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feeling like a summer breeze…


Just savoring the last bits of summer and all things that make it feel sunny year-round…

P.S. And these summer prints!

{01. Jeni's blueberry and lemon frozen yogurt, 02. watermelon blouse by Kindah Khalidy, 03. grasshopper stapler from Anthropologie, 04. More & Co. kids smock tee, 04. popsicle string lights from Anthropologie, 05. Bobo Choses woven bag, 06. napkins by A Sunny Afternoon, 07. Gordy's sweet pickle chips.}


  1. Great round up! I love the Bobo Choses woven bag and the napkins by A Sunny Afternoon… I’ve been eyeing up all the napkin designs in that collection!

  2. “last bits of summer”? We are exactly one-third and two days into summer…with two-thirds of summer left. Let’s enjoy it!

  3. I need that grasshopper stapler! It is so adorable, as is that children’s smock which I would kind of want to wear myself! Lovely post!


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