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a travel-ready {giveaway}…now closed

Lo and Sons Catalina Bag

Lo and Sons Catalina Bag

I've been doing an obscene amount of traveling lately and built up my arsenal of travel bags and packing skills for sure. For quick weekend trips, I love easy-to-carry bags that fit a lot yet also allow for some compartmentalizing (so you're not just dumping everything into one giant vat). To celebrate the upcoming holiday travel season, I've partnered with Lo & Sons to give away this Catalina bag to one lucky reader ($120 value).

Lo and Sons Catalina Bag

Lo and Sons Catalina Bag

I love the separate zip compartment at the bottom of the bag for holding shoes or jewelry. To enter this giveaway, simply visit the Lo & Sons website, then leave a comment here telling me which color you'd choose (I love the grey) and where your next weekend travel destination will be! Entries must be posted by this Friday, November 22nd, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*

P.S. Lo & Sons is offering a special 25% off discount for Oh Joy readers through November 31, 2013. Enter code OHJOY2013 at checkout.

UPDATE: Congrats to Angela R. from Portland, OR for being the winner of our giveaway this time.

*Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $120 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after. 

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. I just found out I will be traveling to Hawaii for a business trip. The pale pine is beautiful!
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  2. I would love to bring the dove grey version on our trip to New Mexico for Christmas this year! It looks like the perfect mom bag for traveling with two toddlers!

  3. I love the Pale Pine! It would be perfect for coming home from college for a weekend! πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful bag! Heading to San Francisco and Dallas on my next trip, this would be great. I love the grey too!

  5. I love the pale pine and my next weekend getaway will be to NYC for an opera at Lincoln Center!

  6. I love the gray too! My next weekend (or weekday) getaway is to the birthing center to have a baby, and this would be a great bag to pack up my (and baby’s) essentials!

  7. I’ve been in the market for a new weekender bag, and I am loving this one! I’d pick Pine, and it’d come on my next weekend trip with me to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a cool bag. Love that it has a separate compartment in the bottom. Love the grey color and this would be do perfect for my upcoming trip to India πŸ™‚ I’d love to show off this versatile bag there! Thanks joy for the giveaway!

  9. Love the gray color!
    It’s back to Texas (6th trip in 6 months) for the holiday with Mom (90th Christmas for her) & the kids!
    This bag would be a lifesaver!

  10. With Thanksgiving travelling around the corner, the Pale Pine bag will work beautifully!! Thanks!!

  11. I love the gray too!
    No plans to travel right now, but hoping somewhere warm is in my future πŸ™‚

  12. Love the Catalina bag! I also like the gray and do a fair amount of traveling myself. Just came from the beautiful Florida Keys… Next stop: Chicago!

  13. We’re headed for a California Christmas this year! Can’t wait. And the pale pine looks perfect πŸ™‚

  14. I love the gray color. My next travel plan is to fly home for Christmas and this would be great to carry some presents in.

  15. I’d love the pale pine. Next weekend trip I hope would be to New Hampshire, New York City, or even Quebec!

  16. I love the gray. We are going to visit my parents over Christmas and this would be a perfect bag to take to Iowa!

  17. Beautiful bag!! I love the dove gray. My next weekend trip is to Atlanta, GA. Would love to take this bag!

  18. In terms of weekend, I think it’s Chicago. It’s always Chicago. And my favorite color is grey, so yeah.

  19. The dove grey is beautiful! I’m actually headed to NYC for the weekend in December for the first time you and this bag would be perfect!!

  20. Dove Gray for sure. I travel to bike races around New England on the weekends, and this would be perfect to fit everything πŸ™‚

  21. I love the dove grey! Gorgeous. My next weekend trip is going to be for Thanksgiving to see the in-laws, so this bag would be perfect.

  22. I would choose Pale Pine! My next getaway is to Santa’s Village in NH with my three year old son!

  23. I love the pale pine! I’ll be travelling to Whidbey Island in Washington for Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

  24. I love the grey, too. The zippered compartment at the bottom is genius! I’m planning a weekend trip to Chicago for my husband and me so I would definitely use it for that.

  25. I adore the grey color as well! We are planning a babymoon to a B&B in the Hamptons; expecting our first child, a little girl, in March!

  26. The Dove Grey color is stunning! We are traveling to San Francisco for our honeymoon! We have never been to California, so this will be an extra special trip πŸ™‚

  27. Ahhh! This is perfect, I am actually going to Istanbul, Turkey to see my sister get married TONIGHT! Love the dove grey!

  28. The pale pine is my personal favorite. This would be the perfect weekend bag for our trip to Boston next month!

  29. I love the Dove Gray- and I just got back from a long weekend trip to the middle east, so I dont have another trip on the books yet!

  30. I love the grey! My next destination is Detriot for a Christmas wedding! Can’t wait, would love to travel in style!

  31. The grey color is really beautiful! The bag would be perfect for our weekend getaway to Lake Flathead, MT coming up soon. It looks big enough to hold all my winter essentials.

  32. Love the grey! I’m travelling to Arkansas next week – would love to spruce up the trip with a bag like this!

  33. I travel a ton for work and for pleasure, and would love to add the dove grey to my travel gear!

  34. I also love the Dove Grey! I live in Harrisburg, PA and I’m constantly ping-ponging between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia on the weekends. This upcoming weekend I’m going to Philadelphia to attend a charity gala!

  35. Dove grey as well. My husban and I are going to Paris in the spring for a second honeymoon. This bag looks perfect for trips long and short, near and far!

  36. Yesssss! It’s a sign from the universe! This bag (in gray of course!) has been on my wish list for such a long time. I was contemplating buying it for my upcoming honeymoon to Saint Lucia. Instead I decided to save the money for experiences out there. Hopefully this will be my lucky day! πŸ˜‰

  37. I like the dove grey! In February we are traveling for a long weekend trip to Florida for my first half marathon!

  38. Love the grey version of the fantastic Catalina bag! i would love to take it with me to Charlotte, NC this Thanksgiving

  39. I prefer the Dove Grey as well! Our next weekend away will be to NYC for a couple of nights during the Christmas holiday, nothing beats the decor there and my husband is taking me for my birthday!

  40. This is perfect timing as I was seriously researching weekender bags last night! I love the grey, and my next weekend trip is this weekend to Palm Springs for a friend’s wedding!

  41. I love the Dove Grey. My next weekend trip will be to Chicago to see my former college roommates. They are so worth the effort it takes to stay connected!

  42. I’m with you on the dove grey. And I’ll need it next week — we’re heading up to see my family in CT for Thanksgiving and hopefully meet my niece (she’s due on December 2nd)!

  43. Grey Dove is just beautiful. And what a perfect bag for all the upcoming Holiday travel I have to make.

  44. I love the dove grey also!
    Going this weekend to Wisconsin – then a round about Houston, Austin, Dallas for thanksgiving. Back to Dallas the weekend after – then we have a break till Christmas.
    We seem to be traveling almost every weekend lately!

  45. I agree. Love the dove grey! I’d take this bag with me to Iceland to carry back armfuls of fair isle sweaters!

  46. I love the gray and would love to take it up north to Orange County with me for the holidays!

  47. Love the grey too! What a great bag! My next big trip will be to a cabin in eastern washington with three of our closest family friends…there will be 15 of us total, so fun! This bag would be perfect!

  48. I like the dove grey, too. And their Travel Tote is calling my name – I think I’d get tons of use from that piece.
    I’m off to Ojai this weekend!

  49. They gray is lovely! We are headed to Savannah this weekend for a little getaway, and then to Michigan and Ohio and North Carolina for Thanksgiving (you heard that right…three Thanksgiving meals with three different parts of my boyfriend’s family). Wish us luck! πŸ™‚

  50. the grey one looks fantastic! i love this bag! would love to have one for future weekend trips πŸ™‚

  51. love the pale pine! we’ll be traveling upstate, ny next weekend and would be thrilled to take this bag with me!

  52. I love the dove grey too. I’d fill it up for weekend visits over the holidays – cabins in Wisconsin, weekends shopping in Chicago…

  53. I’m always on the search for a great weekender! I, too, would have to go with that lovely light grey color.

  54. we’re taking our first family vacation to st. thomas for my husband’s work!
    loving the dove grey!

  55. I love the dove grey! I’ll totally use it for thanksgiving weekend when I’ll be traveling to upstate New York for some family time and hopefully skiing if the mountain is open!

  56. love dove grey. to match my antique grey diamond (got engaged one year ago; and been married 6 months)! next trip: our belated honeymoon.

  57. I love grey as well – I tend to gravitate towards neutrals.
    Gosh, my next trip will be a long weekend in KC, Missouri to cheer on the Chiefs! Whoop Whoop!

  58. What beautiful bags! I think the dove grey is just lovely. That’s the one I would choose. My husband and I sneak away to a cabin in southern Ohio after the holidays!

  59. Love the Pale Pine Catalina!!! I’m off to Scottsdale from cold NYC for Thanksgiving and I feel like this would be the perfect size bag!!!

  60. I agree with you and the many others, the grey is my favorite.
    My next travel adventure is to visit my parents in PA this Christmas. I’m nervous about the flight and the winter coldness. I’m excited about King of Prussia mall and just being with my parents.

  61. love this bag! i’m really digging the pale pine color. it would be super useful for all the traveling i’m getting ready for this holiday season! next stop… Cincinnati, OH.

  62. I love the grey. We’re going to Palm Springs this February and this bag would be perfect to bring along! Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. I adore the OMG (black) and the Catalina (dove grey)! Amazing travel bags. Heading to Mexico in December, would be the perfect travel companion.

  64. I love the Dove Grey as well! So simple, clean & classy! This would be perfect for all the travel I do as well- I always need help organizing all my favorite things!

  65. I love the grey too! We are headed to Vail New Years week and this would be perfect for a carry on with the little on and all his needs. Love the shoe compartment!!

  66. I love the dove grey! Will be traveling to San Francisco at the end of December, and this bag would be perfect for the trip.

  67. I think I’d need the pale pine – I love the dove grey but fear I’d get it dirty. My husband and I have been on the go so much this year, but our next overnight will be at my SIL’s for Thanksgiving.

  68. The grey is great! This would be the perfect bag to take for a weekend getaway to a cabin in northern lower Michigan (MI is a very directionally specific state)

  69. Digging the pale pine. What a sleek looking bag!
    I’m traveling around the Midwest and heading to a little ol town in central Wisconsin for the holidays

  70. I’d go with the pale pine. The fam and I are headed to Augusta, GA to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving. This bag would be PERFECT! πŸ™‚

  71. I love the Dove Grey! My next weekend trip will be a too fast trip home to see my family in Los Angeles for the holidays.

  72. the black (like the rest of my wardrobe..)! my next weekend trip would be to visit my boyfriend in DC

  73. I’d also go with the grey. Perfect for our upcoming road trip with the kids to the Poconos.

  74. I love the dove grey as well! Hoping to venture down to Philadelphia to visit with family sometime before the new year.

  75. I like the pale pine and this would be a great travel bag to put all my stuff. I especially like the bottom part. My next trip would be to Greece in September. Seems too far away!

  76. Dove grey for winter. I love the bottom compartment for all my boots! Next trip: weekend getaway in NW Pennsylvania

  77. The dove grey is my favorite! I LOVE this bag! Hopefully my next weekend trip will be up to Michigan wine country (aka Traverse City) πŸ™‚

  78. Dove grey is the perfect weekender, I’d love to accessorize it with a fun, colorful vintage scarf of a cute set of pins along the top.

  79. I love the dove grey for the Catalina bag. It’s so pretty and reminds me of chambray. This bag would be perfect for when I go home for the holidays. Also I have nothing this weekend because I’m at UCLA and still have school but next week I’m heading back to Norcal, Morgan Hill to be specific.

  80. I would love to take this with me while visiting family over Christmas! I would choose the Dove Grey for sure. Classic and beautiful!

  81. I love the Dove grey – it’s the perfect size for our ski vacation to Buena Vista, Colorado next week!

  82. Love the grey! I am heading home for thanksgiving (Minnesota!!) and then to my fiance’s family’s home (DC) for Christmas!

  83. I’m totally a fan of the gray! I’d take it on a weekend trip to Indy with my husband to continue researching for the book I’m writing that is set there.

  84. I like the grey for sure. I would take it to Atlanta to visit my grown son for his upcoming birthday.

  85. I’d pick Pale Dove. Our next getaway is 2 wks in NYC for Christmas and New Yrs! We can not wait. πŸ™‚

  86. I love the classic look of the Dove Grey bag!! My next weekend destination would be to the snow-capped mountains in Colorado.

  87. I love both the pale pine and grey, can’t decide! However I love Lo & Sons bags and design, they’re perfect!

  88. I love the navy! :-). This bag will be perfect for our Holiday travels to Gatlinburg, TN.

  89. I love the grey as well! Next trip is away for thanksgiving. Always a fun time with family!

  90. I love the dove gray! It would perfectly suit the winter sky for our December visit to Portland, Oregon. Love your blog – so sweet. Xoxoxo, CO

  91. Totally agree…love the GREY….would be perfect for my spring break trip to the beach with my boys….

  92. Love the dove grey!!!! Next weekend travel destination?? Key West – Fl !! Can’t wait to use my canvas bag!! :))

  93. I love a good travel bag! My next trip will definitely be to NYC –my favorite place to visit any time of year, but especially around the holidays.
    My color choice, definitely Dove Grey. It will be a great match for my other travel accessories.
    Keeping my fingers crossed to win this gorgeous bag!!

  94. I love the dove grey! Perfect for the little DC weekend trip we have coming up. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  95. I love the Pale Pine. We are shooting down to the Borgata in Atlantic City this weekend to see our favorite party band! Then I would lend it to my husband who is taking his nephew to New Orleans for his 30th birthday!

  96. I love the pale pine… This would be perfect for the trek my husband and I will make from Pittsburgh to our families north (in the woods) and east (in Delaware) this holiday season!

  97. The Dove Grey bag is beautiful. I would love to take it on my college reunion trip to Puerto Rico!

  98. I adore the dove grey! Would be perfect to pack for my trip to my hometown in PA for Thanksgiving next week

  99. The grey one as well! Hopefully I can do a girls trip soon and the husband can watch the kids. πŸ™‚

  100. i have too many grey accessories already so i’d have to go with the pale pine ^^ heading to the City of Angels for a weekend, and reaaaally looking forward to it!

  101. Wow another wonderful product! I love that dove grey one too – wo well made! It’d be so perfect on our trip to the west coast soon. Thanks so much for offering the giveaway, Joy!

  102. Grey all the way!
    I’m twiddling my thumbs till I get to do a long weekend in Maine in a few weeks.

  103. love the grey! One can never have too many bags…
    next weekend trip is a retreat in Sebastopol.

  104. Absolutely love the grey! I’d love to take this with me on a quick trip to Pagosa Springs, CO after Christmas!

  105. The gray is a lovely color. I’d love to take it on a future Malibu staycation my husband and I are planning for February!

  106. Dove Grey is my favorite! I have been dreaming of one of these bags for a long time now! Crossing my fingers!

  107. I really like the dove grey too. I’m hoping my next quick trip will be up to my family’s cottage in SW Michigan for New Year’s Eve, but I also have a potential quick business trip to Mexico City in the works. Hoping the former comes first, but I’d be okay with either πŸ™‚

  108. What a fantastic bag! So hard to choose, i think the pale pine is my favorite….
    My next weekend trip is actually this weekend – we’re headed to Philly for 2 days. Can’t wait!

  109. I love the dove grey color too! I’d like to get a San Francisco road trip planned for spring time.

  110. Love the Dove Grey! I’m meeting a bunch of college friends back where we went to school (Milwaukee) for a little reunion in early December and this would be the perfect bag to bring!

  111. I adore the dove grey color. My next weekend trip would most likely be a quick jaunt down to Santa Fe!

  112. Love the dove grey! This would be a perfect weekend bag for an upcoming trip to Santa Barbara πŸ™‚

  113. I like the contrast on the pale pine. The next trip I take at all will be to visit family in Omaha over Christmas.

  114. I love the grey color. This would perfect for a weekend trip to the beach. Especially with my 4 month old- it would be perfect for all our easy to grab needs!

  115. I love the dove grey. I don’t have any weekend trips planned right now, but I’d love the next time I travel to be to somewhere warm and sunny.

  116. I just purchased the Catalina in pale pine for my sister-in-law as a Holiday gift with Oh Joy! discount. Thank you! I will LOVE the dove grey for myself.

  117. It’s a tough choice in color but I think the Pale Pine! I’m going to Ohio for family Thanksgiving and San Diego for a nice vacation over Christmas!

  118. I heart the dove grey bag! It would be perfect for a getaway to Palm Springs or traveling with 2 kiddos in reality.

  119. Love the dove grey! My next trip will be to Scottsdale, AZ for some shopping. The bag would be perfect for an overnight trip πŸ™‚

  120. Love the grey! This would be such an upgrade! If I win I will post pics of the horrid mismash we have been using πŸ˜‰

  121. the dove grey is classic! Coming up on my one year anniversary with my husband, and we will be doing a fun staycation – somewhere in Colorado where we live πŸ™‚ We love doing weekend stays places — this bag is perFECT! Thanks!

  122. I love the Dove Grey. Grey is one of my favorite colors in general (Exciting, I know!) My next weekend trip will most likely be to the Bay Area to visit family

  123. Tough choice, but I almost like the pine better than the gray. I’ll be heading to my parents’ in Pennsylvania for the holidays, but I’m most excited for a retreat weekend in Lancaster, PA (home of the Amish) with some old friends!

  124. Dove Grey is lovely. Would be perfect for my next weekend trip to NY to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanks for the chance!

  125. I would go for the dove grey as well. I have a trip planned to Japan to visit my family!

  126. what a beautiful bag. Would be perfect for my holiday travel to Portland. Loving the dove grey.

  127. Oooh, LOVE the dove grey! I’ve been dying for a bag like this- simple, classic, functional, stylish. It’s perfect!

  128. I also really love the grey. It’d be THE perfect carry-on for our weekend trip to NY for my friend’s wedding!

  129. I love the dove grey. So pretty. Happy to say that my next weekend trip will be home to Chesapeake, VA, to see my family for Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

  130. Hard choice with the colors.. Normally I lean toward grays, but I like the contrast of the pale pine I think the best here. My next trip is to LA for thanksgiving!

  131. The dove grey bag is just lovely. We’ve been talking about a weekend trip to New Haven (we live in Brooklyn) and this bag would be the perfect accessory.

  132. Heading home to Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday. Cannot wait to spend some much needed time with the family! I love the grey!

  133. Thanks for the giveaway! I like the dove grey. My next weekend travel will be to Washington, DC to visit my boyfriend.

  134. i had never seen these bags before but they look great! i would love the grey one, please.

  135. I love the grey! My husband and I are going to Europe to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and this would be perfect to take! I love the separate compartment for shoes/dirty clothes!

  136. i’m surprising myself by liking the pale pine better, i also think it won’t show as much dirt from all the use it will get!
    i don’t have any big trips planned yet, but next year will be full of bachelorette party weekends, which this would be just right for!

  137. I’m a big fan of the dove gray. I’m in the market for a weekender bag so what a coincidence that you posted this today! I’m off to NY and Boston this weekend to meet my bf’s family for the first time (ahh!) and then off to London in December!!:)

  138. I have always wanted a bag like this! Perfect for short trips. The dove gray is so pretty, and definitely my favorite!

  139. I love the Dove Grey! I’m actually heading on over to Joshua Tree for a camping trip this weekend. πŸ˜€

  140. Dove grey is my favorite. I will be traveling to Montreal and Kansas City – first holiday since we moved to Boston, but going to make the best of it!

  141. The gray color is my favorite! We are planning a trip for a family birthday in January and this would be perfect.

  142. What an awesome bag! I love the Dove Grey. My next weekend travel destination will be home to Ohio for the holidays. Love my family!

  143. I’m on a total grey kick now, so the dove grey would be my choice. In a couple weeks, I will be traveling to New York to visit with my grandmother.

  144. The dove grey! It’s been on my amazon wishlist for a while, but nobody has gotten the hint! Looks so useful.

  145. Absolutely the gray! After a busy fall full of travel, glad that my next trip is more than a month away, to Virginia for Christmas with my in-laws.

  146. The grey is so pretty and crip. In January I am headed to a bachelorette party in Vegas. Cliche? Yes. Ridiculously fun with my best girlfriends? Absolutely.

  147. That bottom compartment, such an amazing idea! I love the grey color too, but that pine color sure is pretty!

  148. I like the dove gray one also. It would be perfect for my (long) weekend trip to the Big Island during my winter break:)

  149. Love the dove grey … will come in handy when we go college hunting in the spring with our oldest son.

  150. I love The Catalina in Dove Grey. It would be perfect for my honeymoon in Maui this upcoming January! Also love The O.M.G. in navy because it fits on your luggage!

  151. I would pick the pale pine. I travel a lot. This year I’ve already been on 5-6 weekend trips, and left to knock out i still have Taus, New Mexico. Then the twin cities, then Chicago, then *fingers crossed* france.

  152. Ohh I love the gray as well! My next weekend trip will be to Pasa Robles for some wine tasting — looking forward to the break!

  153. I love the grey one. My husband and I are debating between the Alps and Australia to be our traveling destination next month..

  154. i love the grey – and my next trip will be heading to the bay area to see my sister’s brand new baby! πŸ™‚

  155. You couldn’t go wrong with either color, but if I was lucky enough to have to choose, I would probably go with the pine! Warm but cool and definitley classic!

  156. We take a lot of weekend trips and this bag would be perfect to pack up our stuff, may have to put in on the Christmas list. The grey is my favorite.

  157. I like the pale pine. No vacations so far, but I think my boyfriend and his family are trying to plan a New York trip.

  158. I’m torn between the dove grey and the pale pine, but I think I would ultimately choose the pine!

  159. definitely the dove grey! And I think we are heading to Key West for a long weekend this winter!

  160. i like the grey too! and want to do a short getaway in the west coast with baby and hubs in december!

  161. In love with the Dove Grey. This would be perfect for my short trip home to Arlington, VA for Thanksgiving next week. Fingers crossed!

  162. I love the pale pine… My in laws are coming in this week. So next weekend my husband and I are leaving the kids and taking a trip to Jay Peak VT! (It’s been over 2 years since we’ve been alone together). Yippie!

  163. Oh I love these bags so much. I love the catalina in grey. Such a perfect color. My next weekend trip will probably be to see my little sister in Seattle! Can’t wait.

  164. Pale pine look amazing. I love lo and sons bags!!! I’ve been hoping to head to Boston this Winter and visit a friend going to school there!

  165. I’m all about the Dove Grey as well! Heading to Bozeman, MT the weekend after Thanksgiving to visit my little sister – this bag would be perfect!

  166. I love the pale pine color, it would work great for my upcoming trip to Key West, plenty of room for bathing suits and flip-flops!

  167. Oh how perfect! I’m with you on the dove grey as well. The shoe compartment at the bottom is amazing!

  168. Dove Gray for sure! My family will be travelling to Big Sur over the holidays and this would be perfect πŸ™‚

  169. I’d LOVE to have the O.M.G. in black. My upcoming weekend plans are going to Maryland to meet my new nephew!

  170. Ohhhh I’m definitely in love with the Dove Grey too! My next weekend trip is hopefully a BIG one! I’m making plans to go to Australia in March 2014!

  171. I love this bag in grey. And I’ll need it because we are headed for Park City, Berlin, Seoul, Thailand, Martha’s Vineyard and Boston in 2014. All with a one year-old.

  172. I love that grey too! This would be perfect for our next weekend outing to the Idaho mountains. I’m constantly searching for bags with the perfect balance of enough compartments but not too many compartments. This fits the bill and looks great too.

  173. I just love the grey! This bag is perfect! I love the separate section for shoes, since I never know how to pack my shoes!

  174. I love the Dove Grey color best! My next trip is to Sweden for Christmas, though I can see this bag coming in handy even sooner for my weekend trips around California.

  175. I really love the dove gray. My next weekend trip will likely be to boyfriend and I are testing new places to live, and build an amazing prefab home (he is obsessed!).

  176. I love to dove grey color! I would love to use this to visit my niece and nephew up in Seattle! My 4 year old niece just called me asking me when I was going to visit!

  177. Dove Grey is lovely! I’d stuff it with layers for an upcoming San Antonio stopover on our way to family Christmas in Florida. Thanks for sharing this site, Joy!

  178. Dove grey for sure! I spend every weekend out of town and this bag looks like it could handle that easy!

  179. I’d choose the dove grey as well. My next travel destination in a cabin in the woods. A relaxing getaway before the craziness of the season.

  180. I LOVE the Grey as well! I love this line and I have been searching for the perfect weekender for my frequent train trips from Boston to CT. I will be traveling next week for Thanksgiving-spending the holiday with my crazy/wonderful family in Connecticut.
    What a sweet gift! Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  181. Pale Pine is beautiful! I am in a long distance relationship and this is the perfect weekend bag for our regular travels between San Diego and Chicago!

  182. Definitely the Dove Grey. I would take it with me when I go to Chicago for the weekend in December to visit my boyfriend!

  183. I would pack this bag (in Dove Gray) with a few sweaters, a bottle of whiskey, and a book for a weekend up in the mountains with my boyfriend and our dog Ida.

  184. My next getaway will be heading home to Oregon in a few weeks. I think the dove grey bag would be the perfect accessory!

  185. What great bags! The grey is beautiful. I’m trying to get a weekend away in Michigan in the works- here’s hoping!

  186. I have been on the hunt for a new weekender bag – and I love the bottom compartment. Grey please!

  187. Nadia said:
    I LOVE BOTH, but since all my color palette is always similar to the pine color, this time I’d pick the dove grey. My next weekend getaway is coming up soon! Going to Monterey and Carmel this weekend! πŸ™‚

  188. Definitely the dove grey! My hubby and I just had a night away from our one year old and hope to do it again soon after the new year.

  189. Forgot to mention my destinations! It would be perfect for my frequent weekend trips to NYC and Philly where my family and lots of friends are

  190. Hello thank you for all your inspiring posts on this blog.
    I absolutely love the pale pine color in this bag! The Catalina seems super efficient and convenient for weekend trips. The size is perfect for carrying all your essentials.
    Thank you

  191. Definitely the grey. I absolutely love my other Lo and Sons bag and this one would be amazing to win.

  192. The do gray is gorgeous. I would love to bring that bag with me next time we take a trip down to Florida to visit family.

  193. Definitely the dove grey. As far as weekend trips, the next few are home to Dallas for the holidays. A trip to San Antonio in May to see a friend. One to Chicago in the Spring for a conference, a trip to New York City (for the first time!) in July with my peeps from grad school and a girls beach trip in August. I love to travel!!

  194. My favorite color is Dove Grey. Since I have a brand new baby, my next weekend trip won’t be for at least a few months, but I’m sure it will be a nice stay-cation at one of the resorts near where I live.

  195. The dove gray Catalina would be perfect for my trip to my parent’s house! I like to pack light, but I like to be organized!

  196. The dove grey color is beautiful and it would be so great for my next getaway (just booked one yesterday to New Orleans!)

  197. Love that dove grey — what a delightful bag! We’re heading home to Michigan, one of the best places to be in the fall.

  198. wow what great timing! I am leaving for my first trip overseas in one month! I would love to have this great bag as a carry-on. I really like the dove color one. Crossing my fingers I win this πŸ˜‰

  199. I love the gray Catalina bag!
    I think I would be tempted to use this everyday.. since I carry my life with me, but over Thanksgiving I will be headed home – this bag would be perfect to carry what I need and would totally be the envy of my sisters and mom!

  200. I’m in love with the pale pine! Perfect for my upcoming Turks & Caicos trip in February. Or a quick business trip to Toronto Next Month. LOVE!!

  201. Hi Joy! I’d choose the pale pine. Feel like my clumsy-self would get dove gray too dirty, too fast. My toy-poodle, Benjamin Franklin Song, and I are already a huge Lo & Sons fans: πŸ™‚ My O.M.G. is the best go-to bag for everything – work, travel, etc. My next weekend travel destination will be Las Vegas during the 1st weekend in December. I’ll be there for the first time! Hoping for beginner’s luck! πŸ˜‰

  202. Dove Grey all the way! We will be heading to La Quinta next and I could not imagine a better bag to travel there with.

  203. I’ve got family travel in the Midwest sprinkled throughout the remainder of 2013. The dove grey bag would certainly make packing enjoyable!

  204. i love the dove grey. our family will be traveling to Hawaii for 3 months and then somewhere in Asia for 2 months for christian missions.

  205. I love the gray as well. My next weekend trip will be to Michigan to see my family for Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

  206. The dove grey is beautiful. I am hoping to sneak a little weekend trip to the mountains this winter and this bag would be prefect!

  207. What a fantastic bag! My husband and I are always off on weekend adventures, and this would be perfect for our road trips. I’m head over heels for the pale pine color. I’d love to use it for our next trip home for Thanksgiving … or an upcoming reunion with my college pals in NYC.

  208. I love both colors but especially the dove grey! I have a fun chicago reunion weekend coming up in a few weeks, this bag would be perfect for traveling!

  209. Love pale pine (although both look great). I’m heading home to California in December and can’t wait. I’ve also been looking to replace my usual backpack, which is completely falling apart.

  210. I am hopefully headed to nyc for a holiday weekend before xmas to see friends/family and city lights ! I would love the pale pine for my travels.

  211. I love the Dove Grey. I travel once a month to Okanowa for work. I am redesigning schools on airforce / army bases.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  212. Absolutely love the Catalina in Dove Grey! My next weekend trip will be to SF for NYE. Very much looking forward to ringing in the new year with close friends.

  213. Definitely the soft grey… goes with everything and has a certain lightness to it. Traveling out west to LA next!

  214. I love The Catalina in dove grey. I like that the design of the bag is simple but chic and the hue is subtle so it looks great to tote around whether you’re going on a weekend getaway to the beach or the city. This would be a treat to take with me to my spa weekend in Sonoma County, CA.

  215. Grey would be perfect for me(a lady) and pale pine would be perfect for a man! My next destination will hopefully be London or HK, very different but very similar.

  216. I love both colors, but I’m thinking dove grey too! My next weekend travel destination is vancouver, bc! Great giveaway πŸ™‚ Love your blog.

  217. I love both colors–can’t go wrong!
    Our next trip is to Texas with family, but I know that when it wasn’t being used for travel, I’d totally rock the Catalina as a diaper bag!

  218. I adore the dove grey. We’re taking a short trip up nort’ to Montreal this weekend and look forward to many fun weekend trips in the months ahead (Chicago, Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Seattle…). In other words, I could really use this weekender bag. πŸ™‚ Keeping my fingers crossed!

  219. The grey is great! And I’d take the Catalina bag to our next weekend Catalina island vacay – seems like kismet!

  220. Love the pale pine. I would take it on a holiday getaway with friends and family to the snowy mountains of Washington state.

  221. I love the Dove Grey color. I will be taking many weekend trips to the North Shore of Minnesota this winter. The Catalina bag would be perfect for all of my winter hear and such things!

  222. I’d love the grey! We are traveling to South Korea for 6 weeks to pick up our new son. An extra bag would be so helpful…especially if it is stylish!

  223. I am loving the pale pine. It would be perfect for going back and forth from Seattle to LA during school!

  224. I LOVE gray… It will be perfact for me and kids stuffs to put.
    My next vacation destination will be NEW YORK city!! Yayβ™₯

  225. What a great bag. The pale pine because I’m afraid the grey would be stained in an instant. A perfect little bag for trips to the Oregon Coast since wintertime is really the best time to go and watch the storms roll in. Thanks for the opportunity!

  226. I think the next trip will be a skiing jaunt up to Vermont! That bag definitely looks big enough for some cozy sweaters.

  227. I would use this bag every time I go away, even if a long trip! It is the bag I would take on the plane to carry the “must haves” in case my checked bag gets lost! Both colors look great, but the Pale Pine looks a little darker , so might hide soil better. Knowing me, that is a good thing!

  228. The GREY is lovely! I would definitely choose that one for packing up for a short weekend away to anywhere sunny…hoping for Santa Barbara, but its not confirmed yet.

  229. I LOVE they grey. It would be absolutely perfect for my upcoming trip — I’ll be spending Thanksgiving weekend exploring Boston for the first time!

  230. I love the dove gray, my next weekend trip is to the North Pole to see Santa’s toy shop. [ok, really to Flagstaff,AZ for the North Pole Experience – : )]

  231. I would pick the grey color. I am currently pregnant with our first child and my husband and I are planning a weekend getaway to Monterey before the baby is born so that we can have some final alone time before the bundle of joy arrives!

  232. I love the grey bag! I’ve done alot of traveling this Fall. I’m not sure where my stop will be, but I’d love to take this bag along with me. Thanks for sharing such a great giveaway!

  233. Love the Dove Grey! With the holidays coming up, I have a lot of travel scheduled in the next month between North Carolina, New York and the Dominican Republic.

  234. I would use either or depending on my colors for travel-but the Dove Grey is more in my color tone for my fall wardrobe -thanks for a chance to win

  235. I’ve been peeping on these bags since I saw them on pinterest! Probably yours! love the shoe section. Would absolutely love the grey one to take with me to DC to visit my best friend!!

  236. LOVE that grey. What a great bag. No weekend trips planned, but going to Mexico for the holidays! Woot!

  237. I love the dove grey, and I would take it to Central California with my little family, to visit Grandma Ginny!

  238. I just started a new job and will be traveling much more! I absolutely love the grey πŸ™‚
    Also, I found your blog because I started one this year and was quickly doing a search on other bloggers/blogs named Joy. Check mine out sometime! I love all your colorful posts. Your daughter is so adorable!

  239. I love the grey! This would be wonderful on the trip I’m planning with my husband this winter – one of our first trips away from our 16 month old daughter. We can’t decide between New Orleans or Santa Fe.

  240. Your giveaways are the best. I love how you don’t make us sign up for a gazillion things just to enter. I’m listing over the grey and only wish I could have it before we leave for New York this weekend.

  241. The pale pine is perfect for winter! Would use this for my upcoming trip to France once my term ends. xx thanks =D

  242. I love Lo & Sons and this new bag! Like you, I like the grey color too. Our next getaway is in December to DISNEYLAND!!!

  243. Love the dove grey, but the pine would probably fit with the rest of my stuff a little better. in summary: both colors are as fantastic as the bag itself!

  244. I absolutely adore the Dove Grey Catalina tote.
    My next weekend trip will be up to the beautiful Hudson Valley for Thanksgiving.

  245. Love the dove grey also and my next weekend trip will be home to visit my parents for Thanksgiving:)

  246. omg I didn’t realize they had that color! that grey is perfection. I’m wondering which of their bags would be a good diaper bag?

  247. I love the dove grey bag. Perfect size especially when you have to carry a baby and her arsenal around. Going to spend the weekend with my parents in San Diego!

  248. Woah- that shoe compartment is smart. I too love the dove grey. My travels are taking me to the Mississippi River (Ill.-Iowa border) to see family for Thanksgiving, and then heading up north to Minnesota to visit the BF’s family for Christmas.

  249. I like the Dove Grey and our next weekend excursion is to Long Island for a good friend’s wedding at the beginning of December. This bag would be perfect since I’ll have two dresses in garment bags and just need something for day clothes, toiletries and accessories/shoes. Should add too — we’ll be traveling with our toddler and newborn, so there won’t be a shortage of kid-related goods taking up space … would be helpful to keep mom’s things in this nice, pretty bag like this!

  250. Oh LOVE this bag, especially in the pretty grey!) I get to go on a special over night date night downtown with my hubby for my birthday! Hey, it’s just a hour away in Portland, OR… but this girl will take it! Thanks bunches for the chance & lovely blog!!

  251. The dove grey is beautiful, and I’d love to take it with me on my next weekend trip to Bloomington, IN!

  252. I love the Dove Grey as well! Neutral perfection and LOVE that it zips. I have so many open totes that are a disaster when I’m racing to make a train or plane or when a car ride gets bumpy. Items everywhere!
    I would pack the roomy Catalina bag to the brim for my trip home to Rockport, MA for Christmas. I could actually use it as soon as next week when I travel up to Westchester, NY for Thanksgiving followed immediately by Hanukah (w/ my boyfriend’s family) in Westport, CT! Looks like there is PLENTY of room for my packing + presents. Yay!

  253. Both colors are great, but i’d have to go with the pale pine to help with dirt! oh man do i love the shoe compartment! that is definitely what my current bag is missing!

  254. I have been looking for a weekender bag for a LONG time. This fits the bill perfectly! It’s Dove Grey for me…no contest!

  255. I love Dove Grey. We don’t have anything set in stone, but hopefully we can take our twins somewhere soon.

  256. I would love the Catalina weekend bag! I am constantly traveling between NJ and PA to visit my family on the weekends and this would be PERFECT!!

  257. I would love the Dove Grey as it would be perfect for my upcoming short getaway to Valle de Guadalupe for wine tasting and the most delicious food!

  258. Oh goodness! I got so smitten with the color that I forgot to say where I’d take it! I would take it to Louisiana when I visit over Christmas.

  259. I love the dove grey! My next weekend getaway will be to Maryland to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving.

  260. i’ve been doing so many quick weekend trips, this bag looks perfect to keep it all organized! the dove grey is my favorite πŸ™‚

  261. My next weekend trip is to a cozy cabin in the mountains for skiing and catching up with friends in front of a fire with s’mores! This bag would be the perfect addition in my travels. I would choose the dove grey!

  262. I love, love, love the dove grey – this bag would be perfect for weekends visiting my best friend in Northwest Ohio!

  263. I love the pale pine. I’m going to Kentucky for Thanksgiving and would love to take the Catalina with me when I go. πŸ™‚

  264. Every winter I try to get out of town as much as possible, so I could definitely make good use out of the dove grey. Such a smart travel bag.

  265. Love love the grey!! And –fingers crossed– our next weekend getaway will be skiing with the kids!!! I know, a weekender bag is wishful thinking, but I believe in the power of positive thought!! πŸ™‚

  266. I love the dove grey and would use this for our weekend to San Diego at New Year’s…looks like it will fit all of my husband’s things as well.

  267. It’s funny.. I was just looking at this weekender bag, it must have been on Pinterest! I would love to win it in Dove Grey, however both colors are neutral and would be very versatile.
    I have a NYC weekend trip with my girlfriends coming up in December, this bag would be great for it!

  268. I would choose pale pine. And I would fill mine with flip flops and sun dresses and hit the beach. Or perhaps visit Orlando’s Universal Studios!

  269. Pale pine! And it looks like it’d be a more substantial bag than my current weekender which would be great to win.

  270. I love the Dove Grey and I’d take it with me to visit my boyfriend returning from deployment in Seattle!

  271. I love the dove grey! Our next weekend trip will be to San Diego to take our two-year-old daughter to the zoo. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  272. DOVE GREY! I’ m actuall going to Florida this weekend to visit family for thanksgiving. I’m also hoping to get a little beach time. Btw I absolutely love your blog! Hope you have a fun thanksgiving!

  273. Love the Dove grey color and it would be perfect for our Thanksgiving trip to see family in FL.

  274. I would choose the grey and our next weekend will likely be up to Northern MN by Lake Superior πŸ™‚

  275. The pale pine is divine! I will be heading home to Maine for the holidays. This would be perfect!

  276. i have been searching for a travel bag like this! would choose the grey. our next weekend travel will be to Central California to visit my husband’s family for Thanksgiving.

  277. The dove grey color is fantastic. I’m hoping to take a trip out to the Oregon Coast before all of the holiday madness upends my life and eats at my time.

  278. Hurray for dove grey. Separate compartment for shoes what a cool idea. I can carry everything I need for my getaway!!

  279. I also love the dove grey! My next weekend trip will probably to visit some colleges before I make my final decision!

  280. The dove grey is so pretty! I’m heading to Scottsdale next, looking forward to some warmer weather!

  281. I love the way “pale pine” sounds – not usually how I pick bags but I’m going with it! My next trips are for the holidays, back to the East Coast from the Midwest where I recently relocated. I am SO looking forward to squeezing some people πŸ™‚

  282. Oooh I was just looking at the Catalina. Love the grey also. I’m hoping my next weekend getaway will be in NYC or San Francisco to catch up with some friends.

  283. I love the grey too! My husband, newborn son and I are traveling to Northern Wisconsin in a week for Thanksgiving. It’s iur first time traveling with a little one. Wish us luck!

  284. i also love the gray – what a cool bag!
    i just got back from a super fun bachelorette in key west and i’m headed to seattle next week to see the in-laws for thanksgiving…then i’m DONE traveling for the year (woohoo)!

  285. I really like the Dove Grey!
    And this week end finally I’ll go to new orleans to visit my boyfriend that I have not seen for more than five months!

  286. I agree . The Dove Grey is great. Amy next weekend travel would be my cousins wedding in. Bethlehem, pa. πŸ™‚

  287. Definitely the grey. I’ll be hopping around Vietnam for the first time in March and this would be perfect to keep me packing lightly!

  288. I love the Dove Grey! We are going upstate NY for Thanksgiving and I’m so looking forward to it. This bag would be perfect for a weekend trip!

  289. I love the pale pine. Such a beautiful neutral to go with any outfit. My next weekend trip will be to Houston for a friend’s wedding!

  290. I love the dove grey. It would be the perfect travel tote for my upcoming 4 day weekend trip to Boston!

  291. I love the pale pine to go with any outfit. My next trip will be to Houston for a friend’s wedding!

  292. I also like the grey-crisp!
    I’m cozy at home for next few months but come the spring I’ll be headed to San Diego for a wedding! This would be the perfect carry-on.

  293. I love the grey as well and this bag would be perfect for my next trip to San Francisco to visit my best friend!

  294. I have one in the dove gray, but I would love to give another to a friend for Christmas…also in the dove gray. I’ll be travelling to DFW next.

  295. Love the dove grey! I live in Hawaii, so weekend trips are a bit difficult but this bag will be perfect for our next trip back to the mainland.

  296. I love the grey! This bag is perfect for my trip to India over Christmas!!!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  297. What a great weekender bag! Loving the dove grey! Looking to take a weekend trip to San Diego with my husband and 5 month old baby girl in the near future.

  298. I love both, but I think I prefer the Pale Pine. I am going on my honeymoon with my husband, this February! We’re going to do ski and sun, Vancouver and Mexico! Can’t wait for it!

  299. love the dove grey! we’re currently in the process of planning a trip to either thailand or bali for next spring

  300. Love the gray. Don’t have any weekend trips scheduled but a trip to the Oregon coast would be a nice getaway.

  301. Loving the dove grey as well! Heading up to Winter Park, CO for a ski weekend and this bag would be perfect for all my layers. Also, boots are a must for this trip but that bottom compartment will be perfect for a pair of slippers for lounging around the chalet. I’m hoping all I’ll need other than my ski gear is a bathing suit for hot tubbing.

  302. The grey one would be perfect for my upcoming weekend trip to Seattle! I could fit all of my scarves and still have room for a hat or two!!

  303. Gray is definitely my color. It is simple and unassuming. I have been traveling a lot lately, and I would definitely love to have such a fabulous bag to make my weekend trips easier. My significant other lives in another state, and I meet him for weekends. We were just in D.C., and now I’m going to Annapolis to meet the parents. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know I sure have a lot to be thankful for.

  304. OOOH la la – definitely IN LOVE with the Pine color. I just texted hubby a few minutes ago telling him I NEED a getaway to Hawaii… which is just a dream at this point, but I need a vacation from my phone… But in real like, I am traveling from Cali to PA in January to visit my parents while they’re home from China and this would be PERFECT!!!

  305. Dove Grey without a doubt! I’m off to Washington state for the holidays, I would love this little number to bring along πŸ™‚

  306. I would love the grey Catalina! My next trip is to NorCal sometime, and it would be perfect! (:

  307. I love the gray as well. I need one of these so I can stop stealing my hubby’s Peters Mountain Works overnighter (sorry babe.)

  308. I love love the grey one. Not tracelling anytime soon, but I need to get a travel bag ready for when I deliver my first child in April. I’ve been looking for the perfect bag to take with me when the time comes!

  309. I would chose the grey. My next get away is to the North Carolina mountains for Thanksgiving!!

  310. Pale pine!
    With a 12 month old and family on both coasts we’re constantly traveling with lots and lots of stuff!

  311. dove gray for sure… heading to LA this coming weekend. this bag would be perfect for our first weekend away from home with our 4-month old baby boy πŸ™‚

  312. Love the gray. Next week we are headed to Tucson, Arizona for thanksgiving. Baby’s first place ride. Eek!

  313. Pale Pine would be great and bring some warmth to my next trip to Boston! Love the simplicity of this bag.

  314. Dove gray is amazing! It would be perfect for my upcoming getaway to NYC and girl’s weekend in Austin!

  315. I love the dove gray version. It would be perfect for my trip to New York this weekend for a college buddies reunion!

  316. My next trip is going to be home to visit my family in California (I’m currently living in Chicago.) I love the Dove Grey, and they’re so smart to include the bottom zipped section! I’m always struggling to pack my shoes.

  317. I am all about the grey as well! It would be perfect for my next weekend trip, which will be to NYC to visit my best friend and her hubby after they welcome their first baby to the world.

  318. I’ll trust your style instincts and go with grey too. I’d take this home for thanksgiving with me!

  319. I love the grey too! I’m currently traveling for work but the weekend after I get back I’m heading to Toronto to visit a dear childhood friend for thanksgiving.

  320. i love the dove grey, too. i travel a lot for work so will be going to nyc on my next 3 day trip.

  321. I love the grey and this bag would be perfect for a weekend getaway. Perfect for me to us me for my son and I

  322. Look like a perfect bag!!! I love the dove grey too. It will be great for my next weekend travel to Fort Myers, thanks!

  323. Love it! I’m liking the dove grey. Currently have no plans for any getaways – my winter break for law school is coming up, so maybe a little trip then!

  324. Either color is just lovely, although I am especially partial to the Dove Grey. A Thanksgiving weekend trip to Philadelphia or Boston would be perfect. Walking those cobblestone streets on a crisp November day sounds wonderful right now…

  325. oh, I do love the Dove Grey but I think I’d choose the Pale Pine so it seems a bit more unisex (and less likely to show dirt!). It’d be perfect for my Thanksgiving travels to our family farm in North Texas next weekend. Perfectly understated and a touch rustic (both the farm and the bag!)

  326. Amazing! Love the Pale Pine! Perfect weekend bag to drive up to the rent’s house in LA! xo

  327. I love love love the dove grey! I would use this on all my trips to visit my boyfriend. Good luggage goes a long way in a long distance relationship (pun intended).

  328. The Dove Grey is lovely. And would be amazing as a workout bag! That bottom compartment would be great for shoes. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing Joy!

  329. Oh, I’d love to take the pale pine with me to North Carolina next month for my elopement! πŸ™‚

  330. I love the Lo & Sons bags! I also like Grey Catalina Bag! Would be awesome to have it for my upcoming SF trip! πŸ™‚

  331. The dove grey is my choice too! I would use this beautiful bag for my weekend getaway to San Jose, California to visit family for the holidays.

  332. I like the Pale Pine. I will be visiting my sister in Indianapolis for the holidays. This would come in handy!

  333. I’m liking the pale pine. we are planning a little road trip down to LA (we live in SF). we have two little boys (2.5 yrs and 6 months) and the bottom compartment would come in handy πŸ˜‰

  334. I love the grey one too…what a great bag! Who doesn’t love secret compartments for shoes/accessories! ::)

  335. I love the dove gray! Going to Niagra Falls for our 10th wedding anniversary and babymoon in December and it would be a perfect bag for the trip!

  336. Aw man, I’m an awful packer. Too much of what I don’t need, too little if what I do need.
    I aspire to be better- more organized and chic but mostly, stress freee travel is my dream. An upcoming
    trip to Florence with the PALE PINE Catalina bag just might be what I need to travel light and right for this
    vacation. I pray to the vacation packing Goddesses!

  337. Love the Pale Pine. Love the compartment at the bottom for shoes!! This bag would be perfect for a weekend in Philly or NYC.

  338. I love the Pale Pine color. My next weekend getaway is a trip to San Francisco and then off to the Pacific Coast Highway for an overnight stay.

  339. the dove grey is so pretty. I super duper need this bag! I have three kids and it would so help me get everything organized while traveling

  340. I would choose the pale pine, but I like both options! We are headed to New Jersey soon to celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. I’d love to arrive with this chic tote on my arm. Thanks for the giveaway!

  341. Love the Dove Grey color and my next weekend trip is to Nashville for work. Loving that I get to head away from the Boston cold for a weekend πŸ™‚

  342. I love this! My weekend bag is completely falling apart right now. The dove grey is beautiful. My next weekend travel destination will be NYC in December!

  343. I love dove grey color! Next weekend getaway? Who knows – I just gave birth to my son but this bag will be perfect for all our adventures to come!