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a {giveaway} full of memories…





At the end of every year, I love putting together a book full of our favorite moments. Artifact Uprising has some of the most beautiful photo-based products I've seen. So today we're partnering with them to give away a $300 gift card to one lucky reader to create your own books for keeping your dearest memories. I'm especially fond of their postcard book, calendar, and Instagram book.

To enter this giveaway, simply visit Artifact Uprising, then leave a comment here telling me which item you love best from this page and what photos you'd include in it (I love the idea of using the postcard book for thank you cards from Ruby's party with photos from that day). Entries must be posted by this Friday, November 8th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*.

Also, the new Artifact Uprising app launches any day now. I had a chance to try it out last week, and it makes uploading photos from your phone and creating a book so, so easy!

UPDATE: Congrats to Wendy C. from Portland, OR for being the winner of our giveaway this time. Even if you didn't win, they're offering a special discount for Oh Joy readers through Sunday. Use code OHJOY for 10% off through Sunday, November 10th at midnight (PST).

*Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $300 USD total value for gift card. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after. 


  1. I still really need to do something with my wedding photos and I think the hardcover book and the print sets would totally get the job done!

  2. I love the soft cover photo book – I have loads of photos I’d love to put together and offer as a gift to my parents to keep in their homes. Like me, they prefer the tangible over the digital so I KNOW this is the perfect gift for them!

  3. i would get the hardcover photo book for my wedding photos! i never got a good one, and it’s been 5 years.

  4. i’m totally using your postcard thank you card idea for my son’s first birthday! such a great idea and great giveaway!

  5. I’ve been thinking of ordering one of these books for a little while now – both Instagram and our family pics.

  6. I would get calendars for close family on my christmas list- with photos from this year. It would be such a beautiful and personal gift!

  7. the softcover photo books are really elegant. I like the idea of using them as a keepsake of family visits. not even holidays, but just weekends together and little memories like that.

  8. The Instagram Friendly Photo Book is a perfect holiday gift! I would love to give my mom and grandmom a book with all the pictures we have taken together over the past year.

  9. I made a wood calendar for my husband last year, and will make another one again this year. And maybe a hardcover book for us.

  10. I would love to make a personalized Colorado Beetle Kill Wooden Box, fill it with prints from our relationship, and give it to my husband for our first anniversary! These are all so beautiful.

  11. Wow looks like they offer pretty nice products. I’m glad they were featured. I like the soft cover books in a square shape. I’ve been meaning to get my wedding pictures printed but never really liked any formats til now πŸ™‚

  12. We LOVE Artifact Uprising in our house! Our daughter (18 mos) regularly (um, everyday!) takes out and plays with the photos in the wooden block that we gave my husband for Fathers’ Day. I’d love to win and finally make our wedding photo album using AI’s hardcover book.

  13. We would love the “welcome to the world” wooden box for pictures of our new baby girl coming in February!

  14. I would love to make a photo album to put in the wooden box! I think i’d do an album of travel photos and then also put tickets, maps, corks from the trip! what a great memory keepsake!

  15. I love the hard cover photo book and I would include pictures from my son’s 2nd year! πŸ˜‰

  16. I would love to use the Instagram book to make two albums as I have been participating in the “52 weeks, a portrait a week of each of my children”, I have two. So one book for each of them. Then, I have started a yearbook style album for our family photos and have been so bad about getting pictures into print, I would love to make a hardcover album from our 2011 photos.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a cool prize!

  17. The wooden box would be great to fill with baby mementos (like hospital bracelet, first outfit, etc) and put a cute newborn photo on the outside. I’m due with my second baby on Christmas this year πŸ™‚

  18. I would get Instagram photo book and use pictures of my daughter for Xmas gifts to her grandmothers

  19. their examples are amazing – can’t picture my photos looking that good on anything – would love to use the postcards in lieu of greeting cards…

  20. I love the calendar and would use favorite photos from this year πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. How beautiful are these products??
    My husband and I got married in June and still have not even gotten a single photo printed of our DIY outdoor wedding! I daydream about our day all the time and I think the Hardcover Photo Book would be perfect for this. I may give in and get the wood Block + prints too. πŸ™‚
    *Fingers crossed*

  22. I would love to try out the new post cards. They have beautiful products, so I’m guessing these are just as awesome. Thanks for hosting!

  23. I love the hardcover photo book. This would be a great place to compile all the photos from my son’s first year! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  24. I would choose de hardcover photo book with photos of my kids to give to their grandparents for christmats. I love artifact uprising and everything they do.

  25. I would get the hardcover photo book. I still need to put my wedding photos in a book, and this will totally give me the motivation to do so! I would also use it to create a book with the thousands of photos that I have of my newborn son.

  26. I love the harcover photo book !!! I would add all of my photos of trip to Ghana, West Africa!

  27. I would use the softcover book and make yearbooks for the last few years we’ve been travelling

  28. It’s so hard to choose as I love them all, but I’d probably pick the hardcover photo book. My husband and I have been married almost a year and a half and we’ve yet to print our wedding pictures!! It’s so unlike us, but every time we seem to get a chance to sit down and work on it, we’re always interrupted.

  29. Pretty sure I would make a hardcover book with family pictures from 2013 as a christmas gift for my dad!

  30. I love the hardcover photo book. And I just had a baby this year, so I’d fill it with all the new pictures of my sweet baby boy!

  31. I love the Instagram photo book and the postcard book, which would be perfect for my kids to send messages to their cousins in Australia. And that wood photo box would be a spectacular gift.

  32. I would love to make a postcard book with all of the prints from our recent family photo shoot. I hadn’t heard of this company before but their products are beautiful!

  33. I love the hard cover photobooks. I just have my 3rd baby, a girl after 2 boys! So, having a book of her first few weeks of life would be precious!

  34. The hardcover photo book would be the perfect solution to our current “never print our photos” problem, and I would love to use it to commemorate a family trip to London. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I love the wooden calendar! I would like to load pictures of my new granddaughter in the calendar, to give as gifts to other family memebers.

  36. Their wooden boxes with a photo on the top of it are absolutely beautiful. A friend of mine is expecting and I think it’s a beautiful way to welcome a new one to the world.

  37. I would love to use the softcover book to put together my favorite photos from college. November makes me nostalgic for new england fall and I love the idea of super simply being able to incorporate photos from my phone.

  38. My Mom, Grandma and I just went on a trip to NYC. At 82, it was my grandma’s first time ever going! I took so many pictures and would love to send her a hard cover book so she can relive all of the memories.

  39. The wood calendar is beautiful! I would use photos from my time studying abroad in Beijing to make a memorable calendar for my desk.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. The wood calendar! It would be a great gift for my husband, and I’d use our favorite Instagram shots from this year.

  41. LOVE AI! I’d get the Instagram book for all the photos I’ve taken over the past few months while touring Europe.

  42. I am about to start designing our year-end book (my baby’s first year!) and I had already been looking at Artifact Uprising, so I would LOVE to win! I’d be doing the hardcover photo book.

  43. I adore the hardcover photo book. Such a gorgeous thing to display on a coffee table, and perfect for our wedding photos!

  44. I love the instagram-friendly book and would fill it with photos i’ve taken of my two little girls.

  45. I can’t wait to create our hardcover photo book! We celebrated our third anniversary this Sept. and we’ll get to making our album just any day now…
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. I’d love to make a softcover photo book with pictures from our move into a new house this year!

  47. I would certainly purchase the hardcover and softcover books. I just came in to an exceptional amount of family photos, and would love to compile them for my family.

  48. love everything….. I love the postcard pack. Would use it with pictures of my city taken by me. I would add some words as well as in the example.

  49. Thanks so much for doing this!
    My honey and I travel a lot, so I would get a gorgeous hardcover book of photos from our adventures around the world!

  50. i was planning on making a book of my mom’s visit to colorado for her for christmas, i love all of artifact uprising’s products, i would make a hardcover book for her this year!

  51. I love the calendar! I think it would be a great holiday gift for friends and family! I also love the look of the soft cover book, I have so many photos i need to gather in one place, i’d like to make one for each year my husband and I have been together!

  52. I think I’d go for a few of those Hardcover albums! We’ve been married 4 years and never used our photos to print an album for ourselves… and I’m a photographer. oh the shame! πŸ˜‰

  53. Since I recently moved and my walls are totally empty (so sad!) I’d love the Wood Clipboard Calendar and the Square Print Set to add a personal touch to this place!

  54. My little sister is graduating from undergrad and getting married, and I would love to give her the hard covered photo book wit pictures of her time in college, pictures of her relationship with her fiancΓ©, shower, and wedding pictures.

  55. I love the square print set and the Instagram book, and I would order photos that my sister took to give to her as a gift.

  56. Wow, what a awesome website. I love the clean and simple look. My favorite items are the wood calendar, the hardcover book, and the Instagram friendly book. I would love to fill these full of photos of my fiancΓ© and I to have them displayed at our wedding. So fun!

  57. I really love the woo calendar. Picture gifts are one of my favorite things to give to our parents and grandparents. It seems they would always prefer that over anything else. Thanks for the chance, Joy!

  58. I love the wood clipboard calendar. I would use photos of the travels we’ve taken in the last year.

  59. I love the wood calendar and think a calendar filled with pictures of my baby girl would be a lovely addition to my desk.

  60. I’ve been eying the hardcover photo book for our wedding album….3 years later πŸ™‚ maybe a nice 3rd anniversary present for the both of us?

  61. I’d get the hardcover photo book to give as Christmas gifts to our parents with pics of our new babe.

  62. This site has beautiful products. I would love the square print set to print photos of childhood days spent at the beach, then mount the prints at our family beach house.

  63. As an ever wandering soul, I’d love the postcard pack. I’d most likely dig up all my favorite instagrams and send them to all my favorite friends. so fun!

  64. wow these do look beautiful! I would love the hardcover book in red and would use it to do a “year in review” of 2013. gorgeous products.

  65. I like the wood calendar the best, I would use it as a gift to my boyfriend with memorable pictures from every month of last yer

  66. The hardcover photo book would make a great gift for my sister. I would definitely fill it with photos of her two girls.

  67. It’s hard to choose between the wood block prints and the square prints. I have a gallery wall in my kitchen and I love the idea of just popping a few of the wood block prints up there or some of my favorite instagrams. I think I’m going to order a few today anyway. I’m so in love with them.

  68. I would definitely do the calendar! I love having calendars in the home, but I hate the cheesy ones they sell in the stores. personal ones would be so fun! I can envision hanging it up clipped to a clipboard or even hung by one of those wooden “clamp” style pants hangers….

  69. i would love a wooden memory box for my baby boy’s hospital bracelet, first little hat, and other mementos from his birth. what beautiful products!

  70. So many amazing options! I think I would choose the Instagram friendly photo book, and fill it with memories from the past 4 years with my boyfriend. Our 4 year anniversary is coming up soon, and this would be the perfect gift.

  71. The wood calendar is very nice. A beautiful, modern take on something you use every day. I love it. I would put pictures up of my closest family and friends.

  72. Hi! Thanks so much for having this give away! I think I first found them by reading your blog post. I haven’t gotten around to do a wedding book yet, so I’d love to do the hardcover photo book for my parents for Christmas this year. This quality already looks a lot better than shutterfly.

  73. love the cute little wood calendar and the classic hard cover book! I think I’d either put my engagement pictures or wedding pictures in this, just need to get married 1st πŸ™‚

  74. My husband and I always deisgn and send New Year’s postcards to friends and family–I love the idea of capturing memories from throughout the previous year with the postcard pack. Thank you for the introduction to this lovely company!

  75. Hard cover book would not be hard to fill! What a great family photo book for Grandma after Grandpa’s recent passing.

  76. The hardcover book is adorable! I would love to make one for my boyfriend with all of the places we’ve traveled in the past two years.

  77. These are beautiful! I’m making a family album for my parents, brother and myself this year for Christmas. My parents never got around to make an album, so I have scanned in boxes worth of photos to put them into pretty books!
    I’d love to splurge on one of the hardcover books! So beautiful.

  78. I love the postcard pack! I like to send little thinking-of-you messages (who doesn’t love getting real mail?) and these would be perfect.

  79. I like the softcover instagram photo books. I actually just started creating a project on Artifact Uprising this week of instagram photos from my last year in college.

  80. I splurged on gifts last year for the family and ordered Hardcover Photo Books of our wedding pictures. I absolutely LOVE Artifact Uprising! – great products and amazing people!
    Would love to make some instagram books of our year in photos. Also the postcards are such a great idea for thank you notes! I would love to doa series of photos of our pup Oscar to send out to friends and family.

  81. The hardcover book and the wood calendar. I would print pictures from when my fiance proposed to me and from our traditional Indian engagement ceremony.

  82. Such well designed products. I’d love a hardcover photo book for each of my babies first year of life pictures.

  83. I love the postcard pack, i’m scheming now to see if there’s a way to incorporate it into my upcoming wedding.

  84. Their products are so lovely. My husband and a couple friends went to Palm Springs in September to celebrate our 40th birthdays and I’m creating a photobook soon…so my favorite item is the softcover! Would love to win, thank you! πŸ™‚

  85. I came across Artifact Uprising just about a week ago from a post on Pinterest. As a designer, I immediately was drawn to their gorgeous presentation of the photos and thought of the upcoming holidays. So for Christmas I had decided to create a hard cover photo book for my mom & dad. It would contain all of our childhood photos that are stored away & gathering dust and display them in a new light. How great would it be to win this contest and be able to give it to them free of charge!

  86. Lovely site, very inspiring. My favorite item is the Softcover Photo Books for Instagram Images.

  87. Artifact Uprising’s products are so beautiful! I would love to have one of their soft cover photo books filled with images from the professional photo session my husband gifted me for my 30th birthday this summer!

  88. I love the hardcover book! I would do a 2013 book and include memorable photos from this year!

  89. The hard cover photo book. We just got married in August and have not put a wedding book together yet. They would be perfect Christmas presents for the moms.

  90. Definitely make books of my new baby for all of her grandmas and grandpas! I have a book from my wedding and I love it so much.

  91. I love the square books, especially in a square format to put print to all those old medium format pictures my future bride and I have taken together while on adventures from this year. It would be a perfect surprise gift to give her all the pictures I’ve been taking, and create a 2013 review of our lives together.
    Oh and a wooden box of course!

  92. I love the wood block + prints! I would use photos from my recent vacations to brighten up my desk!

  93. I LOVE the postcard book. My mom regularly sends out postcards using Postcrossing. Exchanging postcards lets her see little slices of the world she’s never been able to travel to and make small connections with perfect strangers. She’s been doing this for years and has almost sent out 1,000 postcards! I’d love to make her a book of my photos that I’ve taken on my own travels. The postcard book would make a one-of-a-kind postcard exchange.

  94. I have been dreaming of printing some of my favorite Instagrams and hanging them over my bed. I’d absolutely take advantage of the square print set to get my wall art started! πŸ™‚

  95. I love the hardcover photo books, and would make an album of the NYC trip my husband took my daughter on this summer. πŸ™‚

  96. I would make a softcover photo book of my boyfriend and I’s favorite recipes and the finished products and give it to him for Christmas πŸ™‚

  97. I love this! I would choose the “Wood Block + Prints” to print the photos from a backpack trip I did with a few friends and give it to them as a xmas gift.

  98. Would love the soft cover book for Instagram prints! Would be a great way to display my photos in a chic way.

  99. I love the hard cover book. It would be a perfect gift for my parents & for my in-laws this Christmas. We went on a cruise of our lifetimes together recently, and I can’t think of a better way to keep those memories alive!

  100. I love the wood block w/ photos, and the hardcover photo books. I would love to do a book for each of our travels, and for the wood block set i would do a mixture of candids from everyday life!

  101. Their products look beautiful! I would love to collect our memories form this year’s travels, events and celebrations in a large format softcover book.

  102. The hardcover photo book! I’ve been keeping my eye on this since I saw the one you did for Ruby. My little girl will be one in Feb. and I’d be so happy to win the gift certificate to put towards a book for her. Fingers crossed!

  103. I love the soft cover books. I love to make a little book with pictures from a trip or even a party/get together. So much more fun to share your pictures than scrolling through them on your phone!

  104. the soft cover photo books and postcard pack are great. i’d love to have some of my instagrams in hard copy!

  105. I love the hardcover photo book that I could either finally ( after 5 years) make a wedding album or use it as a family yearbook with all the memories with my kiddos from this year!

  106. Thanks Joy! What a wonderful idea with the holidays coming up! Our son just turned one in September and I wanted to build a calendar for each of the grandparents with a set of pictures from his first year! I love the wooden calendar and might just have to order some for Christmas presents this year!!! πŸ™‚ I love they idea from the post cards…maybe Christmas card for us this year! I am so excited…the ideas!! By the way we did actually do cards with a picture of our son on them for thank you notes from his party. They were really cute and fun to send to friends and family!

  107. The hardcover photo book is my favorite. I would include photos of my wedding from May and create a surprise memento for my husband.

  108. I really like the wood clipboard calendar!
    I’d use pictures that were taken each month from the previous year that were special to our family.
    I love your idea of the thank you photo post cards too – something to keep in mind for next years parties πŸ™‚

  109. I’m so glad you posted this! I love so many of the products from Artifact Uprising.
    I think I would want to do the calendar but use photos from my May wedding. There were so many artsy shots that I love but haven’t been quite sure what I want to do with them.
    Also I’d love to put together a postcard book, specifically to send several to my step-daughter! What 7 year old doesn’t love mail.

  110. OMG! What a great giveaway! I love the softcover photo book! I have tons of pictures to print! I need to win!!!!! lol
    Melody x

  111. i love the hardcover photo book and i would love to give it to my mom filled with all the family photos she would make us take on our many trips!

  112. This is so great. I make an annual photo album, and I am looking for new options rather than my Shutterfly standby.

  113. My baby was born this year. I would love to commemorate this year with a hard cover book. And maybe an Instagram one as well.

  114. Oh, I love Artifact Uprising. We made wedding photo books for our parents through them. I really love the wood block with prints. That is a cool way to display pictures that is casual and beautiful!

  115. Love LOVE Artifact Uprising! I would definitely make a year-end Instagram book, then use the rest to make travel books from this year. My favorite thing about their site is the entry page, “Inspired by the Disappearing Beauty of the Tangible”. πŸ™‚

  116. would love the hardback book. love the colors they come in! I’d fill it with pictures from our first years of marriage

  117. The softcover books look great. I would love to put our summer cross country family trip pictures!

  118. I’d splurge for the wooden box so that my sister could give her new baby a beautiful souvenir when he grows up!

  119. I would love a hardcover photo book with the weekly pictures I took of my daughter in her first year!

  120. Love the softcover 8.5×8.5 books! I’ve actually been working on books for my in-laws and parents for Christmas for several weeks now. So many options, it’s hard to choose! Would love to win!!

  121. I love the hardcover photo book. I would use pictures from my son’s first year! It would make such a wonderful Christmas gift for the grandparents.

  122. since we have two kids under 3 and are pretty home-bound right now…I think it would be fun to use the post card pack and upload photos of every day things we do (family walks, making dinner, game night, cereal movie dates on the couch, etc.) and send them out instead of postcards from the vacation destinations we’re not able to get to at the moment!

  123. I totally adore the Wood Block + Prints display idea. It’s so clean but functional, and would really make my Brooklyn apartment look sweet. Love love love it.

  124. I love the wood calendar!! I’d pick my favorite pics of my 1 year old from the past year and get a few made for Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas gifts! πŸ™‚

  125. I like the hardcover and instagram photo books and would most likely fill it with family pics or photos from our upcoming trip to California.

  126. i would love to gift either the instagram friendly photo book or the softcover photo book to close family who live far away. it would be the perfect way to share with them pictures of me, my husband and our little dog and the way we live. my parents actually moved back to korea for good and it’s easier for them to view pictures offline (although my pops is savvy with the computer πŸ™‚ ) and this would be so perfect for the holidays!

  127. Love Artifact Uprising. I recently made a calendar and would love to win to make photo albums of my almost 2 year old daughter for family members. Pick me!

  128. I just love the wood clipboard calendar. I’d use memorable vacation photos to remind us to be thankful for all the blessings in our life!

  129. Love the hard cover book- would love one for wedding pics to send around the office! πŸ™‚

  130. I love the calendars- great concept. We’re moving out of state and I’d love to have something to remember the last few years by.

  131. I love the square print set and I would include pictures from trips I’ve taken to New York City and Myrtle Beach. And my cat. πŸ™‚

  132. I LOVE the wood calendars.. Something fun to put on my fridge. I would include my wedding photographs. I would also LOVE the little instagram albums, need to put all of those photos somewhere!!

  133. The softcover photo book and the postcard pack are excellent. I’d send these postcards to our families around the world!

  134. i adore artifact uprising!! i would love to make a hardcover book of my thirtieth birthday that passed last month.

  135. I love the Instagram soft cover book and would use it to commemorate a recent trip to Paris.

  136. I like the hardcover photo book the best. Id use photos from our upcoming maternity photo session.

  137. I love the wood calendar! We are redoing our kitchen and this would be an incredible compliment with some images of food my husband has cooked me πŸ™‚ Oh, and the hardcover book would be incredible to document my son’s 1st year of life!!

  138. I am loving the postcard pack! What a great way to send short notes to family members, especially grandparents, with images from our busy life.

  139. I want to make a wood calendar for my husband with the wonderful pictures we just had taken of our girls. Gorgeous!

  140. I love it all. But, I especially love the Instagram Friendly photo book. And the Wood Calendar. I would fill both with pictures of Juliette (4) and Genevieve (8 months)…. Love, love, love.

  141. I would choose the wood calender and make two, one for each set of grandparents of my little one’s daily adventures.

  142. I love the hardcover albums with custom sleeves! Looking forward to making one with all of my family photos from 2013.

  143. I recently explored Iceland with my love and being wedding photographers we captured a lot of images. The hardcover book would be wonderful to display these images and leave on our coffee table for all our guests to ruffle through and enjoy πŸ™‚

  144. I love the idea of using your own person photos on a calander! Looks so cute and wonderful! LOVE!

  145. I absolutely love the wood calendar and would use it to document my baby girl’s first year.

  146. the softcover book is what i would get, and i’d fill it with photos of garments i’ve sewn – i’ve just been sewing for a year and it would be nice to document it all!

  147. I love the Instagram Friendly Photo Book. I Instagram daily and would love to have a book of those!

  148. Everything about the square print set is amazing. The paper stock, the border and the texture all work together to enhance the images. And it’s such a perfect outlet for a great concept: get those pictures off of Instagram and get ’em printed! Off your device and into your life!

  149. Personally, I love the soft cover photo book for small family mementos but would definitely have to try the hard cover book for a family annual or the photo shoot of my husband from his birthday. I’ve been wanting to try Artifact Uprising to see if my clients would enjoy their products.

  150. I would love to publish all our photos from the gratitude project I’ve been working on! Artifact Uprising is amazing, and I am so excited to work with them!

  151. I love the HardCover Photobook! I would make a vacation book for my grandparents. Every year since I’ve been born (and since my mom was eight), we’ve been going to a small resort on a lake up north for a week in the summer. Since discovering photography, I’ve spent the last few summers documenting our time up there, and if I won, I’d make a book for them for Christmas of this year’s vacation. πŸ™‚

  152. Artifact Uprising’s products are absolutely gorgeous and so classic. My favorite products are the Hardcover Photo Books! I was married earlier this year. I’d love to create special books as gifts for our parents for the holidays.

  153. The wood calendar would be a great gift for my couples! I already order your wood block/square print sets as a thank you gift to my bride & grooms, complete with favorite images from their wedding day. Your quality and unique products surpasses any other company I’ve found. Love me some AU! πŸ™‚

  154. I just used A U to print a wedding photo book. I am quite picky about printing/paper quality as a graphic designer and was super impressed- Artifact Uprising did an AMAZING job!!! I would take anything they do with my photos. I do need a photo book of our honeymoon trip and from our first year, and would love the square print set to hang some photos in the house!

  155. I would get the wood block + prints because it offers 12 photos that would be great for my son turning 1! I could do a print for each month leading up to his birthday. Would make a great addition to my desk or bookcase. What a great memory.

  156. The hard cover book! With a new baby and family get togethers, we were just talking about the need to make a photo book to conveniently look at all the photos. What a great way to preserve a collection of memories!

  157. I would love the postcards, my husband and one year old son and I are moving away for 6 months to Hawaii and it would be fun to send postcards back to family of our adventures over there. I also would love the instagram photobook to print all those sweet candid moments captured on my little iphone.

  158. I LOVE the hardcover books and the handmade boxes. I love everything about this company. It’s about time that someone created a high quality photo book for consumers and not just photographers to order (I’m saying this even as a photographer). I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until the winner is announced!!

  159. I love the hard cover book with the partial dust cover. I would put in photos from every month and every year starting when I’m 30 next year. I’d also have the wood block with photo prints for my family so I can sprinkle them throughout the house.
    I wish Artifact Uprising was available when I was younger, so I could have a photo diary of my life.

  160. I love the Instagram friendly book. I got engaged this past year, and we have so many lovely Instagram photos from our subsequent engagement party that I would love to make into a book for both my parents and future-in-laws for the holidays. Fingers crossed!

  161. I would love the post card pack and I would use instagrams from Disney World trips. I just love the idea of homemade post cards.

  162. I just got back two days ago from spending four weeks in the Ecuadorean Andes, so I am torn between the postcards of some scenic photos to send to friends and family or the square photo set to grid over my bed in my new apartment!! But with the gift card, I guess I could do both! πŸ™‚

  163. I love the hard cover books. My husband and I still need to put our wedding album together from August 2012!

  164. I think Artifact Uprising products are so beautiful and I love that they promote the importance of tangible photos. I would choose a hardcover book and fill it with photos from our wedding this past September!

  165. I already have a hardcover book made on my profile of photos from my semester abroad in Europe. Just waiting for the funds to actually purchase it!

  166. I love the hardcover photo books the best – I totally need to make one using our wedding photos!

  167. I would love the wooden box and square prints so that I could put my pregnancy progression photos in there!!! That way I have something to show my little bean of what mom looked like when he or she is older.

  168. I am obsessed with the wood block + prints! Ordered one for my father to keep on his desk at work! With a rotating collection of pictures of us kids and his favorite quotes!

  169. I have been rambling on about the wood calendar to anyone who will listen! This is one of my favorite sites for gifts.

  170. I love Artifact Uprising and have been trying out their beautifully printed pieces over the past year (wedding albums, wood calendars, wood block prints of my Italian Instagram travel photos). I love everything I see and touch from them. Simply gorgeous. But for my next printed pieces I did birth (literally up in the delivery room), newborn and monthly photos for my absolutely precious brand new nephew and his fam this year and would love to create a set of softcover books as holiday gifts. <3 Caroline

  171. Wow, beautiful products!! I’m torn between the postcard pack and the hardcover book. I would turn the postcard pack into Christmas cards from this year- some B&W, some antique-y colors, and all fun winter scenes or under-the-tree vignettes. OR… I got married this June, and would love to make an “Everything But the Wedding” hardcover book that includes all those moments where family and friends came together to look at venues, taste food, brainstorm, decorate the house (aka venue), plant flowers in the yard for the wedding weekend, be together, celebrate being together, relax afterwards, eat leftover dessert, etc πŸ™‚

  172. I would love to make a hardcover photo book for my daughters first birthday. I would fill it with photos of her first year.

  173. I’ve been wanting to do some kind of family yearbook starting this year – so the hard cover photo book would be PERFECT for that!

  174. I think sharing snapshots of the year with family is one of the best Christmas gifts. I would love to give them the wood calendar and the softcover photo books.

  175. I would love to have all of my favorite wedding photos printed in a hardcover photo book! It would make a lovely addition to my coffee table and I would enjoy being able to flip through my photos at any time!

  176. I’d make a postcard pack with photos I’ve taken with friends throughout the years, then send them a note to say hello πŸ™‚

  177. The wood block set. I’d print a set of photos from halloween this year because I have so many that I love from that day πŸ™‚

  178. I have recently used Artifact Uprising for the first time for a soft cover book which came out amazing! I would love to have a wood clipboard calendar created for my clients going forward…and one for myself as well πŸ™‚

  179. I would love to use pictures from our March destination wedding in New Orleans to make a Hardcover Photo Book and surprise my husband for Christmas!!

  180. I used artifact uprising to make a photo album of our wedding for my in laws! It came out beautifully. I would love the instagram book to show off the amazing year we’ve had with our new daughter, she turns one in february!!

  181. I would love the hardcover book. It would be perfect for finally organizing my wedding photos and being able to display them for people to see. We haven’t done much with them since the wedding and this is a beautiful say to finally preserve the memories!

  182. LOVE this! I would love the wooden artifact box, to help store some of those memories that aren’t always in pictures. And, for the Instagram lover in me I love the square print set.

  183. I’ve been wanting a soft cover book from Artifact Uprising for ages! I have a summer book that I’ve filled with my travels in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and London that’s been waiting to be published. Hopefully I can get my hands on one before winter ends!

  184. Love those postcard packs! We’d fill a few with photos of our little one–and little one on the way!–to send to our far-flung relations. They’re constantly asking for photos to be e-mailed or posted on-line, but the real thing turning up in their mailboxes would be so much more fun!

  185. The Wood Clipboard Calendar with all the best photos from my trip with my boyfriend to Germany would be the best reminder of a perfect trip.

  186. I LOVE the idea of a 30-page softcover book for my parents’ 30th anniversary…photos from every year on consecutive pages. πŸ™‚

  187. As an only child leaving in another state, my parents (mom, especially!) are definitely the “call-everyday-tell-me-what’s-new” type of folks. I would love to create a hardcover book for them with pictures sharing all my favorite moments so they can see exactly what their daughter has been up to! A perfect holiday gift they would treasure forever.

  188. I am loving the postcard pack. I’d like to include photos of my family since we rarely take photos together anymore and my sister is always asking for them. I would send her a new postcard each month!

  189. I adore the Instagram friendly book! With so much inspiration around me, I became a an Insta-ograpgher. However, all of my photos sit on my computer. If I win, my photos can finely have a place to shine. πŸ™‚

  190. I love their square photo books! Definitely would love to put together a book of photos of our family adventures together the last few years.

  191. So tough to choose. Everything is so dreamy but I LOVE the wood block with prints. Feature a different joyful photo each day on my desk.

  192. With the holidays and new year coming up, I would definitely get some postcard packs and calendars. I would go out and take some holiday looking photos specifically for those to send.

  193. I like the wooden boxes; I think it would be a beautiful solution for storage of a wedding album from Artifact Uprising and other memorabilia from my wedding.

  194. beautiful products! i would use the handcover photo book for our wedding photos (which happened this sept.)

  195. I love the simplicity of the wood blocks holding pictures, but my wife and I are considering using Artifact Uprising to make our Adoption profile book to give to prospective birth mothers. The beautiful hardcover books they have are awesome!

  196. I love the hardcover books from them! I have been wanting now for a bit now filled with photos of my family! πŸ™‚

  197. I LOVE the hardcover photo albums with the dust jackets. I think it’s a great way to keep and display memories- I intend to make one annually to document mine and my husbands lives together! Thank you!

  198. I just finished Teach for America and would love the hardback photo book of all the pictures of my students and field trips!

  199. I’ve always wanted the Wood Block + Prints it seems like such a nice gift or desk accessory. I would either use my Instagram photos or get some fun family photos for a gift for someone, like my mother in law for one. Also I think it would be fun to print pictures of my vacation last summer, and have that on my desk, nice reminder of time away with family and friends.

  200. I love the softcover photo book. I’m not a fan of photo books with lots of graphics and distraction. I prefer that the photos speak for themselves, so this is right up my alley. Plus, I take so many photos that my husband has to keep getting a bigger back up hard drive, so I need to do something with the photos!

  201. I love the hardcover photo books! I have a huge collection of photos from my honeymoon across the country that I’ve been waiting to put into book form! Beautiful products!!

  202. The hardcover photo book is beautiful. I would love to make a book of photos of my beloved 12 year old dog that I recently lost.

  203. I would choose one of the hardcover photo books…actually, I would probably make a few! I would make books of my maternity photos and baby photos of our new little guy to give to my parents for Christmas.

  204. I adore the softcover photo books. I never finished our wedding album after 2 1/2 years, and this would be a great way to finally get our incredible photos printed!

  205. I have been married for three years and I have only printed three of my wedding photos – THREE! I have actually been eyeing Artifact Uprising for a couple of months now and would love to get the hardcover book to use for my wedding photos!

  206. With 2014 right around the corner, I’d love to print some photos of 2013 onto the wood calendar. Maybe even make it a collaboration with some of my friends! Awesome giveaway.

  207. Oh the softcover book!!! I have been meaning to try them out for a while;)) I think the softcover books would be great for all the photos of my kids I’ve been meaning to print out!!!!

  208. All of those are unique, but I especially like the square print set. These would be neat displayed as a grid with a theme, such as food shots.

  209. I adore that wood calendar. I would put it at my desk to remind me some of the wonderful, exotic places I have been with my husband for those moments when I am at my desk and tired of looking at a computer and need a little inspiration.

  210. Would looove to create a hard cover book filled with images from my parents from the time when they were babies to date (I just happened to collect them all this past weekend)

  211. I love the wood block and prints! I would put our pictures from a recent vacation to Turks and Caicos so I can relive our wonderful family vacation πŸ™‚

  212. I would get the hardcover photo book and use it to document my son’s drawings from age 2-8. Thanks!

  213. I love the Wood Calendar and would include photos from all the travel adventures with my husband (including our honeymoon!) so we can be reminded of all our great memories every month.

  214. On September 7 I married my sweetheart at our surprise wedding, and we had the photographer take pictures with each of our guests as we told them they were actually at our wedding, and the looks of joy, surprise and shock were priceless! I would use this certificate to order “soft photo books” for all of our friends and familiy with the surprise photos of us telling our guests so they can enjoy the photos and memories we created that day together πŸ™‚

  215. So hard to choose I love them all!!! The calendar would make a great gift but I think I love the instagram friendly book. I would love to do a picture a day for 365 and then put them together as a project!

  216. The woods block + prints is great and pictures of my family and roommates would be adorable!

  217. I LOVE the wooden box and the hardcover photo book. We have all these little keepsakes from our first year with our son and they would fit so beautifully in that box.

  218. I love all the options, but would go with the softcover photo book and fill it with the photos we took of our new son during this first year of his life.

  219. I adore the calendar β€”Β my husband and I just celebrate our first anniversary and I’d love to make one with photos from our first year of marriage.

  220. Love the postcard pack. Would use my photos of NYC, where I live, and send the postcards to friends around the globe…

  221. I’d {heart} to make a softcover photo book!! the quality of these looks amazing… going to have to order one soon. thanks!

  222. The hardcover photo book would be ideal for me to compile generations worth of family photographs to have among tables at our next family reunion.

  223. The postcards would make a great gift and are so useful thank you notes! But the instagram book is awesome as well. And the calendar… Paper products are the BEST.

  224. I’ve been dying to try out Artifact Uprising. I’ve heard amazing things. I would love to create a hardcover book of photos from my travels, or a wood calendar with some of my favorite images.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  225. I love the wooden boxes! I ordered a Hard Cover photo album with our wedding photos, and I cannot wait to order the wooden box to store it in!

  226. Love the soft cover photo book – I would probably put a bunch of photos of my siblings and myself and give it to them for Christmas – it’s been a rough year for our family, and I know they would appreciate it πŸ™‚

  227. I would give the wood calendars as gifts to the people I spent a year of volunteer service with, with a photo representing every month we lived together!

  228. I would love to make a hardcover book in yellow as my wedding album. My 5 year anniversary is coming up, so it’s about time I get on that.

  229. I love the hardcover photo book. Inside, I would make a 30th birthday gift album for my boyfriend with one picture from each year of his life (his mom just gave me all the photos…so this would be perfect!)

  230. We just got married so I love the idea of getting the calanders as gifts with our weddings photos and one for us with our honeymoon!

  231. I love these! I would definitely get a few sets of the Square Print Set for my wedding in September. It would be fun to fill the tables with photos for my guests to look at! I could see the photos being of my fiance and I with some of our friends and family scattered in!

  232. I really like the idea of the wood block prints. You could change up the photo as mood dictates. Simple and very pretty!

  233. I’d like to put together a book of all the photos from out wedding, not only the ones from our photographer but guests as well. I think the hard cover book would be perfect for that!

  234. I would totally make an Instagram book with all of my Insta pics. I have quite a collection going and I use Instagram to capture those special little moments so to save them in a book would be AWESOME!

  235. I love the Instagram Friendly Photo Book. Those little moments from every day life that my iPhone captures. Sometimes it’s just a delicious cup of coffee in golden morning light, my golden doodle enjoying the drive through window, or my kids in a funny moment. Printing my favorites and giving that as a little unexpected gift. There’s something about printed photos that I’ll always love.

  236. I love the wood calendar! I would use photos taken throughout the year from those respective months featuring my family/friends. πŸ™‚

  237. Awesome giveaway! I would choose the hardcover photo book… I would fill it with the beautiful everyday moments we’ve shared through the first year of our son’s life :] Thank you!

  238. I’d love to make a calendar with all my favorite engagement & wedding photos for my office. It would be a great way to remember to be thankful for the people included in the photos, who are the most important people in my life!

  239. I would probably get photo books for Christmas gifts documenting my baby girl’s first seven months.

  240. The wood calendar and postcard pack are both beautiful. My boyfriend and I were inspired by Bleubird’s “photo a week” series, so we’ve been keeping up with it and doing our own. I’d love to turn our series into a book or a calendar with the pictures from the past year together. The products are gorgeous.

  241. This giveaway..sigh. I have been admiring Aritifact’s Uprisings albums for quite some time now promising myself a gift of memories. I would love to have one of their hard bound books to look at on my couch and share on my coffee table. such beautiful quality looks..and the wooden boxes are perfect. Thanks for holding this giveaway..I’m now crossing my fingers. πŸ˜‰

  242. My husband and I took a photo of ourselves every single day for our first year of marriage, and I’ve been meaning to put all those photos into a book ever since. I’m a huge admirer of Artifact Uprising, and I think the hardcover photo book would be perfect!

  243. I’d choose a hardcover photo book to document the trip to Japan that my husband surprised me with last year.

  244. I am a professional photographer and soon to be mother of two. My baby boy is due any day and I would love to preserve these memories through Artifact Uprising.

  245. I am IN LOVE with Aritfact Uprisings products. Especially the softcover photo books and the wooden calendar. I’d love to try them out.
    Every year I give my mom a calendar for christmas filled with photos I’ve taken, she always loves it – but getting her the same kind every time is getting a bit boring. I’d love to give her this wooden one, it’s so much more special and looks so much better. Plus, I kind of really want one for myself, too… It would look so lovely on my desk! πŸ™‚

  246. I love artifact uprising! I’ve been wanting one of their hardcover photo books for a while now, to document my little one’s first year of life.

  247. Putting together a Thankful journal for the month of November. Photo on Blog, would love to be my cover!

  248. I like the wood calendar! I would use it as a gift to my boyfriend for our year anniversary!

  249. My siblings and I live all over the country see our mom for just a couple days each year. I’d like to surprise her with a hardcover book filled with pictures of her three “babies” from the past few years.
    Hint: we’re no longer babies.

  250. I LOVE the hardcover photobook. It’s the best quality I’ve ever seen. I got one to tell the story of my husband meeting our 5 month old son for the first time as he returned home from deployment. We are now expecting number two and we plan to make yearly family photo albums with the a hardcover photobooks.
    I think the best part of all is that these books are made of recycled materials!

  251. I love the square prints. I have a bunch of nature photos I would LOVE to make a set out of. I also love the soft cover albums. I need to do a new family album soon and I’m thinking about using one of them.

  252. I love the soft cover photo books. My husband and I have been taking a self-portrait a week and I would love to make a book out of our year’s worth of work. We also love to travel and making a photo book for each of our big trips overseas would be the perfect way to house our photos.

  253. I would love to get the hardcover photo book to finally do my son’s 1st year photos – he’s already turning 4 soon and I have yet to make one. :@

  254. Definitely the hard cover photo book–who doesn’t love a coffee table book with their own work in it?

  255. I LOVE the wood calendar, but then, all of Artifact Uprising’s products are exquisite. We just bought a house and are expecting our first baby, so hanging photos and keeping memories have been on my mind as of late.

  256. I LOVE the instagram friendly books – I’ve ordered a few already for a month of instapics at a time. But I’ve been wanting to bite the bullet and order a beautiful hardcover book – that’s where my money would go! yay, artifact uprising!

  257. I adore the wood calendar. I lived in France for a while, I would love to have pictures from my travels displayed in such a beautiful way.

  258. The wood calendar is lovely! I moved to a farm last January, so I would use it to display photos of the land from every season over our first year there.

  259. I absolutely love the idea of the Wooden Box as a place to store keepsakes for our baby on the way, like first ultrasound pics and other sweet mementos.

  260. I love the postcard set. It speaks to my heart, since I am a photography and avid traveler. Thank you for all the beautiful things you create and share with the world!

  261. Oh my gosh, LOVE the wood calendar. Was planning on getting it for grandparents for Christmas!

  262. The postcard pack and the hardcover photo book would be great for my newlywed wedding album.

  263. I would love the hard cover photo book — and I would fill it with my wedding photos, as I haven’t yet made or purchased an album!

  264. My favorite are the wooden boxes. Photos from my recent bar trip to Southeast Asia with my boyfriend would be perfect for them.

  265. Since I am so behind on my daughters’ baby books I would definitely create hardcover books to document their first years. Thank you!

  266. the wood calendar is amazing. also love the wood block + prints, very cool. awesome giveaway.

  267. I moved to Denver with never even visiting Colorado before. I’d love to make a hard cover book with all the beautiful memories I have made. When I am feeling under the weather, I can go back and look at this book to remind myself that I am courageous, adventurous and spontaneous and that it’s OK to not always have a plan. πŸ™‚ I love this company and all they do, especially since they’re based right here in CO! <3

  268. I love the idea of a postcard book! We’re terrible about printing our photos and I’ve been investigating ideas to get them off our computer and into the real world!

  269. OMG The Hardcover Photo Book would be amazing for my wedding pictures.. Just married 10.11.13 πŸ™‚

  270. I would choose the postcard pack! I absolutely LOVE writing little letters on the back of a beautiful card!

  271. I love everything but I don’t have the postcards yet and I would make them with pictures of my kids and their grandparents and gift them so they can write them every month.

  272. I like the hardcover photo books. I would purchase one and put my engagement pictures in for a guest book at my wedding next August!

  273. thinking the instagram friendly book. tho i would love to choose some prints of family for framing.

  274. I LOVE the instagram photobook. Some of the best photos of my girl are in our instagram accounts and this would be such a lovely way to share them with our luddite parents! AMAZING giveaway (PS, I have been using prints of the instagram images as thank you notes, people LOVE them, so DO IT!).

  275. The square print set would be so perfect for expressions of endearment to my love. Images of our first year together paired with love notes on the reverse left in random, unexpected places to be found throughout the next year.

  276. I’m holding out for a hard cover book for my Levi’s first year πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to put it together!

  277. Oh my goodness it’s so hard to choose just one item from their store – everything is SO beautiful! While I would love the hardcover book, it would be the first time I’ve ever created a photo book using a service like this, so I think I should start small with either the IG friendly book, or softcover book. I’d definitely include all my daughter’s monthly shots since she is turning 2 this year and I will no longer be taking monthly pics. What a great way to put togther all those photos I took!

  278. I have already ordered the Instagram book in the past, it is perfect for permanently capturing those quick photos

  279. I would get the Instagram friendly book with my honeymoon photos! I already have it designed but have been waiting to print it till we could save up enough. I also have our wedding album designed in their hard cover book, but have also been waiting to print it to save up so I can!

  280. I love the wooden box. It would be so neat to use a photo of my mom and nephew on it for a holiday gift. Photo books are always the best though!

  281. I have been dying to try out their hardcover books and have been wanting to order one using the photos I took to document my pregnancy with my sweet girl (who will be turning one soon)! I also love the idea of the postcard packs!

  282. I love the idea of the postcard pack! I’d use photos from my new store to say “thank you” to friends, family, and other businesses that have helped me get on my feet and absolutely running.

  283. love the wood block + prints. it would make a great xmas gift for families. what a gorgous product!

  284. I really, really want the postcard pack. A winter photo would do nicely for Christmas cards. πŸ™‚ I’d also like the hardcover photo book for my wedding photos. I have yet to do anything with them and I’ve been married for just over a year.

  285. Swoon. <3 I love the idea of the soft or hard cover photo books, the instagram photo book or the wood calendar. My boyfriend is a photographer (as a hobby) and takes landscape photos and portraits. We could use these in so many different ways. I absolutely love the soft and ethereal feel of these prints.

  286. I absolutely LOVE AU’s hardcover photo book- I can’t wait to get our wedding photos put into this when we get them back in a few weeks. I’ve always known that AU was the vendor I wanted to use for our wedding book- thanks for the opportunity!

  287. I keep meaning to do a hardcover book of our wedding photos (embarrassingly long overdue), and would also like to make one of out son’s first year. The wooden boxes are beautiful as well.

  288. I love their hardcover books and want to have the pics from my baby’s first year printed in a nice book.

  289. I would love to make several soft copy photo books of our new baby girl and gift them to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

  290. Um, I want EVERYTHING. Gorgeous! I think I could go for the wood block and prints. And everything else. Thank you!

  291. I would buy the hardcover book and create an album of my daughter’s first year, just like you did with Ruby (thank you for the idea!).

  292. Oh my goodness I love Artifact Uprising. I would totally get the postcard book with the idea of using it as thank you cards. I would also love to create a big photo book of the first year of my daughter’s life.

  293. I love the hardcover books! I would gift this to my husband of our wedding photos I have yet to make a book for.

  294. I love the wood calendar. It would make a great Christmas gift! I would put family photos and seasonal landscapes in it.

  295. The hardcover photo books look absolutely beautiful! I think this would be my go-to gift for friends and family. I’d love to do one for my parents to celebrate their recent cross-country move and commemorate our old house.

  296. I love the hard cover photo book. I’m in my third trimester and it would be great for newborn photos!

  297. My wife has been saying that she was going to make one of those awesome coffee table books with our wedding pictures for 4 years now. I think it’s time I step in πŸ™‚

  298. The Hardcover and Softcover photo books are just gorgeous! I just had my first little babe in May, and would love to make a beautiful book to celebrate her first year.

  299. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I have been lusting over Artifact Uprising’s beautiful items since they first started their business! (And a big shout-out to buying local…in my case, hehe. Go, Coloradans! ;D) I’d love to create a 2014 Wood Calendar with captured moments from my son’s first year and gift it to my parents who live far away and miss their grandson dearly. And, of course, I’m going to add that I would also love to make an Instagram Friendly Photo Book documenting Aidan’s first year…for myself! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for an awesome giveaway. Here’s very, very, very, very much hoping…!

  300. Wood clipboard calender is amazing! I can imagine this being a great house warming gift or christmas gift for the new year!

  301. LOVE the wood calendar! I would fill it with the bf’s beautiful travel photos and give it to him for our anniversary, which is coming up soon!

  302. these ARE lovely and clever designs! my favorite are the Postcard Pack and the Square Print Set. so much potential with both. thanks for the giveaway!

  303. I love the Instagram Friendly Photo Book- it will give me a chance to finally print all the lovely pictures I’ve taken of my kids.

  304. I love the wood calendar. It would make a really good christmas gifts to the grandparents. I would include photos from my son’s 1st birthday party.

  305. Personally in love with the square print set they have!
    So versatile & can be used for sending notes, framing, gifts & more.
    I would definitely make use of my 365 instagram iphone photo project by printing some of those out πŸ™‚

  306. I love any and all of AU’s products, but I especially love the Instagram books. As AU says, “off your device, into your life”. I seriously love that AU makes it easy to preserve my every day life as seen on my iPhone in a beautiful, tangible way!

  307. I’d like the hardcover photobook. It’d be great to put all my favorite pictures from 2013 in!

  308. I’ve already done the photo calendars for grandmothers and some of my brides this year, and they were a huge hit! But I am currently working on starting some annual family albums using AU’s hardcover photo books. I would LOOOOVE to win this to use toward those!

  309. I’ve recently been working on a project… This project is creating annual albums to be given to my husband for our anniversary, highlighting the events of the last year we’ve spent together. The cover of this album would be a picture of us on our anniversary & inside the book will tell funny stories of the past year, monumental moments, children, eventually grandchildren, etc This will be not only be a keepsake for us as a couple because it visually tells our love story, but for our children & grandchildren to look at throughout the upcoming years. We’ll be able to see ourselves grow old together & be able to have a tangible product to show how rich our lives are together.
    I’ve fallen in love with Artifact Uprising’s style & have chosen to use them for this project. Thus, my favorite product so far is the 8.5×11 hardback book. I’ll use the same dimensions every year & they’ll look lovely on our living room bookshelf.

  310. The hardcover photo book would be the perfect way to memorialize my first year as a Mom and our little man’s first year as a member of our family. A great way to get photos off of our phones and computer so that we can review the pictures for years to come.

  311. I’m a sucker for hardcover books, and cute postcards.
    Love this company, would love a chance to win!

  312. I love the idea of an Instagram Friendly Photo Book as that is usually the only kind of picture I am taking these days (mostly of my 3 month old little one!)

  313. This is a long one but it means so much to me that you are doing this giveaway. I am a wedding photographer and absolutely love love love Artifact Uprising and actually use them for most of my client’s wedding books already but really want to start using them for personal use as well! In response to your giveaway and question for this post, I would have to say that my most favorite book is the softcover photo book and here is my story about who I would give it to:
    My fiance has a young son who he was denied of seeing for the first three years of the boy’s life because the mother has had mental issues. Finally a DNA test was petitioned by us last year and we have been in a custody battle with the son’s mother ever since. She is still fighting us at every turn and it is a very trying process with the court systems favoring the mother even when the father has done nothing wrong. The first time I met the boy was on his 3rd birthday and I automatically begun to take photos of him alone and with his dad. We had finally gotten unsupervised visitation for the past five months and I have taken non-stop photos with my phone of moments, smiles, laughter, playing, learning, and relaxing of the two of them as well as with my fiance’s parents and sister. These images on my phone are the only ones that exist of my fiance’s son with this part of his family. I edit my favorites ( which are a lot ) with VSCO presets and I would love nothing more than to make several books as holiday gifts for my fiance as well as his family of their son and first grandson. All I keep thinking about all of the great photos that they deserve to have of their son and grandson and how much this giveaway would help me out. Thanks for reading.

  314. i love the square print set. i could so see framing them and making a cool art gallery in my hallway!

  315. hi! i would love the hardcopy book to make a wedding book of our wedding in may. they’re still in a folder on my computer πŸ™

  316. I would love the hard cover album. I have yet to make a personal album…I have photos from my wedding (3.5 years ago), and my daughter’s albums (the past 2.5 years). I love the ease of design and the look of the albums.

  317. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Artifact Uprising. I’ve been coveting the postcard book. Just moved from CA to MN and I’d love to fill it with pictures of fun memories and send them to my friends back in Cali. Mail and a picture in one? What a present!

  318. I love this giveaway! I have used the hardcover Artifact Uprising in the past to make a memory book for my husband after we lost our kitty (he was my hubby’s best friend). It came beautiful and we will always cherish it. So to have the opportunity to create more with them would be amazing. I would love to make softcover books as Christmas gifts for our families using pics of my daughters first year! She is now 17 months and we still have not gotten any pics printed. They are all sitting in iphoto.

  319. I love the Instagram photo book. My favorite photos are the ones on my Instagram account & it would be nice to have another way to display them.

  320. i’m really loving the postcard pack right now because i love making and sending postcards to friends! but i would definitely buy a few softcover photo books with our wedding photos for our closest family members.

  321. I love the wood calendar. We make calendars with pictures of our kids for grandparents and this format would be such a treasure for them.

  322. I have a big postcard collection that I inherited from my Grandmother. I love the idea of making custom postcards of my own to add with the postcard pack!

  323. Beautiful. I would most certainly use the Hardcover Photo book to make some wedding albums for friends and family for the holidays.

  324. I would love to make overdue hardcover photo books of photos from my wedding and from my husband’s masters program graduation celebration where friends wrote encouraging messages for him!

  325. Oh and I forgot to say that I would use different photos of my friends and I so that I could send each friend a custom postcard of us

  326. I love the hardcover photo book. Classic! My first child was born this year and I hope to put together a photo book after each of his birthdays. A beautiful way to archive memories.

  327. great giveaway! i would love a wood calendar for my office. i’d probably use photos from a trip to europe last year. it’d probably help with the travel itch i’ve had lately!

  328. I like the soft cover photo book…filled with photos of my cat! It would make a nice coffee table book. πŸ™‚

  329. I love the postcard pack. I have photos from my study abroad trip a few years ago and would love to send these to the lovely friends I made πŸ™‚

  330. I adore artifact uprising and I can’t wait to make a hardcover book for our 2013 memories. But I’m also interested in ordering a book of postcards with some landscapes to use as little hellos throughout the year.

  331. The wood calendar and postcard book are my favorite. They’re sleek and simple (like all items) but also completely necessary! I would us the postcard book to send notes to my family who lives abroad.. that way they could visualize my life here, too.

  332. I love the post card book! How much would grammy love getting a postcard of her grandchildren every now and then as a mail surprise?! How much would I love finally printing a photo album of my son before my daughter’s due date? πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone!

  333. I would love the Instagram book. Ive been instagramming photos of my daughter for almost three years and would love a book to show family and friends

  334. I LOVE Artifact Uprising. I have 3 photobooks from them so far – two softcover and one hardcover. I’d love to get one of those postcard packs, though. Or better yet, the photos in the wood block. It’s perfect for my desk.

  335. I’d have to say the hard cover photo book. My wedding was in April and I still haven’t gotten around to making a photo album. This would be perfect!

  336. I love the postcards! How fun would it be to keep in touch with family in Europe by sending them personalized postcards πŸ™‚

  337. Hi, I would love the Hard Cover Photo book. I will use it to put all the photos from my 2 year old toddler. And give one to my parents.

  338. Those hardcover photo books make me swoon. I adore Artifact Uprising – in a year when money is tight, that would definitely get my family’s Year In Review book done for 2013, as well as another hardcover of my sister and new brother-in-law’s wedding images to surprise her with πŸ™‚

  339. I love the postcard pack! This would be perfect for the getaways my family and I got to take this year :).

  340. As a newlywed, I would choose the wood calendar to showcase the highlights of our wedding.

  341. All of the family members who complain at my lack of kiddo postings on Facebook would be getting softcover photo books for Christmas!

  342. The books for a photo year book of our travels this year. The wood box for newborn photos of my girls. So many ideas for what to do, can’t pick just one!

  343. I love the wood calendar! It would be perfect for gifts and look great on my desk. I would add pictures from the past year for my friends and family πŸ™‚

  344. I’m already addicted to artifact uprising! I think my next project will be to make a photobook of photos from our recent trip to Paris! We just returned yesterday and followed many of oh joy’s recommendations πŸ™‚

  345. I would love the hardcover book! I’d love to fill it with photos from my bf and my’s most recent adventures! Also, they would make great holiday gifts!

  346. Homemade, handcrafted books are my favorite. I would pick the Hardcover Book (with partial sleeve….cause its cool to have the texture and a pic) and i would create A GIFT TO MY BEST FRIEND AS SHE STARTS HER NEW JOURNEY INTO MOTHERHOOD. The book would be a compilation of memories, thoughts, prayers, hopes and just funny pictures from all of her friends and family, near and far. I would present it to her at her baby shower. What a great find!

  347. I would for sure but the postcard pack. I would use it to highlight travel photos from Hawaii, NYC, LA and San Fran from my 2013 adventures.

  348. I would love to put pictures form my parent’s recent trip to France in the hard cover book as a gift for their 30th wedding anniversary coming up!

  349. Awesome giveaway! We still haven’t gotten around to creating a wedding album (after 1.5 years of marriage). So, I’d use their hardcover photo book to create a wedding album. Fingers crossed!

  350. I’m obsessed with their wooden boxes. I’m due with my second baby in March, and would love to have a box for each child, with some of the square prints from their first year, and then keepsakes like ultrasound pics, hospital bracelets, first haircut etc. Making a baby book can be overwhelming, so I think a keepsake box would be much more fun and hands on.

  351. I love the softcover books. I think they would make great gifts to my parents and siblings of photos of all the nieces and nephews πŸ™‚ I also would love to have my favorite wedding photos in one, gorgeous hardcover book.

  352. so many ideas- the hardcover book of my daughter’s 3rd year or a family calendar or finally doing something fun with our wedding pictures. love this!

  353. I would probably pick the hardcover book and would write a children’s book about the adventures of my 1 year old daughter, Olive Mae and her soon-to-be baby sister, Charley Faye. It would contain personal drawings to go along with a short story of friendship, fun and fables. (proud daddy)

  354. What a fantastic giveaway! Though they’re all lovely products, the square print set has been on my to-do list. I would use photos of our family and favorite things from this past year for a collection on the wall.

  355. Just finished making an Artifact Uprising 1st anni hardcover book for my sister and her hubby! Their wedding photos printed beautifully in the book. Love this company and everything they do. I think the postcard pack would be delightful for sending out fall “giving thanks” photos of the kids.

  356. I have compiled pictures of my daughter throughout her life with quotes of encouragement to make a book just for her to reflect on as she grows. Artifact Uprising is the only company I want to go through to turn these pictures into a beautiful book for her that will last a lifetime. She is turning four in 2 weeks and I just completed the pictures to make one complete book. The first book in a series I will make as she grows older and the encouragement she needs grows and changes too.

  357. I love all their products, but especially the wooden box and square print set. I would print photos from the year and place them in the box for a “yearbook”.

  358. i would so love the ‘welcome to the world’ box for my little one due next month. i would love to fill it with prints of my pregnancy and our first days together!

  359. i’m planning to make a cookbook with all of our family recipes for my parents, siblings and grandparents. i’m hoping it will be a special christmas present everyone will like. i didn’t know artifact uprising sold books. the softcover book would be perfect for it!

  360. I love the hardcover photo book and postcard pack! We create a photo book of our son to give to the grandparents every Christmas. This looks like it would make the most gorgeous book yet! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  361. I’m so glad that you posted about this company. Love them. I want to make my husband a wood block + prints (of the kids) for his office. He would love it. I also like the calendar and instagram book.

  362. I’d love the wood calendar and include photos of my son from the past year. It’d make a great gift for the grandparents for Christmas

  363. I would have to say the wood calendar to capture the past year, which has been my first year of marriage, my first year with a dog, my first year in a new state, a lot of firsts to celebrate and remember

  364. Ahh, I’ve actually been thinking about using AU to print our wedding and honeymoon photos! I love their albums. Thanks for the opportunity to win! πŸ™‚

  365. the instagram photo book definitely! I usually make a book of all my instagrams every year but have never tried artifact uprising…

  366. I have been wanting to do one of the hardcover books for my son’s first year baby photos! Absolutely love the simple and clean design.

  367. Oh, I’ve been wanting to make both a hardcover and a softcover book from them for some time now. A hard cover as an end-of-the-year look back type book, and a softcover of our last vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park.

  368. I would love to use the Hardcover Photo Book to make a special memories book for my Dad’s 50th Birthday πŸ™‚ My dad means so much to me and I’m so proud of who he is and everything he’s done, so I feel like on his big 50 he should be reminded of how much of an impact he’s had on all of our lives.

  369. I love the calendar, and would use it as a gift to my best friend that just got married. I would use pictures from their wedding – I think it would be an amazing gift!

  370. I absolutely love those wooden boxes. They seem like the perfect way to commemorate the birth of a new niece or nephew.

  371. i still need to create my daughter’s 1st year book (she’s 18 months now…so not THAT bad, but still)! love the look of these books (especially the hardback); i remember when you showed ruby’s. the quality was evident despite only seeing it online.

  372. I’m in LOVE with the regular square prints. I’d use the credit to print pics of my dog, partner and travels and finally decorate my cube at work. My colleagues are always giving me grief because I’ve never gotten around to sprucing up my work space!

  373. I’m going on a trip to Dublin in a week. I would love to make a Hardcover photo book when I return!

  374. Wow. These are amazing. I think I would get the hardcover book for my mom and dad for Christmas. I know they’d love to have a book to commemorate all of the good parts of the past year.

  375. so in love with the wooden calendar. i’d love to choose photos from each month of this year and use them as the cover photo for next year’s calendar to look back and remember what i was doing at that exact time last year.

  376. I would love to make the softcover photobook or the Instagram book for my husband with a selection of photos from our honeymoon this summer and give it to him as an anniversary gift!

  377. i love the hardcover books and make one for every trip and event in our life (usually several months after the fact). it’s so easy, and i love having all of my photos from various cameras (and even my phone!) all in a nice self-contained package that sits on my shelf and is uber easy to share with friends and family.

  378. I love the postcard book. My father-in-law is fighting prostate cancer and is going through radiation. I know that a funny photo card from his 3 and 5 year old grandsons would definitely bring a smile to his day. They are the light of his life.

  379. I really want to use Artifact Uprising for my wedding album!! I’ve been looking at their landscape hardcover book and LOVE them!

  380. Love the postcard pack idea as thank you cards! I would upload my photos from Spain as little “thinking of you” notes to friends.

  381. I love the wooden boxes – such a beautiful way to display photos! Thank you for the giveaway!

  382. fantastic giveaway! We’ve been putting together the soft cover book every year for Emerson as well. She loves flipping through the pages and the full bleed page options are so stunning in hand. Thanks Joy!

  383. what an awesome giveaway, this would be the best christmas gift! i want everything, the photobook, the instagram soft books and the calendars are amazing. the postcard book is to die for. definitely will look into buying some.

  384. I would love to make a book of for my daughter. She is 20 months and I still haven’t made a book, I have the best intentions to make one though!

  385. I would love to make a few Instagram Friendly Photo Books filled with fun moments from our year with Lorelai (our two year old daughter). Time goes so quickly and it would be so lovely to look back on little snapshots of this year!

  386. I love the Postcard pack! Would be so fun to make a set of postcards from my brother’s wedding as a gift for them to send to friends!

  387. The wooden boxes are something I’ve been a fan of since the beginning. 90% of my good friends are currently expecting babies, and this would be such a fun way to surprise them with a custom, thoughtful gift.

  388. I am new to your blog and would be a first timer over at Artifact Uprising. I found their site a few weeks ago and love the timeless look of their products. I would Like to make a wooden box filled with photos. My husband’s family has had a cabin in the forest for over 40 years. My mother-in-law would love a box filled with memories as her 80th birtday gift in January. The wooden box would be perfect for a forest themed project. Thanks for hosting the contest!
    Julie Turner

  389. I would definitely choose the postcards for my father!
    he came out to visit me in Montana in May and I still haven’t done anything with those photos. Dad LOVES writing me postcards, too.
    oh, it would be so perfect!

  390. I love the hardcover photo book! I would use it to fill with memories of my teaching experience in South America.

  391. I’ve been wanting to make a bunch of the softcover photo books with all of my day-to-day pics as well as some with pics from my recent Europe vacation. Such beautiful books! Looking forward to the app too.

  392. i would do a hardcover photo book with all the photos from my upcoming wedding! with the leftover money, i would also choose some square prints and a wood calendar πŸ™‚

  393. I love love LOVE Artifact Uprising’s hardcover books! All of their products are beyond beautiful, but I would order a hardcover book of my wedding photos that I could display in my house. Also love the wood block and prints! I’ve been considering that for displaying some photos of friends and family at my desk at work.

  394. I love the hardcover photo book and wood calendar! I would make a photo book with photos from my son’s first year (he is 6 months old now) … and I would make a calendar with a photo from each month of his life thus far.

  395. The hardcover book would make a great “baby’s first year” book. I also love the wooden box, + the wood block with prints!
    pretty stuff!

  396. The Instagram photo book for sure! I use instagram constantly and am always looking for ways to save these photos for future years (and generations of family to enjoy!).

  397. I’d love to use the Postcard book as thank you notes for gifts from my birthday party and the Hardcover book as a gift for my best friend filled with memories from the last 10 years of friendship and…well, I think I could do something with all these things and my 30,000+ photos!

  398. I would choose the Hardcover photo book to display photos of my two children who are growing up so fast! Thanks!

  399. i am planning on giving the wooden calendar to my husband for christmas…it will be filled of photos of our eight month old daughter! i am also planning on making a photo book filled with memories from her first year, inspired by the one joy made for ruby. πŸ™‚

  400. I love the hard cover photo books! I’d been planning to make our wedding album with Artifact Uprising before we were even engaged. πŸ™‚ Now we’re happily married and just received our photos – they are begging to be in one of these books!

  401. Um, I love them all!! But seriously, that wooden box looks amazing. It’s so unique, I would get one filled with photos of my family and friends to remember them while I’m away at school!

  402. I love, love, love the postcard pack!! I would fill it full of my last three international trips, and share with the girlfriends I went with.

  403. I’ve wanted to create a photobook of Christmases past for my mom and her sister for forever. The one from Artifact Uprising would be perfect.

  404. I’m in love with the the hardcover photobooks. Would be great to showcase all of the vacation photos I take

  405. I love the look of the hardcover photo book…perfect way to treasure the pictures of my upcoming wedding!

  406. I just got my wedding photos back — and since the wedding was in the woods, the wood block prints would be amazing!

  407. All of the items are beautiful, but the hardcover photo book would be perfect for my new baby photos.

  408. This is a fantastic giveaway! I would get the Hard Cover Photobook. I would put pictures of our wedding day and then give the book to my husband for our first wedding anniversary. Something paper πŸ™‚

  409. The softcover photo book looks (as does everything!) to be printed so beautifully! I would choose to do a 2013 retrospective as well πŸ™‚

  410. I love artifact uprising! I especially love their hard copy books. if I won this giveaway I’d definitely spend it putting all of our wedding photos into one of their hard copy books πŸ™‚ (and making copies for our parents :))

  411. I just bought a house and am currently decoratiig it and I think that that the photo cards would be great for a picture wall

  412. I love everything, but if I have to choose I would say : The postcard pack. I would put there my favorite pictures and send them to my friends and clients.

  413. Ever since you posted about Ruby’s first year book (before my baby was even born!), I’ve been planning to do that as well – now she’s almost 11 months and I’m in full editing mode. Photos are so hard to keep collected these days, and there are so many, so I love the idea of making a book of the best moments from each year – Instagram and iPhone pics and more professional shots – to keep our memories in a nice hard cover book. Also the postcards would be so great to send randomly to our families since they all live far away. Such a great company!

  414. I LOVE the Postcard Pack!! I would use my landscape architecture photos I have collected since college πŸ™‚

  415. i love the wood calendar! I would use it to make calendars of my 4 month old baby for our whole family .

  416. I would pick the hardcover book and make my daughter’s 1st year book as she is now 20 months and I just finished all the editing from year one! Thanks!

  417. Hello Thanks for sharing this great company with us today.
    I love the wooden box. I am a bit of a collector of photos but don’t always put them into albums, so this lovely wooden box would serve me well.

  418. I love the wood calendar. I think it would be great as a family gift idea – create a theme – capture an assortment of family “christmas” photos throughout the years or family vacations.

  419. I would love to make a hardcover photo book to document my daughter’s first year. I can’t believe we are a just a few months away for her first birthday, and I need to figure out how to use the countless photos I’ve taken.

  420. I would buy the wood calendar and give it as a gift to all my family! We are all spread out all across the world, so I would fill it with pictures of when we were together, so that everyday we can all look a the same moment and think of each other!

  421. I love the wood calendar and photo book. I’d fill them with family pictures from the past year!!!!

  422. I love the photo books! I am many years behind on making family photo books so I would get started on that project. The wood block prints are also gorgeous.

  423. I love the soft cover instagram friendly books, I have 100’s of pics I need to get off of my devices and into my life!! This would be so awesome to win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  424. I LOOOOOVE the post card pack
    and the wooden block + prints…
    ANNNNNDDDD the hardcover photo book!

  425. The postcard pack is perfect! I send so many little notes to people I’m always running out of cute postcards to send off with my love. I love that I can choose the photos to best fit me and the people I write notes to! So much fun!!

  426. I still haven’t created my wedding album (married a year ago) and I want to do one that’s a little different that walks through all the things that happened that day – the decor, details and pictures others captured and shared – as well as a more traditional book. I could do both (and order some gorgeous boxes to go with them!) I ordered their square print set and was very impressed with the quality. I had a spot I couldn’t figure out how to fill in my house and as soon as I saw them, I knew they were exactly what I had been looking for.

  427. I used their soft cover book for engagement photos but I would use the 300 towards a wedding book and a honeymoon book. It would be a fun 3 book series of our special love story.

  428. I love the hardcover book and the wooden calendar. I would use the book for childhood photos of my brother and I for my parents as a Christmas gift and the calendar to display photos of my dogs!

  429. I love the calendar! It’d be a great way to spruce up my desk with happy photos from each time of the year. It’d also make a great gift for my recently married sister, to showcase some of her new photos πŸ™‚

  430. I would create postcard packs, using my children’s favorite pictures of this year. They could write on them and enjoy the art of correspondence with their loved ones that live far away. A great way to include my children in creating a beautiful product and the bonus of building their writing skills

  431. My husband and I just moved across the country and I like the idea of the post card pack to send a little “thinking about you” note with images from all our new adventures to all our friends and family back home.

  432. As an European reader, I can’t participate in this giveaway… which really saddens me, as their products look beautiful. Is there a valid excuse not to ship a book worldwide, in this day and age? πŸ™

  433. We just gave birth so the soft cover books, created in various volumes by month or theme/subject, would be a beautiful way to capture baby’s first year. Plus they would also make great gifts for the grandparents!

  434. I have been wanting to do a Softcover Photo Book of a family trip to the UK, but I love that they added the Postcard Pack to the bunch. Such a cool company!

  435. I love both the hardcover book and the wooden calendar. I would use the book for childhood photos of my brother and I for my parents as a Christmas gift and use the calendar to display photos of our dogs!

  436. I would love the hardcover photobook. I would fill it with photos from my honeymoon in Paris (which was over a year ago!)

  437. I’m really interested in the Instagram friendly book. I’ve only been on IG for a few months, but have some of my favorite photos there. These are such lovely books! Thanks!!

  438. What a generous giveaway! Whether I win or not, I’ll be putting together a book with photos from my husband’s and my trip to Northern Michigan. It was such a beautiful week and I can’t wait to have a beautiful book to remember it by.

  439. I love the Instagram book, and I would fill it with all the fun snapshots my husband and I took on our first trip to England this past summer!

  440. The softcover photo book for sure! I’m having my 1st baby at the beginning of December and I want to put all his newborn images in one. So simple & beautiful!

  441. I love the wood block with prints because my mood changes so much. I’d keep it on my desk and rotate pictures.

  442. it’s so hard to choose just one! i’d do a soft or hard cover book for my parents. they take us to the beach every summer and EVERY year i say i’m going to make them a book of photos. this could be the year!

  443. I love the wood block prints. I would print my favorite photos of close friends and give them away as gifts

  444. The Wood Calendar is really special. I love it and would use photos from my recent year of backpacking with my husband to make it personal.

  445. I love the wood calendar! That will make a great gift! But I, too, would also like the postcard pack for my son’s birthday party thank you’s. And then I also really want to collect some old pictures and make books for each one of my kids (whenever I get the time). I couldn’t possibly chose just one! Oh, I HOPE I win!!!

  446. instagram book.
    although i am a photog i know that the ‘best camera’ is the one you have with you.
    i recently battled ovarian cancer and pushed myself to take my bucket list trip to italy a few weeks ago. most of the images i took and love are with my iphone. instagram pushes me to capture ‘the moment’ rather than the right exposure and i find those images from my trip to be so emotive. i love your products.

  447. love the square print set. i’m passionate about photography, so i have a lot of my own photos on my phone and as files on my computer. i’d love to get them printed and then hang them from string like a mobile, or on a clothespin string, or just a gallery wall!

  448. I had already started creating a book for my daughter’s first year and would love to be able to order it finally!

  449. After recently moving far away from all my family and close friends and losing my grandmother (who was a HUGE part of my growing up), I realized that I have very few physical photos of the people that are the most important to me. I would love to make some hardcover photo books with photos from the places I have lived over the years, filled with treasured moments. Hawaii–Aloha book; Colorado–Sunshine state; and now life in the Pacific Northwest. Artifact Uprising does amazing work!

  450. I like the hardcover photo book. Love all the different choices of cloth colors and book jackets. I’ve been wanting to do a family history book as a gift for my grandmother, so this site would work perfectly!

  451. I love the idea of the Thank you post cards for your kid’s bday. I might be stealing that one but first I would love to design a hardcover book for my best friend who just had twins. I photographed her every week during her pregnancy journey and she wrote those babies little notes. It would be amazing to put those all together in one of Artifact Uprisings hardcover books. fingers crossed!!!!!

  452. i can’t. oh. my. this is perfect!
    seriously joy, thank you so much for introducing me to this!
    so many books are coming to mind right now…
    a friendship book for my best friend (seventeen years, one year old to present)
    a thank you book for my parents before i leave for college
    a birthday book for a friend with pictures of when she came to visit me in barcelona last summer
    a twenty thirteen book
    ahhhhhh! i need that gift certificate, or a job…

  453. I love the Instagram book! My husband and I would plan on putting all of our instagrams for our first year of marriage together in one book. We want to continue this for each year of marriage!

  454. I Love, love the rotating art display. The wood display and prints are so simple and clean and would look perfect in any room of my house!

  455. I’m big on old school, handwritten notes, so I LOVE the postcard pack! I’d use photos from all my travels and send them to friends and family. πŸ™‚

  456. I love the wood clipboard calendar, and the wood block + prints. Both would make great gifts for the holidays!

  457. I love the wooden clip board calendar. Goes perfect with all our new wedding photos. That way we can remember our favorite day year round!

  458. i would get the postcard pack to send holiday cards to all my family and friends in la πŸ™‚

  459. I already have the Wood Clipboard calendar bookmarked for Christmas gifts this year. It is my son’s first Christmas and I plan on making a calendar with photos of him for his grandparents… and one for us too!

  460. I would love to win and use it toward the hardcover photo book! I got married over a year ago now and still haven’t done anything with all the pictures! I could make books for our parents as well! Maybe use them as christmas presents!

  461. The wood calendar is so beautiful! Perfect for the grandparents, but would totally get one for myself too!

  462. I would buy the Instagram book. I already have several AU hardcover and soft covers books. They are beautifully done!

  463. I like the Instagram Friendly Photo Book- I’d put our entire year in review in it!

  464. I love the Wood Block + Prints, such a nice way to display all the memorable moments!

  465. I would love to compile some albums with the hardcover book! Everything is so gorgeous. Also, I am loving the wooden box, with expecting my second child it would be a great box for those special little keepsakes! Thank you!

  466. I think I’d use the hardcover book for something work-related. I work as a gardener in a former estate that is now a public garden. Back in its heydey in the early 1900s it was 150 landscaped acres with 60 gardeners tending to it; now it is 42 acres with just two of us working to make it beautiful again. We recently were able to borrow photos from the 1920s from a woman whose mother worked as a laundress at the estate. I scanned these wonderful candids of the people who worked there hanging out in the gardens. We have other historic photos of the gardens but these give us additional views and show what it was like to be there – and what it was like to be there when the boss was out of town (there’s definitely some skylarking going on!). I have been working to make a photo book of before and after shots to show visitors what it once was and what it is now. As we restore the gardens, we will of course have to make an additional book to show what it becomes.
    It is a wonderful job.

  467. These are gorgeous! I’d love to do the square print pack – I haven’t printed out photos in years and it’s long overdue.

  468. I so love your product line! I am especially partial to the hardcover photo book. I’m currently putting a family one together and this would be perfect!

  469. I would definitely have to do the instagram softcover book since all my photos are taken by phone these days! Would love to have a “year in review” recap of all my favorite photos.

  470. I have been eyeing the wood calendar for some time now, and just this weekend took my 3 boys out to play in the park. Took some beautiful pictures of them, that would make for a beautiful calendar. Especially for their family that all lives in Iceland – so they really don’t get to see them that often. A beautiful little laugh, smile or frown would make their day… and on a gorgeous thing like the wood calendar – Oh… so perfect!

  471. I love the hardcover photo book. My daughter is turning one next month so I would include photos of her first year of life, just like what you did for Ruby!

  472. The Hardcover Photobook would be perfect to put together a photo album for the first year of my son’s life which I have been greatly delayed in starting!

  473. i like the postcard pack and i’d fill it with pictures from college. then i could send them to my friends to let them know i’m thinking about them!

  474. LOVE the postcards! So many uses ~ thinking holiday thank yous sharing pics of the kids using their gifts?! Thanks!

  475. I also LOVE the postcard pack!! I think I’d order them for a handful of things- photos of our summer at the lake to send to family, photos of my two boys to randomly send the grandparents who all live so far away, or of the boys opening birthday or Christmas presents to send as Thank Yous! So fun!!!! Thanks for sharing this company with us.

  476. I love the wood calendar so much! I work for a nonprofit called Market Colors that connects African craftsmen with the global market and I went on my first trip to Africa in August. I would love to make a calendar using photos from my trip to hang by my desk so I can feel even more connected to Africa and the craftsmen during my work days.

  477. The wood calendar is fantastic. I love the idea of making each month a photo from a trip to the farmers market – it would be a beautiful reminder to eat seasonally πŸ™‚

  478. I love their hardcover books and their beautiful typeface choices! My son just turned two and I’ve yet to make a baby book and would love to make one of their hardcover books for him!

  479. I’d love to put together a wood calendar together as an anniversary present to my love! All of their products desirable- I can’t wait to use the new app!

  480. the hard cover book would be great for all the baby pictures of our little girls first year and the wood box to keep a collection of cards and photos and other fun things

  481. I love the calendar. Every year we give one to my grandmother with memories from years past and I would LOVE to give her one of these πŸ™‚

  482. I love all of your products but we will be ordering our wedding albums from you guys soon (just have to curate the 1000+ amazing photos!) and this would be so helpful! Also can’t wait to order some awesome postcard books for thank yous!

  483. LOVE the Hardcover Photo Book and the wood calendar. SO beautiful and simple. I just had my 10 year wedding anniversary and I’d certainly use the photo book to document our first 10 years together!!

  484. I love the Instagram Friendly Photo Book, haven’t really seen anybody else doing that. I would love to have my IG photos in one neat, organized little package!

  485. I LOVE the wooden box idea. We get our wedding pictures back pretty soon and I’m tickled to hang some of the more fun shots up in our home. I’m looking for new and interesting ways of displaying our memories. Also a fan of the square print set.

  486. I’ve been looking into making something with Artifact Uprising for a while now! Their books are beautiful. I love both the hard and soft cover books!

  487. i’m getting married next year and i’d love a hardcover photo book to put my future wedding and engagement photos in. i love diy-ing my own photo books and these are particularly dreamy πŸ™‚

  488. I love their wood clipboard calendar. I would make a gift for my boyfriend who loves to take instagram pictures to display his photographs!

  489. I’ve been planning on creating a set of soft cover books of photos from my son’s first year – one for each season. Adore Artifact Uprising and all that they do!

  490. How great is this?! I was looking at their website last week to create a book for my husband for Christmas of our puppy that brings us so much joy. Hope to win!!

  491. Those soft cover books are to-die-for! Would love to use one to make a book for baby-to-be (arriving at the end of the year).

  492. I love the postcard pack. My husband and I just moved into a new house and I love the idea of using photos of our favorite places/moments in our new space to send out “change of address” photo postcards to our friends & family!

  493. The post-card pack would make great thank-you notes for all our baby gifts. Great giveaway, thank you.

  494. I love the hardcover book and would make a special book for my husband of our whole 5 years together and end it with our son who was just born in April.

  495. I am lusting hard for the hardcover photo book. Perfect tactile encapsulation of my baby’s first year!

  496. The softcover book for instagram photos – so that I can hang on to my favorite travel pictures from the last few years! Somehow creating a photo album always seems too tedious, but I really like the idea of having photos in hard copy.

  497. I love the softcover albums. I would use it to make an album of the summer I lived in New York with my best friend.

  498. beautiful! love the wood box. Know my brother would love a book of photos of his gorgeous new baby for xmas!

  499. I love Artifact Uprising and can’t wait to buy a Postcard pack. I also want to start yearly photo journals, so I would go for a hard cover book as well to capture all those fun memories from year to year.

  500. oh wow! what a great giveaway! I love the Instagram-friendly book… that seems to be the place where I post my favorite pictures these days – with a brand new baby boy, I’m taking TONS of pictures and would be ecstatic to put them into some beautiful photo books!

  501. Love love love the postcard pack. Want to make this using our wedding pictures and then send individual postcards as thank yous. Love this!

  502. Oh Joy! I love the wooden block with the polaroid-esque prints. I recently drove across the country with my mother and daughter, and this would be the perfect way to display the gajillion photos we took!

  503. Oh, how beautiful! I would love to use a hard cover book to hold my wedding photographs. Our wedding is next Friday Nov 15!

  504. I’d love the postcard pack. For my daughter and her bff/cousin on the other side of the country to send postcards/pix from this summer!

  505. I’m completely in love with the Soft Cover Photo Book! πŸ™‚ There’s so many ways that you can make it your own with the style and layout. I’m a 20 year old photography major and I would fill books with all of my favorite photos I have taken of my family, friends, and gorgeous landscapes. I really like the paper used for the book as well…Overall the soft cover photo book looks beyond amazing and winning this gift card would be one of the best things I could ever win πŸ™‚

  506. I love the soft cover photo books. I want to make one with photos from each vacation past and present. It is such a good and inexpensive way to keep photos/memories organized for years to come.

  507. perfect timing! i’m designing our wedding album and was thinking about using Artifact Uprising anyway. Love the hardcover books, but the wood calendar is awesome too.

  508. I used Artifact Uprising last year to make an instagram book of all of our IG photos from 2012 and I’d like to do that every year! So, I’m hoping to make one this year, too! And, I’d like to make the hardcover books, too! Love their products (the wood block and prints are SO cool, too!)

  509. I would definitely choose the hardcover photo books. I have been meaning to do some year albums for forever and I absolutely love Artifact Uprising!

  510. I love the Softcover Photo Book πŸ™‚ I just ran the NYC Marathon this past Sunday and this would be great book to keep all of the photos/memories together! Thanks for having an awesome giveaway!!

  511. Wow! So clean and elegant! I’d love to create a set of postcards from all of the photos I took at the NYC marathon this weekend! It’s be a perfect gift for my BFF who ran her first.

  512. such tough choices. i love the postcard one to put photos of our travels with my baby boy. Or also the softcover photo book for some of my favorite IG photos we’ve taken this past year.

  513. A Hardcover Photo book to document my son’s first birthday that just passed in August. Our children grow and change so quickly, so it’s always nice to document the process.

  514. I love the hard cover photo book! I’m way behind on printing out photos and artifact uprising has been on my wishlist forever. I’d love to try them out!

  515. i just ordered my first hard cover book (using my wedding photos) and i can not wait to see them! i am going to europe in a few weeks and would love to turn our photos into a softcover book πŸ™‚ so perfect

  516. I have been thinking I would do a hardcover book of my babe’s first year! I love their simple style.

  517. I love the instagram friendly photobook. I’d dedicate it to my little one. She can browse through it and see how big she’s gotten throughout her little stages of life.

  518. i love the instagram friendly book. i want to make yearly snapshot books of the past few years and these would be perfect!

  519. i’d definitely make a hardcover book with pictures of my sons first year of life! these are some gorgeous items!

  520. I would love the Softcover Photo Books for my Instagram photos. It would be such a neat way to look at my year in images. As a photographer myself, I get so busy working on clients work that I don’t get a chance to really sit down and see everything I did throughout the year. This book would be a nice little piece. πŸ™‚ And thank you for running this contest. So awesome!

  521. I would pick the softcover photobook, and i would put in photos I’ve taken from this year of my family friends’ children and give it as a gift for the upcoming holidays.

  522. I would choose the wood calendar. I’d fill it with pictures of my siblings and I from birth to now (spanning 31 years) and give it to my mother. I love the way they capture photos with such simplicity!

  523. I love all things wooden! The soft cover book would be perfect for my son’s first year!

  524. I love the idea of the postcard pack — Grandpa is my daughter’s biggest fan and he would get such a kick out of receiving weekly postcard pics of his favorite little girl

  525. I absolutely adore both the softcover and hardcover photo books! My little sister is getting married in January and we haven’t settled conclusively on what we would do for a guest book. I love the idea of guests signing photo books! Pick me!!!

  526. Definitely the hard cover photo book, so that I can finally put my daughter’s 1st & 2nd year albums together! <3

  527. Love the hardcover photo book in Lemon Appeal — so cheery! I’d fill in with summer vacation photos

  528. I love the wood calendars! I would love to make them every year, fill it with photos from the places I’ve been to with my family, and start a nice collection on my wall of “Oh, the places you’ll go!” 2014 will be treasured with photos from my honeymoon in Hawaii from 2013 πŸ™‚

  529. All the individual little daily snapshots that don’t really fit with a theme for making a photo album (trips, events, etc.) seem to fall through the cracks. It would be so fun to make a book of all my miscellaneous memento snapshots and instagrams! I love photo books, especially personal coffee table type things. I like the Softcover Photo Book!

  530. I absolutely love the square prints and postcards to share photos of my daughter with out of town family and friends. There’s such a simple sophistication about them.

  531. The Soft Cover Photo Book would be a great way to put together all of the photos my husband takes during our mini adventures, I have been looking for a Christmas gift for the family and this could be it!!Thank you for blogging about this company, I love the clean lines of their products.

  532. I’d love to get the hardcover photo book for a “yearbook” for all of our family photos.

  533. It would be hard to choose because they are all so amazing! But, my first pick would be the Instagram friendly book. I would fill it with my husbands incredible collection of Instagram pics. I may be a bit partial, but he takes the most breathtaking pictures with that phone of his!

  534. I love the wood calendars! I would love to make one for every year, fill it with photos from the places I’ve traveled with my family, and start a nice collection on our wall of “Oh, the places you’ll go”! 2014 will be treasured with photos from my honeymoon in Hawaii from 2013 πŸ™‚

  535. I’m excited to order several instagram soft cover albums for family and friends for the holiday season. What great gift ideas!

  536. eeeeek…. definitely the postcards… i am in love with them. maybe some thinking of you in NC cards for our friends around the world who will not be with us to celebrate the holidays. everything they do is lovely. Love me some Artifact!!

  537. I would choose the hard cover photo books. I just got married a couple weeks ago and would create a photo book of our wedding and create a photo book for each year of our marriage

  538. I love the wooden box, it’s so unique. All the Artifact Uprising products are gorgeous! My first nephew will be born at the end of the month so I would make the wooden box as a keepsake his photos and memories.

  539. We are expecting our first baby so I would love to use photos of the baby to make a hardcover photo book for family and friends to see! ? And maybe send a couple Instagram photo books to our parents to keep!

  540. The wood block and prints would be a great (and unique) Christmas gift for both my parents and my in laws for them to be able to display prints of their grandchildren. I have been also wanting to make a hard cover book documenting my trip to Spain earlier this year. All their products are awesome! Can’t wait for the app!

  541. My favorite is the soft cover photo book. I’d love to make a book to document the birth of our baby, including her newborn photos.

  542. i think the soft cover album and the calendar are my favorites. we took a family trip to italy this summer, and i’d love to compile the photos and give these as gifts!

  543. I love the instagram book! I recently got mine in the mail and I am obsessed. I only wish I ordered too. We sent that one to our adoption agency! I would love to have a gift card to order another!!!

  544. I have had my eye on the hardcover books for months now, I want to do a collection of family yearbooks, volume 1-3 of my little family!

  545. I have used Artifact Uprising and loved the quality of paper they use, the colors come out so rich and beautiful. I have been itching to do more projects and this giveaway would give me the opportunity! It would be perfect timing as we have twins on the way due in the next month. I love their hardcover books but I could be happy with one of everything!

  546. My daughter was born earlier this year, it would so wonderful to put all of her firsts into a beautiful keepsake hardcover book!

  547. I like the Wood Calendar! Would definitely use it to include my little girl’s pictures and leave it on my desk at work.

  548. I loooooove the Hardcover Photo Book and the Square Print Set! Such a great way to document my first year as a brand new mom!!!
    PS: Can’t WAIT for the app!

  549. An Instagram photo book which would include photos of people in my grandmothers life with their name. She has dementia and maybe it will help her to remember people

  550. I love the hard cover photo book! When I was pregnant I read your post about creating a book every year of photos of Ruby throughout the year. I have my daughter now and have putting pictures aside so I can make my own. This would be so perfect for that!

  551. I’m down to 2 choices:
    1) A hardcover photo book of our wedding (we were married almost 4 years ago and still only have electronic pics…)
    2) A post card book of pics of my cousin and her family. They live in Hawaii and routinely send pics to our grandparents. I think the post cards would be a fun surprise for them πŸ™‚

  552. I love the hardcover photo book, i’ve been wanting to put a book together of all the adventures my significant other and I have shared this year since we are long distanced we’ll both have something to look at miles apart. Thank you for this opportunity!

  553. Love Artifact Uprising! The Instagram books are my favorite because I shoot so much on my iPhone – I would make a book of the best memories from 2013.

  554. I love the softcover books. I have a little one and another on the way. This would be a perfect way to make some photo albums. πŸ™‚

  555. Honestly all of their products look so elegantly done and beautiful. If I had to choose I think I would either go with the hardcover, softcover or instagram friendly photo book! πŸ™‚

  556. I love the Instagram books! We don’t always have our cameras ready and I find that some of my best pictures are the one’s that I take with my phone!

  557. I would use our engagement photos & make a beautiful guest book for our wedding using the hardcover photo book!

  558. My mom never had the time to organize all the pictures she took so they are literally sitting in two Hello Kitty suitcases. I love the idea of the hardcover books to organize photos of my newborn so one day she doesn’t have to sift through a crazy pile of mixed pictures like I do πŸ™‚

  559. I LOVE the square prints with the wooden block and I would really love to create a “year in review” soft cover book of all of the rescue dogs that I had the honor of photographing this past year. πŸ™‚

  560. We used Artifact Uprising to create our wedding photo album, and it is absolutely gorgeous! We even printed smaller versions for our parents and grandparents. Everyone loves them! I would use the gift card for another soft cover photo book. I want to make one for each year we’re married with photos of all of our favorite memories. And maybe the wood block + prints for my office desk.

  561. I love the Instagram book. It would be a perfect for putting together all my daughter’s birthday pictures. Gorgeous products!

  562. Oh my goodness I’m drooling over Artifact Uprising! Thanks for introducing them to us! I’m loving their Postcard Pack. Since I’m a fan of snail mail I’d use them specifically for that.

  563. As a designer I am in love with these little keepsake print treasures. I studied print design so I am still so in love with the tangible aspect of design. Print is not dead! I especially love the Instagram books. I recently did a personal photoshoot of myself in the woods with a very talented photographer friend, so I’d probably use those photos to create a little picture story in the woods.

  564. I’m loving the photo books – we got married a year and half ago, and I have yet to do anything with the photographs – those would be perfect!

  565. My favorite is the 8.5 soft cover photo book featured in the project we love “A Week in the Life”. I would love to do something similar for my niece or with the photos from my honeymoon to Costa Rica

  566. I love Artifact Uprising so much! I would really like to make a hardcover photo book with our wedding photographs, and a set of postcards using photos from our honeymoon in Italy!

  567. My favorite is the Instagram Friendly photo book! I have captured so many memories on Instagram of my 2 year old son that I would love to compile my favorites into 1 beautiful book!

  568. I love the square prints with wood block and the hardcover book. I need to print some of my vacation photos and get a book of my son’s first three months of life. πŸ™‚

  569. I love the hardcover book. I have had an idea to make a book of photo’s from my dads travels (who is no longer with us). This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing!

  570. I love the calendar! The simple wooden clipboard really gives it the perfect look and the typography is beautiful without distracting from the pictures. Great balance. I would use photos of things that I love most about each month, for example, October was definitely all about getting cozy with a cup of tea and so far in November I’ve been into knitting some new scarves and cozy socks.

  571. I have had my eye on, and absolutely love the hardcover books! My son turns one at the end of November and I have been taking him to get his pictures taken each month to remember him at each month/ stage. The hardcover books would make great gifts for his grandparents, and a timeless keepsake for myself, to document my sweet baby Liam turning one and how much he has grown and changed!!

  572. I like the hard cover photo book. I’d like to make a book for my son with pictures of all our extended family and things and places he loves so we can look at them and talk about them together.

  573. I’d love to treat my mother in law and uber proud first time Grandma to a hardcover book, calendar, and wood prints full of pictures of her new wiggly baby Grandson!

  574. I’d love to gift my mother in law the calendar and hardcover books full of memories of this last year with our new baby boy!

  575. I love the postcard pack. My sister is constantly traveling for work (and also adventuring around Europe)! I would surprise her with the postcard pack using images from her instagram, where she documents her travels! I may also need to make the soft cover book using my own instagram photos! Love the idea of “Off your device, into your life.” xxo

  576. The Hardcover Photo Book would be amazing for putting together a wedding album for my grandparents. We got married in May and they’ve been asking about the photos, but we’ve been overwhelmed with trying to figure out the best way to put one together. Artifact Uprising looks like it’d be a perfect!

  577. I have wanted to put our beautiful, creative photos from our wedding in their hardcover book. We loved living in Colorado and married there as well, seems we should have our album made there too! It is at the top of my wishlist to get this book made before our twins come in January!!

  578. I absolutely adore the Colorado Beetle Kill Wooden Boxes. I would love to give them to my family for Christmas, along with a photobook, since we all live scattered around the world. Such a lovely company πŸ™‚

  579. I made a soft cover book for my boyfriend’s birthday recently with Artifact Uprising. Their choice of layouts, frames, and other effects really made the product stand out. My boyfriend loved the gift and I am planning on using Artifact Uprising to create more gifts for my friends and family. I would love to create a wooden box project next because of the natural feel it has and the opportunity to personalize the box.

  580. We used Artifact Uprising to document our daughter’s first year. It’s a gorgeous book. For this year, I would love the post card pack. I think it would make such a great xmas present for family members. We would use pictures of our cute baby of course!

  581. I would love the wood calendars! So beautiful and a great alternative to the one the bank gave me for free last Christmas!!