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might as well face it, we’re addicted to sales…



I hope you guys had a nice long weekend! I really needed that 4-day weekend. I did my best not to spend all my free time by a computer and actually enjoy the extra time off. I hope you did too!

In efforts to save up for a house in the next couple years, I try and only buy things on sale these days. So the crazy sales of Black Friday are so, so tempting. After an very un-fun day of standing in super long lines for a Black Friday deal years ago, I tend to boycott going anywhere for Black Friday and take advantage of deals from the comfort of my own home instead. With Cyber Monday sweeping our in-boxes today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite items on sale right now till today only…from those once every few year splurges to some fun everyday items…

[01. Artifact Uprising photo postcard book (10% off with code MERRY), 02. Rifle iPhone case (30% off with code CYBERMONDAY), 03. Madewell clutch (25% off with code FEAST25), 04. Land of Nod teepee (15% off plus free shipping with code SAVE15), 05. Emerson Fry raglan dress (20% off with code SHOPFROMBED), 06. Forever 21 floral studs (free shipping on $30 or more), 07. Loeffler Randall Matilde boots (25% off all Matilde boots with code MATILDEJOY), 08. Ferm Living laundry bag from Urban Outfitters ($15 off $75 or more).] 


  1. I usually avoid Black Friday sales, too and feel terrible for those working on Thanksgiving.
    Wanted to let you know that I follow you on Instagram, too and your daughter reminds me so much of mine at that age. She’s 13 now and from China and I always feel like I’m seeing Lily when I see your sweet Ruby. I always share about her on my blog, too. But now that she became a teen-ager, those days are limited.
    Love your blog and your new studio!! So happy and cheerful.

  2. I wonder if comments are acting funky this morning…I left one earlier this morning, but it didn’t go through. I took advantage of the LoN sale this weekend too and bought a play canopy for my youngest. Tip: if something is sold out on their website, call the customer service line and they can do a store search. That’s how I snagged mine ;).


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