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{oh joy eats} marugame monzo in little tokyo…




Noodles are kind of one of my favorite things to eat. So when there are places that make the noodles fresh to order, I'm there like a kid at a candy store. Marugame Monzo in L.A.'s Little Tokyo makes piping fresh udon noodles, which has long been one of my favorite comfort foods…especially when I'm feeling under the weather.





The food at Marugame Monzo is simple yet so tasty. And it's a nice comfortable change of scene from the fast pace of a certain long-lined ramen shop next door. While the udon noodles were super fresh and just the right combination of chewy and firm, my favorite dish was actually the pork belly. It was sliced super thin and grilled with a hand torch for the perfect crispy edge. My mouth waters just thinking about it…

Marugame Monzo | 329 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 |213.346.9762

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. My pants are by En Soie, necklace c/o 31 Bits, yellow flats by Target.}


  1. This place looks like it’s straight from Japan. I actually thought you went there for a minute 🙂 I shall put this place down whenever I come visit LA

  2. Oh wow, you totally sold me on this! I’m already considering going this weekend. Udon is one of my favorites and I’ve never had it freshly made. Thanks for the rec!

  3. I love that you are obsessed with Ramen as much as me. When I need my quick fix, I go to Matsuya marketplace. And when I am really desperate, I get the packaged stuff. That’s how much I love it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Carmen {}


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