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some fall things…

painted leaves

painted leaves

salted pumpkin caramels


Happily Grey

I’m home in Philly this week visiting family, so it finally feels like fall. I’ve missed the colorful leaves, the brisk weather, and the layering action that we don’t get during this time of year in L.A. Here are just a few fall things around the web I’m loving…

Sources: painted leaves from Emily Isabella Journal, salted pumpkin caramels from PBS, parrot wallpaper via AB Chao, and cozy leopard from Happily Grey.


  1. I was asked if I could knit that beanie. I may have to do it. It’s a simple hat, just need to add the veil and it gives some a fun and unique look!

  2. the leaves have been amazing here in new england. i have a whole bunch pressed and i am so inspired by the first pic! perhaps i will try to paint a few and frame them.

  3. looking forward to seeing what you are enjoying here in philly. hopefully you are not leaving till the end of the week when it gets a bit warmer. check out the Comcast Center video wall if you are in that part of town.


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