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happy friday + besties…




Lately, we've been watching the sweetness of a budding bestie friendship forming between Ruby and her BFF Leah (they are five weeks apart in age). They have little conversations with each other in their own secret baby language, they'll offer food to each other when we're out at a restaurant, and when you ask each of them who their best friend is…they'll respond, "Rooo-by" or "Ye-ya". Watching them made me think about best friends in my own life…

As a kid, I always thought I had to define one single person as my best friend in all the world. But as I got older, I realized I could have more than just one. While I'd call Bob my go-to best friend/husband, each of my closest friends have a special meaning to me and a certain type of relationship we share. I really can't choose just one. Every friend is there for you in their own way and in the best way they know how (as my friend Bonnie reminded me recently). Even if it means standing guard while your bestie kisses a boy she likes…


Have a great weekend, friends! Go ahead and tell your best friend(s) how much you appreciate them!

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby and Leah's leggings by House of Mia, Ruby's shoes by Brother Vellies, Leah's shoes by Freshly Picked.}


  1. The photo of the kiss and Ruby with her arms crossed has so much personality. You can just see this scene repeating itself in their teenage years. What cuties!

  2. Adorable..they look so cute. Love the expression on Ruby’s face in the 2nd photo. You are right there is no just one best friend. Each friend has his/her own place and are special.

  3. Ruby looks so much like you in the last photo! Bangs and all.
    This remind me of a line in The Mindy Project, when Danny questions why Mindy seems to call everyone her best friend, and she responds “a Best Friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier!” As I get older and experiences multiply, I find myself with best friends for different spheres of my life. Different people from different parts of your life have different insights. There could be your oldest best friend, your high school one, your college one, your work one, your creative buddy one, etc. etc. Though I find the bestest best friends share the same core values as you no matter your literal interests :).

  4. That’s toooo adorable! My husband will always be my best friend, and instead of having best friends like I did as a kid, as I grow older I have a bunch of close friends and enjoy making new ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Aw matching pants! Like the best of besties!
    I’m seeing my bestie tomorrow for the first time in exactly a year (I was living in Australia; she in China), so this was a lovely thing to read today.
    Happy Weekend!

  6. It’s so sweet and cute how much Ruby looks like you in the first picture ๐Ÿ™‚ What cuties those two are!

  7. i really hope these girls stay friends for a long time (which means your stuck being friends with me)! i already envision these pics in their wedding slideshows. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. i love ruby with pig tails… she must love having her hair up!?
    and the heart leggings are too cute. hehe..
    PS. I am going to LA next Sunday. I am super excited… The last time I went was when I was 9 (to Disneyland haha)… Any must-eat food recommendations in beverly hills/hollywood/downtown/anywhere? I am only there for 2 days.

  9. They are so adorable. I feel like I want to hug them. =)
    Talking about best-friend, I also think that my best-friend isn’t only one person. But sometimes, there’s always that person (it could be one or more, and it could be male or female) that you never get tired of.
    Angel on Rustic Modernist.

  10. Love everything about this! The leggings, adorable, the little ones, so cute, and that last picture just makes your heart melt! And I agree… multiply best friends are the way to go!!!

  11. Haha, that second picture is way too much preciousness for one photo! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is so GOOD to have a bestie in life – go Ruby for getting with the program so early!

  12. Leah and Ruby’s friendship is adorable! And they’re so lucky to be best friends and I hope they get to be those friends at each other’s weddings who talk about how they’ve been friends since they were babies. I’ve always wanted to say that!
    And I had those EXACT same thoughts about best friends growing up! I used to think that you could only have one, but there are way too many life-changing people that I’ve met to only have one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. My hubs and I are trying to have a baby an I hope to have a baby as darling as yours. What I love to see is how in love you both are. No matter how busy you are (as I am sure you are), you always seem to find time to capture the little moments that make up your heart. I love reading your blog daily!
    Carmen {}

  14. Rooby and Ye-ya! Excuse me while I die from cuteness overload! Haha that last kiss picture is cracking me up. Ruby is a good lookout!


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