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  1. ha ha just this morning i scrolled this board of yours all the way down and repinned a lot from it! colour is something important for me too!

  2. yummy pancakes. Can someone please tell me what that thing bulging under the apron in the second picture is. I really need to spend more time in the kitchen, because I have no idea what it could/should be.

  3. I love the colours so much and have adored the Kenzo outfit for so long now! Jade & peach are the colours I’m crushing on right now… can’t get enough! x

  4. i think & dream in color too…its one of my greatest passions. and when i was a kid i used to associate people’s names with colors. so for example, the name sarah was red to me. or vanessa was purple. katie was pink. now i have a job in color in the fashion industry 🙂

  5. Love the colours and patterns in the Kenzo outfit. And would love to cut up that stack of pancakes and eat it like a slice of cake! 🙂


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