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a peaceful space for a little one…






Recently, a couple of my friends—Max and Margaux Wanger—welcomed their beautiful son, Dash, into this world. Not only are Max and Margaux seriously talented photographers, but they are also going to be the best parents to their sweet boy. For Dash's nursery, they worked with Morgan from The Brick House and photographer Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop to create a baby's room around Sharon's newest addition to her Baby Animal collection—the baby elephant.

Just as elephants are so calm yet striking, this room is the same for Dash. I love the small pops of color that tell you a baby hangs out here, but he'll totally be able to grow with the room as well. This is just a peek…you can see more photos over at Sharon's blog right here and see the sweet baby elephant print right here.

{Photos by Joe Schmelzer for The Animal Print Shop}


  1. Such a beautiful room! Do you know what series the floating storage unit is part of at Ikea? I would love to get it for my babies room and am having a hard time finding it.
    Thank you!

  2. Love it! My friend and I just bought my bestie several Sharon Montrose ‘Little Darlings’ prints for her new babe’s nursery. Love the new elephant!


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