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Unreal Candy | photo by Oh Joy

Unreal Candy | photo by Oh Joy

Lately, I've been loving Unreal Candy. It's like your favorite chocolate candies from childhood except totally all natural—no corn syrup, no artificial colors, and just that touch of sweetness that I like. I'm totally addicted….

{Photo by Oh Joy. Car shakers by Kate Spade.}


  1. I love Unreal—Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was the ONLY way they made candy? Can you buy it in stores near you or just on Amazon? We have it in some stores here (in Boston)… but maybe because the founder lives nearby and marketed it locally.

  2. My co-workers have been bringing the Unreal candies into the office. They taste just like their brand name counterparts. With better ingredients!

  3. totally gave me the munchies. i work in a candy shop & i’m definitely going to speak to someone about getting these goodies on our shelves!

  4. I actually work with the founders of the Unreal company. Not only is their message significant and their goal important (to make healthier alternatives for everyday food affordable for all pocketbooks) but they are also truly amazing people. I have been honored to work with them the past 2 years. Your post today makes me so excited to share with them.

  5. i just bought some unreal candy today, based on your blog post. the candy is even better than i expected, and the price is really low for such good quality products. thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Hi and thank you for the info about unreal candy! Always looking for something sweet, tasty, and natural – looking forward to trying some. Take care, Robin


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