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Make Someone Happy – No. 09: A Blooming Surprise…

With the start of summer just around the corner, flower season is in full bloom (no pun intended) around here. So, for this month's Make Someone Happy video, we're sharing a simple and fun way to surprise someone: an archway of flowers! Whether you're welcoming someone home from the hospital after they've had a brand new baby, wishing a friend a happy birthday treat, or just sending an "I think you're awesome" surprise, it's a pretty treat to leave for someone to come home to.

We simply used vine-covered wire and floral tape to wrap and secure the flowers (dusty miller, spray roses, stock, and peonies) to whatever length of floral arch you want. You can even make a tiny one, like I did to the left of the door. I simply secured both arches to the doorway with clear push pins.

Thanks so much to Yasmine Floral Design for being my guest this time, and to Individual Medley for sharing their beautiful space!

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{Video: ModShift. Music: Fremont, licensed from With Etiquette. Production assistants: Julia Sir and Casey Brodley. My floral blazer from A-Thread.}


  1. Hey!
    I absolutely love the videos that you put up…I wanna try all of them..
    Continue giving us really pretty ideas and videos 🙂
    Thanks all the way from India 🙂

  2. My mom would love this! For some reason, it reminded me of pinning boutineers and prom. Made me wish I could go back in time and relive/redo that night…haha.

  3. hi joy!
    i just wanted to say i absolutely love this series! it makes me very happy (i guess that was your intention 🙂 probably my favorite thing to do is to make people happy, so this series is so delightful to me! glad you’re able to do what brings you joy while bringing joy to so many others! 🙂


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