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happy friday + discoveries…







The amount of time that Ruby can be fascinated with something—a mini tent, a water table, an animal at the zoo, or even her own belly button—amazes me. I will never tire of seeing life through these little eyes…

Have a great weekend all! Hope it's full of little discoveries of your very own…

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby's top in first photo is DVF for GapKids, tent is from Ikea.}


  1. the belly button photos are epic. “Do I have one too???”
    To be totally clichéd and sappy, being with little kids does make you excited about everything…sigh, there’s nothing like seeing things for the first time–even the lamest magic trick is awe-inspiring. I try to remember that feeling when I get too jaded about life ;).

  2. Glad you are enjoying being a parent! I love my daughter so very much, and I have such a good time with her (although that newborn period was very rough for me!)
    I love the pic of the two of you laughing.

  3. I love this age so much. It’s so hilarious how intensely interested they become (and remain) interested in their belly buttons. So adorable. It’s such a gift to see the eyes through a child.

  4. Love love love the mini tent! I have a 13 month old who would love that. Where did it come from??

  5. Ruby is hilarious and so cute! My boyfriend just looked at the belly button photos and is very impressed by “how well orchestrated” they are 🙂

  6. Just wanted to let you know you’re book inspired be to start blogging again. I had a blog back in 2008 and I stopped because life got crazy. But my girlfriend and I bought your book together and now I picked blogging back up. It’s helping me rekindle my love for creativity and keeps me thinking. And I love the sense of community. Thank you! Oh, and I love your blog as well. 😉

  7. LOVE ruby’s dress!
    that is super adorable with both of them lifting their shirts.
    PS. I am coming to LA in early July and wondering if you have any must-eat restaurants to go to in beverly hills or hollywood? 🙂

  8. So sweet! Can anyone tell me where Ruby’s little brown boots, with the pop of neon pink, are from?? LOVE those.


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