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happy friday + silly things i wish were possible…



Happy Friday friends! Last night, I was sitting on my couch after the end of a busy day and thinking how I wish my couch had a massage function that would instantly rub my shoulders and feet for just a few minutes. Then, I started thinking of all the other fantastical things I'd like to see happen. Because it's fun, here are five things I wish were possible…

1. I wish there was a Sleep Bank for all those times you just need a couple more hours of rest. You know…when you're sick or just really tired, I'd like to be able to grab extra sleep from those extra spunky days when I didn't need them.

2. I would like a delivery truck that offers ice cream, milkshakes, pies, or boba milk tea. You want a milkshake? Call them, and they'll be at your door in 20 minutes! Because sometimes you just need a sweet treat like now.

3. I wish pets could live forever (or as long as we do). I picked up Bruce's ashes this morning, which was bittersweet but I know he's in a happier place.

4. I'd like it if my hair and makeup could instantly do itself while I sleep just a tad longer in the morning. It seems so silly that we have to get ready and look presentable every day, couldn't I just wake up looking that way?

5. Finally, I'd really like to be able to grow plants—like some sort of vegetable bush or a lemon tree, perhaps? This may sound like it's within the scope of real possibility, but it's actually not. I seem to be able to take care of humans and animals, but plants, not so much.

What about you? What would you like to be possible? Let's get all Jetson's here. Who knows, someday these things could be possible…

{Photo above of a pretty fantastical project by Studio Weave.}


  1. I used to have a potted lemon tree which I basically instantly killed. Now we just moved to a house with a vegetable garden and all sorts of fruit trees. We’re screwed.
    I would like to make public schools in Los Angeles County wonderful. Sigh.

  2. I love this post, Joy! Your boba milk tea delivery truck idea is brilliant. Maybe some entrepreneur will see it and bring it to life!
    Here are my wishes for the impossible:
    1. To find a real gingerbread house, like in Hansel and Gretel, in a walk through the woods. Witch excluded.
    2. To own a meal machine that makes dinner at the press of a button. I like baking more than cooking, so to have dinner made for the family in 10 seconds would be a dream!
    3. To have a chocolate tree in my yard. Not a Cacao Tree, a tree that grows bars of chocolate. Or, maybe giant Hershey’s kisses that drop from branches like lemons.
    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  3. How fun! I Love lists, and this topic! I could go on forever about things I wish for. Here are just a few:
    -a three day work week
    -perks for travelers who fly, like, half priced round trip flights ANYWHERE should you fly a certain number of times per year regardless of airline. No strings attached!
    -the ability to stop time (does anyone out there remember that show “Out of this world”?), so I can sleep in every morning without risks of being late to work.
    -free groceries

  4. i just my hair would instantly dry itself after a shower. i don’t (usually) mind styling, but the blow drying takes forever. i have a TON of hair. and, i know it does exist we just don’t take advantage: grocery delivery.

  5. ha ha these are great. i wish there was a machine that you could step into and it instantly shrinks you to your desired weight. and and don’t forget the sculpting. i hate to exercise and i love to eat so this invention would make my (and many people around me) life much easier.

  6. I normally don’t leave comments… but this time I just had to. I love this post.
    And I too wish that pets could live as long as we do.

  7. You and me both sister! Isn’t there a delivery service (similar to the one in NY) that will pick and up and deliver anything you request? I’m pretty sure there is! What prize do I get for making one of your wishes come true?
    I wish my car could fly when traffic was bad.
    I wish I could generate minions to run my errands for me when need be.
    I wish a director would come along this week and say, “Hey Tish, I’d love to cast you in my new flick. You down?”

  8. As your gorgeous little girl gets older one of your wishes may be that she will rinse the toothpaste out of the sink… seeing this seems impossible for my ones, I have taught them to spit in the toilet..makes life a little easer. Maybe a drive through daycare where you drop your kid off at one window, and pick up a latte at the next… ok only kidding.. sort of

  9. I wish my week consisted of three days of work, one day to run errands and do chores, one day to do sewing and craft projects, and the weekend to spend whole days with my family and friends not interrupted with work and errands 🙂

  10. If you want to grow plants, start with Jade. It’s low maintenance virtually impossible to kill. Even the one I gave my mom is still alive 🙂

  11. I wish I lived down the street from my grandbabies so they could come visit me whenever they got the whim. When my son was little he would sometimes escape from my sight and head out the backdoor. I would find him next door visiting our neighbors – a cute retired couple. He acted like he lived there. They got a huge kick out of him.

  12. WITH YOU on the sleep bank! or a time bank that you could grab a few extra minutes from when you’re running late…filled with time from those (rare, for me) occasions when you’re way early to something.
    also the ability to get transported places ala star trek. beam me up scotty!

  13. I really like your list of things. It’s really cute! Here are mine:
    – I wish for a travel machine just for myself that allows me to go wherever I want in the world in a time span of a second or a minute.
    – I wish I could just snap my fingers and whatever food/drink I want appears to me.
    – I wish there was a cure for all diseases/illnesses.
    – I wish there was a fountain of youth.
    – I wish I could indulge in all good food and not gain weight.
    As you can see, my wishes are all about food and travel. 🙂 This was fun! Thanks for this post, Joy!

  14. I like this post, and heck yes to the folding and ironing machine/robots!
    I’ve heard indoor meyer lemon trees are pretty resilient, I believe in you, get one for the office! Or perhaps a mini orange/kumquat tree!~

  15. i love this post.
    i wish i could read my 9 month old’s mind so i could understand how to get her back to sleep when she suddenly wants to party at 3:30 a.m. (and by party i mean cling on to mom for dear life)
    i wish had some sort of time machine that would allow me to go back and enjoy the greatest days of my life again and again i.e. my wedding day and the first week of my daughter’s life.
    and i wish i could be in 2 places at one time. at work/at home. in brooklyn/in a fantasy country house. traveling one of my favorite cities/home with my baby.

  16. I wish there was a way to transport myself easily and quickly between my favorite cities. It would be great if my husband and I could travel at the blink of an eye to visit family and friends all over the country.

  17. I wish that I could hack into the student loan lender computer and just press delete on my name. It would all just go *poof*!
    Also I wish that you could just hold onto things you have in dreams and bring them with you when you wake up. My dream flight ability would be a fabulous asset.

  18. Fab post!
    I wish I could have a conversation with my younger self… when my daughter (who is now 24) was a newborn baby… to tell myself to enjoy those years as much as I could…
    I was so busy back then.. but she is a gorgeous, kind and well balanced adult.. so maybe I didn’t do such a bad job 😉
    Thanks for your thought provoking post 🙂


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