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7 years…


Today, Bob and I celebrate 7 years of marriage and 17 years together in total (see us back in '96 when we started dating? We were so young!). People talk about the seven year itch, and I've always wondered if I'd feel it. I can say that this year was the toughest year of marriage for us yet. We had a lot of new factors on our plate including our new baby (and deciding how to raise her), finally being established with our jobs (and the decision to take care of our families), and simply just changing and growing both together and on our own. It was certainly a year full of both ups and downs (mostly for me as I struggled with juggling it all), and luckily we came out of it stronger and with a better understanding of ourselves and each other. 

Marriage is not perfect. Marriage is by no means easy. But if you are lucky enough to find someone who complements both your good days and your bad days, that's what makes it all worth it.

Happy 7 years to my much better half and for standing by my moments of both tears and laughter in our life together.

P.S. See our prom picture. And the anniversary cards I make for Bob each year that I shared last year…


  1. Happy Anniversary. You guys look even happier together, now. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s it wonderful to _actually have_ married your better half?
    My husband and I just celebrated 14 yrs of marriage on the 3rd. Still feels like we just met.
    Sometimes I think I’m too young to have been married that long!
    I’m 33 and alrdy been married 14 yrs!

  2. Happy Anniversary Joy and congratulations on a successful journey together with your partner. Here’s to wishing both of you many more years of happiness & togetherness! Cheers!

  3. Such a sweet post. Congrats on your anniversary – you guys still look so young!I just got married and am excited to share the good and the bad with my new hubby.

  4. I love that you kept it real here, yes, marriage is certainly work, isn’t it?! But very much worth it. And children do make it even more difficult, but bring such a deeper connection to the relationship. Happy Anniversary, Joy!

  5. Happy anniversary, Joy and Bob! Hope you’re enjoying your vacation. Thank you for sharing your stories about your parents. I can definitely relate but didn’t always know how to explain it to my friends. Now I can just point them to your interview on Jo’s site!

  6. Congratulations!
    I hope there are many more anniversaries to come, and I love yoru “We’re a team” anniversary cards you made for him. Theyre totally cute!

  7. happy anniversary! we’re coming up on 7 years also, and the addition of a kid is BY FAR the hardest thing on a marriage. you guys are super cute. best wishes for MANY more years of wedded bliss ahead!

  8. I hope he considers YOU his much better half. I feel like women have more of the burden of juggling family and then the men get credited for being calmer about change. Well, they had less biologically to do!


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