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happy friday + falling into fall…






Growing up in California, Ruby hasn't had a chance to experience some of the seasonal things I grew up with on the East Coast like autumn leaves and snow fall. So while we were in Philly last week, I wanted to make sure she got a good dose of fall when found this amazing patch of ginkgo leaves in a nearby park. They were perfectly shaped, a magical shade of school bus yellow, and touched with just a tad of morning dew. Once she got into it, she made us shower her with leaves again and again…and it was just pure joy.

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend full of all the natural beauty that fall brings…

{Photos by Bob Cho}


  1. Ahhh I miss “real” fall too! I am from Chicago, and while there are some areas with crunchy leaves here in LA, it’s just not the same. Glad Ruby got to experience it!

  2. Joy,
    Love these photos-so sweet.
    The boots you’re wearing look like the perfect chestnut riding boots I’ve been looking for, and I also have small feet like you. May I ask, what brand and where did you get them? Much appreciated!

  3. I love ginko leaves! They’re some of my favorite in the fall ever since there was a ginko tree near my house in undergrad.

  4. Hi Mallory,
    The boots are Loeffler Randall, Ill actually be having a special Oh Joy reader discount code for them 25% off next week:
    25% Off all Matilde Boots with code MATILDEJOY
    Timing: 11.26 – 11.29 at 11:59 PM EST

  5. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful moments with Ruby!
    They’ve all made me stop and think about the kids I’ll have someday, and the joy I can bring into their lives with just the little things.
    Thank you! 🙂

  6. She’s growing up so fast. But its great that you’re allowing her to appreciate the small things in life like seasons and nature. it’s really beautiful.

  7. How I wait for ur happy friday posts joy.. Love everything about it. it is so close to my dream life with my toddler


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