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happy friday + family time…



My parents and brother are in town visiting from Philly, so this week has been all about family time—that means Ruby gets some much-missed grandparent time while my dad pampers us with his Thai home cooking….






It's always bittersweet that we don't get to see them too often, but makes the times we have together even more special. Have a great weekend, friends! Hope it's a fun one filled with all the people who make you feel right at home…

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Sigh, it’s so hard with the grandparents being so far away. My daughter is the same age, and it’s a bit hard on everyone that we are in San Francisco and they’re in Michigan!

  2. oh, i love this! that pic of her in the apron is too much. i’d love to know where your family is from in thailand? i’ve spent some time in bangkok, chaing mai, and koh samui. such a beautiful country and people!

  3. You have such a sweet family! Holden and I enjoyed meeting you all yesterday at the park. To tell you the truth, we were a bit star struck!
    We’re big fans of the blog!
    See you around town…

  4. Yum, that food looks amazing! So sweet that Ruby gets to spend quality fam bam time this week. She is so adorable and always looks so happy. I hope one day I have a little one like that!

  5. I eat Thai three times per week. Seriously. I even have my own dishes they do for me. Reading this made me put down my breakfast and decide to wait for my Thai restaurant to open. (in one hour :(( ) Your dad’s looks even more delicious. So does Ruby! So precious I want to eat her up!

  6. the picture of your dad and ruby just melts my heart!..that photo of you guys on a swing is such a happy photo as well..thanks for sharing!..ruby is lucky to have such wonderful grandparents!..

  7. OMG, those dishes look so amazing . . . my mouth is watering. What are the names of the dishes?


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