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a name game {giveaway}…now closed

Mark and Graham | JOY monogram

Mark and Graham | JOY monogram

In celebration of Thanksgiving next week, we're doubling up on giveaways this week! As we head into the upcoming gift-giving season, I always think about what makes a gift special and personal. I was never big into the idea of monogramming because it often involved one bad font option to stamp your initials. But now, there are way more beautiful and modern options thanks to companies like Mark & Graham. To celebrate the upcoming gift-giving season, I've partnered with Mark & Graham to give away a $500 gift card to one lucky reader to buy any custom gifts of your choice from their site.

Mark and Graham | JOY monogram

One of my favorite monogram options is this simple and modern three-letter version because you could use it to spell out a word like, HEY, MOM, or in my case…JOY. It's a fun way to personalize with or without your actual initials. To enter this giveaway, simply try out the monogram maker at Mark & Graham, then leave a comment here telling me which kind of monogram you made and which item you'd put it on (I love the opera gloves and the fold-over clutch). Entries must be posted by this Tuesday, November 26th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*

UPDATE: Congrats to Kirsten G. from Kailua-Kona, HI for being the winner of our giveaway this time.

*Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $500 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after. 

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. I styled mine with a simple letter T and love the leather everyday zip pouches! But there are a lot of things that look like fun. I hope I win so I can get something for myself and several somethings for others as gifts!

  2. i chose the three letters of the same size with the dots in between, and placed it on a wallet. i think i might get one for my sister!

  3. I love the copper mugs and the Elisabetta bag! And I like the traditional monogram for the bag. For the cups, just a single initial will do!

  4. I love the curly brackets with a single initial anagram. Both my husband and my name starts with S so it would be perfect for us. I’d love the Italian Double Ribbon Duvet + Sham with our initials {S} monogramed on it in crimson color. I think it would look rad and sleeping on it everyday would be so cool πŸ™‚ Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  5. What beautiful gifts this site has! Thank you for sharing. I think the acacia tray and travel jewelry container are beautiful gifts. I’ll definitely be spending some more time exploring this site, though.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  6. I did the everyday tote in camel with a didot regular, 3 letter monogram. I love those opera gloves (but sadly did not see them as an option. . .). You do the very best giveaways!

  7. I would need to spend some serious hours to look at every gorgeous item and make a decision. For now I’ll say I’d get the Everyday leather tote. Gorgeous!

  8. The mini zip wallet is cute and would replace my old, falling apart one. I made a monogram in a diamond shape. Fun!

  9. I love the traditional monogram! I think my bed would benefit from a few of the Italian Hemstitched Grosgrain shams. *fingers crossed*

  10. Love everything! I’d stock up on a couple turkish towels, mongrammed M+M for my hubby and I’s initials – perfect for the master bath. Also really loving the modern zip pouches with my personal monogram in a girly font which would be great to tuck into my purse!

  11. I love the look of the leather tote. I don’t really go for my initials because AA is a loaded acronym, so maybe just one A? nice and simple.

  12. I made a classic monogram but with a modern, sans serif font. I just got married and I’d love to put our new monogram on an italian double ribbon sham, linen napkins and the Lia charm necklace.

  13. I think I’d go for the luxurious clutch as well, plus, since I always try to keep one in hand, a few smart handkerchiefs! And I love the straight forward simple 3-letter monogram.

  14. I love the anchor monogram and would really like to put it on the Everyday Leather Tote in camel. What a gorgeous bag.

  15. I think the quilted stockings would be so cute on our fireplace at Christmastime, but I also love the wooden journal which I would give my to my husband. Love the fonts!

  16. Beautiful monograms! I’d like mine of the everyday leather zipped pouch to throw in my bag. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  17. Wow, what an awesome site. I’m loving everything Mark & Graham offer. I would definitely choose the everyday tote in camel with my initials monogrammed in the clean, condensed “iris” style.

  18. Pretty sure I would stay wrapped in the cashmere jersey blanket all winter long, with a bright blue pop of my initials.

  19. Ohhhhh! Such a great idea! I made a SAM monogram (my Dad’s initials) and it would be so cool on the leather pouches. He always is carrying around so much stuff – this would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. I have been eyeing their travel jewelry case for awhile! I would probably be boring and just use my initials, though!

  21. One of my go-to sites for gifting! The gifts come pre-wrapped in such pretty boxes. I love the idea of personalizing clothing, so I’d probably do simple initials on a cashmere sweater.

  22. When I got my new iPhone I ordered a red leather case with a block-lettered black “M” (for my last name) from M&G. I absolutely love it.

  23. I really love the Elle Bangle in rose gold – and it looks great paired with the funky blackletter font. If I won, I would get one for me and a couple for friends!

  24. I love the 3 letter monogram with the dots between and I’d either put it on one of those gorgeous weekend bags, or the foldover clutch!

  25. It’s so hard to pick just a few! This would be a great way to get some Christmas shopping taken care of, but for myself I’d definitely get the Uptown Handbag with my sJm monogram. I’ve been so in need of a good black bag.

  26. I love the idea of the “initial + initial” style monogram on a set of coasters. Would make a wonderful gift this holiday season!

  27. LOVE this site, I could play on it all day (thanks for the introduction). I put the Gotisch Bold single-letter monogram on the Log Holder.

  28. Also, I’d monogram the pure cotton onesie with an E in the stencil motif and porcelain blue color for my soon-to-arrive niece!

  29. I really like the anchor monogram. I don’t like using my initials because they spell out AH, but the anchor in the middle makes it look less like “ah”. I tried it out on the zip pouches and it looks great;

  30. Swooning over the Vertical Brass Bar Necklace and the Uptown Handbag!! And I’d go with a simple initial in typewriter font.

  31. I love the Canvas with Leather Weekender Bag! I would put my initials DGH on it with the Iris monogram in either navy, orange or green.

  32. The anchor icon with my initials: PS, on the Desk Embosser with Gold Plate perfect for sending letters. πŸ™‚

  33. i love the three letter monogram and think it would be perfection on the everyday leather tote and the opera gloves, so chic!

  34. That South Tote is so nice. The Chenille accent pillows and the glass carafes are the coolest. I would do a simple {h} for our last name. So many great things!

  35. I love a good classic circle monogram! My initials for the key fob and everyday leather tote, our initials for some new hemstitched grosgrain pillow shams.

  36. I love these and actually pinned a bunch of stuff from here yesterday! I want the every day leather tote with my scripted initials so much!

  37. I’d put the monogram on the bottom right of the selection page with the anchor in black on the canvas with leather weekender bag!

  38. Oh man, I could use a pair of black gloves for myself (monogrammed in gold, please) but I really should use this for gift-giving, so… the cobalt Piazza Zip Pouch in cobalt for my sister, and an acrylic serving tray for my new sister-in-law with her new married name, since I’m so excited to share a last name with her! And then maybe even after buying a set of personalized cocktail napkins for my girlfriends I’d still have money left for those leather touchscreen gloves?!

  39. I just got married, so I’m dying to use my new initials. I’d get the everyday tote with my monogram in Valentine Pro.

  40. i made a few of them but my favorite is probably the simple one with two letters with the vertical line through the middle like this: B|C.
    i’d put the monogram on the purse for sure.

  41. Ahhh – I love this! I love buying my brother stuff that can be monogrammed since his initials are AOK.
    I’d like to do the the travel jewelry case with Liza Standard monogram. And the Boho travel pouch with the Neutra Bold 674.

  42. Thanks for introducing me to this site! What a great gift idea. I travel a lot for work, so the passport holder and luggage tags caught my eye. I like the iris monogram with my three initials.

  43. i like the single letter with the brackets, i can’t really just use my first and last initials, as it’s really appropriate and can be a bit embarrassing in some of those designs.

  44. What fun! I like either the lowercase first and last initials or the uppercase all three initials with the dots in between. The color options are gorgeous, too. I love the fold-over clutch and the Audrey rolling bag.

  45. I love Mark & Graham!! Everything is cute, and their fonts are great! Thanks Joy, fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  46. i would get the everyday leather tote in red with a simple ‘J’. perfect transition from diaper bag to still… large beautiful tote! thanks joy!

  47. the anchor monogram made me squeal with delight! I would LOVE a bathrobe or fancy pajamas for our beach house with that adorable anchor on them πŸ™‚

  48. I love the everyday leather pouch! I tried out the neutra bold – style 674 monogram in the corner and it looked lovely

  49. I cannot tell you how serendipitous I find this post. Just yesterday I was searching for a sophisticated monogram gift for my aunt who frequently allows me to use her sailboat as my own. The cashmere jersey blanket in ivory and navy with an MW anchor monogram would be perfect for those chilly nights aboard β€œThe Volcano.”

  50. I don’t have initials that look great when you use all three, so I love the bold first initial in the circle. On an Everyday Leather Tote?? Be still my beating heart! They have LOTS of great stuff though!

  51. I’d personalize a whole set of cotton bedding (sheets, shams, pillowcases, and duvet cover) with black ampersands on the duvet, sheets, pillowcases, and “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” on the shams. My husband and I are going to need a new set of linens soon, as the old one is wearing out, and he just loves the t-shirts a friend gave us with those monikers on them as a wedding gift, so I would love to surprise and thrill him with this set.

  52. I’m a Southern girl so I love having monogramed items with my initials (EMH) and the items in this shop are awesome! I especially love the everyday leather tote and the luggage tags.

  53. I made a monogram that says my name (DEB) in the rounded 3-letter style and I would love to put it on some of the voyage pleated cosmetic bags in natural. I travel frequently, and I imagine they’d come in rather handy.

  54. I’d put Duke Fill, Diamond on the rustic leather tray OOORR splurge and get my initials hand painted on the navy opera gloves. What a sweet touch the monogram is!

  55. I’d apply a red monogram that says Mr. H to a pair of the Men’s Italian Leather gloves. I just started my student teaching, and I’m out in the car driving to school in the cold weather at 6:30am each day to get to school. Having a nice warm personalized pair of gloves to keep my hands from making contact with the cold steering wheel would be a thrill, especially with my “teacher name” on them.

  56. I love the idea of putting just a single initial on one of the travel pouches. That way you could use the initial of your last name and anyone could use it for travel.

  57. I like so much here, from the clutch to the tote. I’d get it stamped with “hey” because that would just make me smile.

  58. I love the simplicity of my initial in a circle monogrammed onto the every day leather tote … with the zip pouch to match πŸ™‚

  59. I used the didot regular monogram to spell out MOM on the Alpaca Herringbone Bathrobe. My mom keeps the house sooo cold during our midwest winters to save money, she deserves a little warm comfy treat she can wear indoors!

  60. There’s so many luxurious things to choose from I’m not even sure which to choose! I would love some monogrammed towels or that sweet apron. I’d get just my first initial, R.

  61. I have the Natural Quilted Stocking with the Babette monogram that I bought last year for my daughter, Emma. Matching stockings in the same font would be awesome for my husband and I!

  62. Everyday Leather Tote in camel with my and my son’s and daughter’s initials ELH with the iris – style 86 font.

  63. My mom recently upgraded to an iphone and I’d love to gift her those touch screen gloves this Christmas! I’d also have to snag that Uptown Bag. So perfect for day-to-day!

  64. I like just my first and last initial–the vertical lettering is my favorite. I love the foldover clutch and the totes are instant classics!

  65. Both the gloves and the tote are adorable, but how can you refuse opera gloves? I am from the coast, but living in the Midwest, so the anchor will be perfect reminder of home with my initials on both sides. And did I mention the colors are all fabulous?

  66. I love the idea of putting my fiance and I’s initials together “J + R” on the weekend getaway canvas collection, especially the canvas with leather weekender bag πŸ™‚

  67. Hi! definitely the Italian Leather Foldover Clutch with 3 letters arial with gold – style 804, so chic and versatile! Thanks for having a this!

  68. I love the stamped brass rectangle ring, which I would personalize with my daughter’s name in the American Typewriter font, or Insignia Roman.

  69. I absolutely love everything from Mark and Graham. I could easily get one of each. I am obsessed with the crystal decanters (and using the monograms to get Scotch, Vodka, etc. engraved on them) and I LOVE the monogram option of E + K and then K+E (mine and my husband’s first initials) or the heart version E <3 K and K <3 on the stemless champagne flutes. I'm on a 'bar' kick lately! And who doesn't love champagne?!

  70. I LOVE the gold foil stamped monogram on the magenta leather gloves!! And I also love my classic monogram eLb on the gold signet ring. Fingers crossed!

  71. I like the circle monogram with the one letter in the middle. I would like the everyday leather tote in chocolate. Such a great piece to run around town with my two kiddos.

  72. I’m quite the fan of eclectic monograms & I’m so glad I saw you’re post — I’ve not been introduced to Mark & Graham previously. They’ve got some great pieces! I chose the over/under monogram with my initials JR and would put them on the Everyday Leather Tote in Gray. It would be the perfect day to day tote for work!

  73. I would love to put OMG on an everyday leather tote, so fun! I would also use it towards my new last name (getting married in May!) and getting a G on a cashmere wrap, so luxurious!

  74. I would get the Copper Mugs to sip on Moscow Mules with my husband. We just got married in Aug. of 2013 and the night he proposed in Chicago, we went for a celebratory drink at a bar after dinner and they had the copper mugs for Moscow Mules. Would be fun to keep that a special memory in our home. πŸ™‚

  75. ooo to have fancy gloves! I would love to have a beautiful old-fashioned pair with a pink, mixed font monogram. what glamour!

  76. I love the fraction-esque font where my first name is on top and my middle name is at the bottom; and I would put it on the fold over clutch because it will look like it’s the brand of the clutch πŸ™‚

  77. I made a one-letter monogram in a simple script font (couldn’t decide between the gold or kelly green…). I’d put it on the Audrey boarding bag πŸ™‚

  78. I loved a lot of the options, but for my parents I would want a wood-stop carafe for each of them (they are wine lovers, to put it mildly) with a scripted S (for our last name)..and the leather boho bag and a leather key fob for my boyfriend with a simple J|Y (he is never without his now-tattering dopp kit, and always losing his keys).

  79. I would get a maize colored leather tote with my best friend’a initials “ACK”. I just asked her to be my witness at my wedding and this would be a perfect gift for her.

  80. The cashmere robe would be a luxurious gift for my mom, either with her initials or MOM on it. I know she would love it.

  81. The leather tote and zip pouches with my initials separated by dots would be cute! I also love the cashmere throw!

  82. Really love the linear lock ups with the two letter monogram. The brass pendant and everyday leather wallet are great basics.
    Pretty sure I just found my bridesmaid’s gifts! Thanks OhJoy!

  83. I don’t have a middle name, so I have only 2 initials to work with – I really like the anchor design for that. I think it would look neat on the canvas gym bag.

  84. I would go with my initials over each other, in the fraction looking option. I like how different it is, from other monogramming styles. I would apply it to the beautiful “classic cashmere robe”!

  85. Oh – I love the totes. The Everyday or the Piazza. The suede boho zip puch is awesome, too! And one of the gold foil embossing styles.

  86. I LOVE the one with the two letters over each other like a division sign (S/G for me)! I would put it on a passport cover; I’m an aspiring jetsetter πŸ™‚

  87. LOVE this monogram: Valentine/Neutra. I’d have it put on the Audrey Boarding Bag or a duvet cover/linens. Thank you so much for the chance to win! Mark & Graham have some great stuff!

  88. I like the passport covers. It would make international travel so much more chic. And with the single cursive letter or the single letter in a circle. Maybe a matching one for the husband…

  89. Monogramming is everything! If I had it my way everything I own would be monogrammed! The Elisabetta Handbag is to die for with a simple arial monogram! And the cashmere hoodie…yes please!

  90. I’d go with a simple blackletter G – the gotisch bold style. Über-german to match my ΓΌber-German name! And I chose a magenta initial on a gray passport cover – with lots of travel planned in 2014 it’d be nice to gallivant around in style.

  91. I absolutely LOVE the Mrs. Eaves Roman font in Porcelain Blue on the Heather Gray “Exquisite Cashmere Wrap.” There are so many beautiful things on this site!

  92. I love the monogram with the two letters and the swirly vertical line. I’d put it on a brown cashmere wrap, in gold.
    shanahattis at gmail dot com

  93. The anchor monogram is wonderful. I would get in on the canvas tote and anchor mug. I am happy to have learned about Mark and Graham before the holidays.

  94. I’ve been coveting the Uptown Bag and Linen Carryall, but I wish they made them in more colors! I’d monagram {M} in the green color.

  95. The flared top glass carafe with dharma slab e regular, knockout – style 545 would be an awesome addition to our bar cart!

  96. I made a single letter monogram in red in the Neutra Bold font with circle. I’d personalize a pair of the striped Classic Woven Women’s pajamas!

  97. love the chenille circle throw pillow. I would get one for my daughter with her name on it – sam. of course i’d have to get an everyday leather tote for myself too. πŸ™‚

  98. I would do the simple first and last initial with the vertical line between them on the Elisabetta handbag. So classic & pretty!

  99. I used “CAT” as my name is Catherine. I would LOVE to throw that monogram on one of the everyday leather totes! fingers crossed! thanks!

  100. The Audrey rolling tote is gorgeous and practical! I think the attached leather nametag would look great monogrammed with a single initial in that bold gothic font.

  101. Love the rustic leather card box, especially because you can replace the cards once they wear out! I would probably just use my last initial, K in the sans serif within the circle. Super cute!

  102. My mother’s initials on the opera gloves!
    Because every mother deserves to feel like a million bucks with those gloves on.

  103. The three letter monogram or single initial in curly brackets… so cute on the glassware and I love the acrylic trays.

  104. I really love the Geo Matelasse Quilt + Sham. And how modern and awesome are their monogram options? I’m usually not a fan for exactly the reasons you’ve described, but their templates are so clean and sophisticated!

  105. I would love to get one of the leather catchalls for my husband using the monogram where the two letters are staggered separated by a line.

  106. I played around with the anchor monogram on a colorfield clutch. My friend just got married. This would be perfect for her since she and her husband are both sailors! Thanks for another great giveaway, Joy.

  107. These bags are gorgeous! I would get either the Piazza Tote or the Audrey Boarding Bag with my first and last initials and the line in between (C|N). It would be my first monogram item with my new married lady initials!

  108. I’d pick my first and last name initials as well as one from one of my middle names (my mom went a little overboard when it came to named). πŸ˜‰

  109. I like style 86 (initials all the same size). Think it would look fantastic in Navy Blue on the Everyday Leather Tote in Porcelain Blue.

  110. I love the apple green luggage tag with the mid-century, classic, urban monogram and the striped jute clutch with the swiss, sophisticated, modern, clean monogram.

  111. I’m really into the dinner napkins that say EAT and I like the look of those fluffy bath towels, but I also think it would be fun to get my husband some classy barware (decanter, bourbon glasses, cocktail napkins…) with his initials.

  112. Ooo, this is a tough one! I like the opera gloves as well, but if I got a signet ring I could wear it every day! I’d get a a traditional, three-initial monogram.

  113. I loved the three-letter monogram style with the two dots separating each initial. I’d put it on the Everyday Leather Tote.

  114. I love the Opera Wallet and I would put my three letter monogram in a simple font on it. I do love the circle monogram too!

  115. so fun! I’d select the Elisabetta handbag in Fog, with the gold arial monogram (but if I could, I’d go with a single initial K within a circle in hot pink!).

  116. LOVE this website! So many great things to monogram. I would love to get the 3 in 1 game set monogrammed with my family name:) To be shared with generations to come!

  117. As a newlywed with new initials…what a great find!! Love the Italian hemstiched duvet and shams with the monogram “E + J” love!

  118. I’d get the Piazza Zip Pouch with a K. One for each of my best friends (Katy and Kayla) and one for myself (Kaitlin). We’d all match!

  119. I have always loved the idea of a simple leather jewelry box like the Three-tiered one on Mark & Graham. Mine would be the Navy with the Didot regular style 536(?) monogram in teal with my initials ALK. Thank you for the giveaway! There are lots of nice modern gift ideas here.

  120. I LOVE the Cashmere Jersey Blanket and I would monogram the letter “L” for my family name in mrs. eaves roman. I love the sunshine yellow thread and the apple green. My entire family could enjoy the blanket! Thanks Joy!

  121. I like the 3 letter with the last name in the middle. It’s classic but updated with a sanserif font! I’d put it on the everyday leather tote or those jewelry boxes! Yay!

  122. My husband is retired Navy, so I would pick the Everyday Leather Zip Pouch, (in Navy) with the Neutra Bold Anchor momogram.

  123. Oh my gosh! So much cool stuff! I love the Georgia Knit Tank and Short set and the weekender bag, both of which I would put my initials. And I love the coasters, which I would put my first initial with my boyfriend’s, since we are going to move in together!

  124. I got a little creative… my aunt’s name is Clebia so I used two turkish bath towels one with CLE the other with BIA they hang side-by-side spelling her full name. For myself I would get the Uptown cosmetic bag with “fly” as a reminder to push myself to new heights. Fun Project thanks!

  125. Loving the Elle Bangle because it comes in the 3 finishes– perfect for any lady in my life. I’d do my own initials, but this is also a fabulous site for gifts! Thanks for turning me on to Mark and Graham!

  126. The anchor monogram is adorable. I would love to use it with my initials on the towels and the duvet cover, but really, all of the items seem pretty great.

  127. I would monogram the everyday leather ipad envelope in neutra bold so people in my house will not have an excuse to accidently pick up my ipad anymore!

  128. I love the fold over clutch with my initials arial with gold – style 804 or the alpaca wrap with the plus sign trade gothic bold condensed – style 619 with my husbands and my first initial. So gorgeous

  129. I love the every day leather zip pouch- and I would put my initials because they make people wonder if it’s an abbreviation for a series of expletives (WFH)!

  130. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I’m in love with monogrammed jewelry. So here is what I would do: I would do either the sterling silver bar necklace or the layered dog tag necklace, and I would do monograms of my girls’ initials like M | N, and I would do a monogram of J+D, which is my husband and I. I think I would order two or more necklaces. πŸ™‚

  131. I love the Everyday Leather Tote in white with LUV monogrammed in red in Iris Style 86. Thanks for introducing me to this great site!

  132. I chose MOM for the monogram instead of my initials. I’m expecting my second child in May, and sometimes I feel like I lose my sense of style. Wearing an Elisabetta Handbag with MOM in gold Arial — now that’s a hot mama!

  133. Definitely the everyday leather tote — with the simply block letters that say MOM — the initials that mean the most to me!

  134. I could get gifts for my mom and little sister. I’ve always wanted the three of us to have matching tote bags! It would be the cutest holiday gift. Love the Colorfield tote with each of our initials.

  135. I looooove everything in Mark & Graham… I chose the Shelly Allegro Script and I’ll put on the Exquisite Cashmere wrap and other beautiful stuff that if I win I’ll def put on too.

  136. I love the single letter monogram, and those gloves are to die for! I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of chic gloves for winter!

  137. This is so fun to get to try all the different combinations! I love the Emily Regular on the Everyday Leather Tote, or Dharma Slab E Regular with A B for my business name on the South Tote!

  138. I love the Opera Wallet in the wine color or the green! I chose the monogram with the two print sandwhiching the cursive letter! Plllease let me wiiinn!!!

  139. Oh my gosh, what a cool website/company! I love monogrammed things, and I love that I get to create something by choosing between the different monogram styles. I chose the two letters with the vertical line in the middle of the two letters (one letter is high on the left and one is low on the right), but I also like the one with the {} and the one with the diamond shape. A lot of the products speak to me, but specifically I love the bistro towels with the vertical stripe, the wood chop block, and the rustic leather tray (ok, and like 20 other things!).

  140. Goodness, I want everything, but especially the leather-wrapped cocktail shaker and the copper mugs! I think those would like nicest with one of the bold fonts, though I think my favorite font style is the bracketed typewriter letter.

  141. I would get the everyday leather tote in neutral colors and the gorgeous 3-letter script monogram. My mother would love it for Christmas!

  142. I chose style 86 (Iris) for my three letter monogram that’s as simple as Joy: Liz. Definitely putting it on the ivory leather opera gloves I’ve been eyeing – would be craymazing with my vintage ivory three quarter sleeve coat with fur cuffs!

  143. My apartment is decked out with my initial & hubby’s initial. No one cannot say that we are newly wed πŸ™‚ I want to put K+A on Christmas stuff to make more people jealous this holiday !

  144. The monogram I tried out was ‘my initials ‘NTP’. I love the different font options. I would put it on the five pocket canvas tote!

  145. My favorite monogram was a simple “J” in orange, but after spying the suede boho bag, I would probably go with a classic black monogram.

  146. So cool! I would most definitely choose a classic pair of black opera gloves with an “A” in script for Alison! Thanks for a cool giveaway!

  147. I love the one with two letters with diagonal swirl between the two! I love everything, especially the gloves!!! Great site for monogramming!

  148. So many good things! Just got married so it’s fun to play with new initials. I landed on the everyday leather tote in camel with a simple V monogram for my married name.

  149. Growing up my nickname was “tissue”. I swear it was some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy because now I constantly keep tissues on me. I’m known for my nose lol. That being said, I was delighted to see that hankerchiefs were an option. I chose that option and then did a T with the circle. I think that would make such a lovely gift. “When you think of me. Think of blowing your nose!”

  150. I just got engaged, and I would love a set of cocktail napkins with our new monogram on them! The anchor monogram would be perfect on a set with blue borders.

  151. I LOVE the Foldover Clutch so so so mucho. It would be a PERFECT gift for my mom, especially because I love what you suggested: HEY MOM! We live over 7,000 miles apart from one another so it would make her smile every time she looks at it!

  152. I love, love, love the everyday leather tote in camel. I would chose the two letter initial monogram with the solid line in between. So chic.

  153. I just put a mark & graham bag on my Christmas list based on your pinterest board! I’d use Phoenix pro bold on the everyday tote. What a great giveaway!

  154. I love the Audry Boarding Bag and I would add my initals on the tag. I love this site and I am finding Holiday gift ideas!

  155. My husband will be his brother’s best man in the spring. A monogramed flask would be a fun gift for the bachelor party!

  156. I love the Elisabetta Handbag in the gorgeous (and joyful!) squash color and would monogram it with my initials in the simple, classic lowercase Helvetica font πŸ™‚

  157. I would choose the three letter monogram “TEA” and put it on the Linen Wine Bags and give as gifts with loose tea/spice tea mix instead of wine for the holidays!

  158. I just put a mark & graham bag on my christmas list! I’m loving the everyday leather tote with phoenix pro bold monogram.

  159. Love the gloves (also in ivory — great choice) and the Elle bangle. The leather bags are gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. I don’t know what the monogram is called but its clean and modern gold with my initials. I would out it on the Modern Tote and some cute gloves!

  161. Love the everyday leather tote in tan w/ my last initial. πŸ™‚ The everyday leather zip pouch is also very nice! πŸ™‚

  162. Love the simple “Didot Regular” monogram letter (SH) in black on the everyday leather tote! Very nice gifts.

  163. I love the everyday leather tote – in emerald – with either the Iris monogram or the Darma Slab (I had way too much fun with the monogram maker :)).

  164. I love the circle with the letter… I love the fold over clutch but the first thing I’d get is a wallet (I just lost mine!)

  165. I really like that they have so many two letter options. It’s nice if your three initials spell something weird like mine do. I love the every day leather tote, but would have a hard time choosing between navy and emerald. So pretty!

  166. Maybe I am just too easily confused, but I couldn’t find the names of the different types of monograms! My favorite is the traditional three letter with a larger center letter. I would love to get this monogram on a signet ring and a decanter.

  167. Wow – what a great shop! I love the traditional three-initial monogram. I’d have to put it on that amazing Elisabetta handbag or on a brand new set of sheets. It would feel very luxurious!

  168. I would definitely choose the Piazza Leather Tote to put it on. The pop of color on the side is great. The monogram I created was a very simple, thin font in green.

  169. My favorites are the canvas with leather weekender or the everyday leather tote. I would probably monogram with the dharma slab e regular or the duke fill diamond

  170. Jeez o’pete – gorgeous! I’m smitten with the Elisabetta Handbag in Fog. Monogrammed with foil-embossed initials: AFJ.

  171. DIG! Elegant utilitarian on a leather ipad envelope or tote, appropriate for a landscape architect on the brink of starting her own business!

  172. i would go with my initials (whicha re the same as my daughter) on canvas with leather weekender with american typewriter! then it can me an heirloom piece!

  173. Love the simple two-letter with vertical line in between. Would put my initials on the striped jute clutch (or any of the clutches!). Also love the charm necklaces. The Morse Code Silk Monogram Bracelet is great!

  174. So many beautiful choices! The winner would have to be the Elisabetta Handbag though. For the monogram, I would go with either M for my first name, or EM, which is how all of my friends spell my nickname (which is really just my first initial).

  175. I tried out my simple initials. I have always loved including my married last name in my initials every change I get. πŸ™‚ The leather trays are stunning, but I have to say, that Boarding Bag is gorgeous (as are the monogrammed pillows)!

  176. I chose the one with dots between the 3 letters, and I would love to see it on the Rustic Leather Jewelry Box.

  177. my favorites: Classic Woven Women’s Pajamas my choice of monogram is the: Valentine/Nuetra
    style 714 and MATTE THREAD in Hunter Green

  178. Love this site! I chose the single letter monogram in the ITC American Typewriter (551) in Kelly green for the navy leather coasters. So chic!

  179. Even though it may be a bit overdone I would put an A on the small charm necklace in sterling silver. It would be a great heirloom piece I could pass down if I had a daughter, and until then I could enjoy it!

  180. I put my initials on this: Suede Boho Travel Pouch using american typewriter font!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win! they have really great stuff on their website and the monogram maker was easy to use!
    Happy Holidays!

  181. I chose the monogram with the two dots in the middle, simple, clean, classic. Seeing my initials rendered so elegantly makes me expect great things for myself and the future.

  182. i would choose the three letters of the same size with the dots in between in an orange color and put it on the Piazza Zip Pouch

  183. The uptown handbag is gorgeous… especially with the Helvetica Neue Ultra Light 2 letter monogram… I would feel so tres chic πŸ™‚

  184. I love the weekender bag with the Valentine Nuetra three letter monogram!!!!! What a beautiful and wonderful store! So glad to know about it!

  185. I would love to have the Everyday Leather Zip Pouch in white with a center monogram of my first initial, in the itc american typewriter front. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  186. I used the two-letter side by side monogram, with the line and they’re offset vertically (i’m sure it has a name for the style, but i couldnt’ find it).. and would put it on the linen cosmetic bags. I always like to have these little bags around so that things stay organized in my gigantic bag.

  187. I did the serif-font letters separated by a vertical line. It’s go nicely on the silk/alpaca scarf, the cashmere slippers or ultimate linen tote. So hard to decide, everything is beautiful!

  188. I would get the Everyday Leather tote in Camel with the Phoenix Pro monogram of my initials, TNT! The perfect tote for work, casual and to and from the barn and horse shows!

  189. The everyday leather tote is beautiful! I liked the simple font where it’s just circle with one letter inside.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. I love the helvetica neue (style 644) and I would put it on the Piazza leather tote (navy tan color). I’d probably get the monogram done in the gold color. Thanks for the opportunity Joy!

  191. The mint julep cups and the acacia circular tray are so sweet. I would put my three letter monogrammed initials on both!

  192. I would choose the Cashmere Jersey Blanket with the initials ‘ S I T ‘ in the tall simple sans serif script to cuddle up with on the sofa! So cozy!

  193. The Audrey rolling tote would be perfect for holiday travels! And the navy color is professional for work trips too.

  194. I love the anchor with my states initials, not sure what I would put it on. Love the sweet jewelry box though…… Hmm..lots of ideas!

  195. I would love the everyday leather tote with a 3 letter monogram! I also love the canvas gym bag with a 1 or 3 letter monogram

  196. I love the fold over clutch! It would be wonderful to have for date nights when I’m used to carrying a diaper bag all day. I love the three letter monogram in block letters. I like that its different as I always see monograms in cursive.

  197. I would use a simple lowercase first initial on the Piazza Leather tote in gray and yellow…I have to have color in my life and the color blocked bags here are so great!

  198. I’m loving the M.G. Canvas Rucksack — Commuting into the city everyday here in Denver would be made much easier! I’d do the Monogram that is the first letter of my first name, a vertical line, and then the first letter of my last name! DG πŸ™‚ Love this! Thanks Joy!

  199. I love the Navy Everyday Leather Zip Pouch with the Shelley Allegro Script, just a simple E in the bottom corner is perfect πŸ™‚

  200. I love the Old English looking font, and I’d get an A. I’d buy my mom the leather gloves with her initials and a leather tote for myself!

  201. I would definitely place the monogram on the Everyday Leather Tote, and did a simple J with the circle around it.
    Great giveaway!!

  202. This website is so much fun to browse! I like the Sarah Chloe Scriptstyle a lot. I’d do my initials on the everyday leather tote! Or maybe the signet ring. Or maybe the sophia medallion. Ahhh I love everything!

  203. I love everything from Mark&Gram the jewelry is beautiful and anything monogrammed makes it even more personal ❀️

  204. I love the classic cursive first initial only. Because nothing defines me more than the name I chose to call myself. And I would chose the everyday envelop wallet, because I am in desperate need of a newbie. Thanks for sharing!

  205. I love the Everyday Leather Tote in camel. I’d get it with my mom’s initials (CBS) and give it to her for christmas!

  206. Leather envelope wallet, leather iphone 5 case, wine holder…the list goes on!! I chose the anchor monogram design for mine. My mother in law might like the wine holder so i would probably switch it up a little for her. So many pretty things!!

  207. I think the “Duke Fill” monogram is great! I’d get it on one of the lux cashmere wraps and feel super stylish during all my holiday travel!

  208. I would do a 3 letter monogram with my husband and my initials, but in a fun color like the pink or maybe a cheeky XO. Put that on something like a sham set or cashmere wrap, really cute!

  209. Loving the Everyday Leather Tote, I’d use the Neutra Bold monogram (style 673). It’d be a great tote for traveling.

  210. My dad’s 60th birthday happens to be Christmas so I would get him the cashmere herringbone scarf in steel gray with his initials in didot regular and the leather gloves to match. It would be so personal, seasonal, and regal looking!

  211. I would have the gray Everyday Leather Tote monogrammed with my initials in the Neutra Bold style (D | W) in the white/cream color.

  212. I like the 3 letter monogram with the central cursive letter flanked by block letters, and I’d love the Audrey Boarding Bag.

  213. I travel alot for work, so I like the idea of using the classic everyday leather tote in camel as my carry-on with the words GO monogrammed on it.

  214. The sterling silver wide cuff bracelet with my daughter’s name in Mrs. Eaves font. Would be lovely to give to her when she’s old enough.

  215. I’m a handkerchief guy. I’d put my initials on the Gentleman’s handkerchief in the Bodoni Poster font, lime green.

  216. I have been swooning over the everyday leather tote in camel with the ITC American Typewriter – Style 551 monogram. My new last name starts with the beautiful letter R! πŸ™‚

  217. this is such a great giveaway!! I would get the uptown handbag and get my initials monogrammed in gold and times new roman. gorgeous and classic! thank you πŸ™‚

  218. I love that my first name is only three letters! I could use the very modern sans serif 3-letter monogram to put my name on the Lucida Lacquer Jewelry Chest or an emerald Everyday Leather Tote.

  219. Such an awesome giveaway! I went with the “drop dead
    gorgeous” monogram with my initials and would no doubt put them on the fold-over clutch – it’s GORGEOUS! Here’s hoping!

  220. I would monogram the letter G in the font with the circle around the one letter on the beautiful South Tote to carry my laptop in or simple groceries.

  221. I would monogram the letter G in the font with the circle around the one letter on the beautiful South Tote to carry my laptop in or simple groceries.

  222. I’ve been thinking about the Linen Satin Stitch Cocktail Napkins for months! I’d use the Neutra Bold Alt font in pink to match the napkins’ trim. So chic.

  223. I would monogram my first initial with the cursive single letter in Pink for the everyday leather zip pouch, so cute!!

  224. A mix of gold bracelets with our last name initial on it for the girls in my family. We’ve been through a lot but it really does make you closer!

  225. what a lovely gift idea. i really like the envelope wallet, in red. gold monogram, with my initials, mm, simply done (sans serif).

  226. I have a new niece but I live across the country! So I used our combined initials in ampersand duke fill on the cashmere cover and hot water bottle to send her my warmth and love from afar.

  227. I’ve always wanted my own opera glasses like my mom’s (passed down from her grandmother) and these are beautiful. I’d modernize them with the nuerta bold style font.

  228. LOVE the monogram with “+” on it – I’d love that on a set of rocks glasses or champagne flute for my husband and I! Also, LOVE all the jewelry and bags with initials – for me, or my girlfriends/sisters-in-law! πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!!

  229. Oh my goodness that site is addicting. I settled on the everyday leather zip pouch carrier with a two letter initial and the simple line in between. Love!!!

  230. I’d go with the anchor monogram on the travel jewelry case and then use the rest on some classy gifts for family members.

  231. I love, love, love monogramming! I would choose the a Emerald Green Everyday Leather Tote with the single initial ITC Typewriter font. Just lovely!

  232. Two simple initials on some gloves and a scarf for my husband. He has done so much for me this year, he deserves some treats. Pity there aren’t any men’s wallets, that would be on my list too!

  233. I’d pick the canvas leather weekender bag. I’m a sucker for a nice, clean modern font so I’d use the two initial lowercase modern font in navy!

  234. I’d monogram the everyday leather bag with my initials in phoenix pro bono. I’ve never liked monograms because J always looked weird to me, but there are so many choices here! I’ve also had my eye on those copper mugs πŸ™‚

  235. Their everyday totes have been a favorite of mine for years and I would love the buttery caramel color with my initials monogrammed in capitals in gold embossing!

  236. I would get the cotton duvet with the copperplate monogram in my first initial. I would pick teal for the color and use it during summer.

  237. The Georgia Knit Tank and Short set with an “L” in lavenderia sturdy – style 716 in kelly green. I like to call it “Laverne and Shirley” style. πŸ˜‰

  238. I did the monogram with the vertical line between the letters, with my maiden name initial one one side and my married initial on the other. I love it! I’m also in love with the Suede Boho Bag and would love to put that monogram on it!

  239. Too much fun playing – I styled the Elisabetta Handbag in Squash, with the initial of my last name. LOVE that color.

  240. The everyday leather tote and travel pouch in camel with “MOM” on them in iris – style 86 font. and a tan alpaca wrap with my initial on it in mrs. eaves roman!

  241. i used a simple letter M for my daughter – and decided to put it on the lucida lacquer jewelry box to fill for her as she grows up. my parents immigrated here and many of their personal items were lost over time, stolen, or pawned. I am always envious of people who have inherited a piece from their grandparents or their parents, memories of a different time and place. While new items can be fun and exciting, items that were once owned by someone you love come with an already meaningful past life. So now that I have become a mother, I make sure to keep my valuables so that one day I can pass them on to my daughter. As memories of who I was and what was beautiful to me at different points in my life.

  242. Love the suede boho bag and would get it monogrammed with my initials. After taking
    my husband’s last name, I finally have a middle initial!

  243. I love this! I love the monograms on the everyday leather zip pouch or the everyday leather tote in one of those amazing shades of blue. I’m torn between just using my main initial (L) because there are some amazing single letter cursive options (and let’s face it – L is the best cursive letter!) or my full initials (ALM) in a sans-serif font. Great Options. What a cool site!

  244. I love the Modern Tote/Pouches and I’d use the standard three-initial monogram in black Didot. Simple and classic. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  245. I like the monogram in the curly brackets! {s}
    I would get some long opera gloves (since bracelet-length coat sleeves are so big right now, I need a pair of long gloves!) and some handkerchiefs. So ladylike.

  246. I put the letter of my first name on the gray business card holder. Love it! I already bought my brother-in-law’s xmas present on Mark and Graham. May have to look for more gifts for everyone on my list.

  247. That anchor monogram is adorable. I really like the jewelry storage options but would probably pick the everyday leather tote.

  248. Oh!! Love an everyday leather tote with a 3 letter monogram in Phoenix style. Would get one for me and one for my best friends 40th birthday! Fingers crossed…

  249. I love the traditional monogram updated in the sans serif font. And I made it hot pink! Would be perfect on the jewelry boxes.

  250. This would be perfect for me! I go by “JP” and I haven’t had a wallet for about a year, since my backpack was stolen last year. I’ve been using an empty pack of cigarettes in the meantime. πŸ˜‰

  251. Oh! I can’t decide between the Audrey Boarding Bag in Navy, or the Canvas and Leather Weekender Bag. I’d just do my first initial, “C”, that show I always sign my emails!

  252. I love everything and had a blast playing with all kinds of combinations – color, style and products. The Ultimate Linen Carry All was one of my favorites.

  253. LUV (speaks for itself) using the simple font in green. Gift giving is my favorite thing so I’d put it on the everyday tote and give it to my mother.

  254. I would get the everyday leather tote in emerald green, with the 3 monogram that has dots in between the letters.

  255. I like three letter initials for the jewelry chest, two letter initials for the silk/alpaca scarf and one letter for the south tote. All VERY classic pieces, thanks for sharing this brand with us Joy.

  256. Oh hard to pick, but I like this: a Cashmere Jersey Throw Blanket in Heather Gray with Red (Item: 417378), personalized in Duke Fill Style (Style 593) in Red.

  257. I love the cursive monogram with a curly divider in between, and I’d love it on the Audrey rolling tote (orange please!).

  258. I went with A|M (my initials — but also, in statistics jargon, “A given M”).
    I liked the everyday leather tote and the academy crossbody bag.

  259. It is all lovely! I really really like the fold over cluth as well. I would do it in the cornflower with the Times New Roman with gold.

  260. Audrey Rolling Tote, Neutral bold style 674. They did a fabulous job identifying the fonts and their history. Making the story and the product stand out=LOVE!

  261. I love love love the exquisite cashmere wraps or the everyday leather tote! I’d monogram my initials on everything!