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hers & mine…

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

An on-going photo journal of our often similar things and moments…

top | Hers: CrewCuts glitter moccasins. Mine: CrewCuts lodge moccasins (if you wear a size 7 or below, you can fit into their largest kids size!)

middle | Hers: My Moon leggings. Mine: Madewell tee (past season).

bottom | Hers: Pom necklace — a gift from our friend Lauren made at Crafting Community.
Mine: Pom Pom scarf I got in Mexico.

See past ones right here

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Gah, cuteness overload! I love your tip about the CrewCuts shoes…similarly I wear the largest size of kids TOMS (5.5 = 7.5) bc the rubber sole is so much more comfortable!

  2. I often find that my toddler and I share similar wardrobes (and interests…). Maybe it’s because I’m doing all of the buying! 😉 You and Ruby are the sweetest.
    Chelsea & The City

  3. I have teeny tiny feet so I just bought those CrewCuts slippers. At 32 weeks pregnant I’m dying for some comfort on my feet around the house and when we get to the hospital to deliver. I love being able to wear kids sizes and pay kid prices! So cute, too, that Ruby has a pair!
    xx, Risa

  4. I have identical slippers! Except I got them from LL Bean. If you have larger feet (I’m a size 8), they are fantastic and made right in Maine! I’m pretty excited about tracking down the CrewCuts glitter moccasins. Thanks for the post!


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