeks ago. I too want to go back. You are a lot more brave than me by touching that gum wall, I was constantly making sure my two kids didn’t touch the walls! Next time you go, check out the Chihuly Glass Museum, I think you would love it with all it’s colors.

  13. So awesome! You look like you fit right in there! But LA would miss you! Also, I think it’s great you partook in the gum wall…brave soul with all that old chewing gum!

  14. wow all that food looks delicious and that gum wall is intriguing and a little gross at the same time thanks for sharing all the anthro awesomeness

  15. That gum wall looks so pretty despite it being what it is. All of your food looks so good! Always makes me salivating. I guess this means I need to pay a visit to Seattle; it’s been too long since I’ve been there. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  16. It was so nice to meet you at the Anthro event Joy! You are so charismatic and welcoming. Please come back to Seattle. We would love to have you!

  17. I LOVE Seattle! So glad you enjoyed it, it’s an awesome city & the food is fantastic. My hubby’s from there, every time we go back I eat so much that I’m stuck wearing elastic waistband leggings & loose fitting dresses by the end of the trip. Oh, well. L-I-V-I-N!

  18. Gosh, that gum wall is amazing! All those colours look beautiful. Too bad we don’t have an Anthropologie store here in Malaysia. I’m in desperate need for a Petite section. Hehe..

  19. Looks like you had so much fun! I lived in Seattle for a couple years and love going back as a tourist. It’s a great town and the food culture is awesome! In the Northeast now, I’m missing the gourmet donuts in Seattle–next time I suggest you try Top Pot and Mighty O. Yum!

  20. There use to be gum trees on this one street in Philadelphia but they eventually cut them down because they were unsanitary and I would not want to bump into them!


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