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my favorite thai dish to make…

Oh Joy | Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Oh Joy | Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Growing up in a Thai family, people always assume that I can make really great Thai food. But I never really had to learn how to cook since my parents owned a Thai restaurant, and I could just go there and eat any time I wanted. Only since living in LA—where I’m far from the comfort of my parent’s home-cooking and where there’s an abundance Thai grocery stores—have I started learning how to cook some of my favorite Thai dishes. I recently made this for a friend’s birthday dinner, and it came out so great that I wanted to share this recipe with you. This is my favorite Thai dish to make…green chicken curry. It’s spicy, sweet, a little tangy, and full of so much flavor. It’s my kind of comfort food.

One thing to point out about making this dish is that it tastes so much better when you use all of the ingredients listed (usually from a Thai or Asian grocery store). You can certainly make a simple curry using coconut milk and curry paste, but when you have access to key flavor enhancers like kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil, it makes a world of difference. And, it’s still super easy even with the special ingredients. Here’s how to make it…

Oh Joy | Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Thai Green Chicken Curry (adapted from the out-of-print book, It Rains Fishes)
Serves 2 for dinner

You’ll need:
-one 14. oz can of coconut milk

-2-3 Tbs. green curry paste (3 makes it more spicy)

-1 lb of chicken (substitute with tofu, broccoli, or other hearty veggies for a vegetarian option)

-1/2 cup of fresh or frozen peas

-1/2 lb. small, round Thai eggplants

-2 kaffir lime leaves

-fish sauce, to taste

-2 tsp. of palm sugar (sometimes called coconut sugar), to taste

-1/2-1 cup fresh Thai sweet basil leaves

-silvered chillies, to taste

-serve over jasmine rice or somen noodles

Here’s how:
1. Open the can of (unshaken) coconut milk. Spoon about 2/3 cup of the thick cream that sits on top into a medium-size saucepan and heat over medium to high heat. Reduce until smooth and bubbly.

2. Add the curry paste and fry in the cream for a few minutes to release the aromas. Then pour in the remaining milk.

3. Bring to a boil and add the chicken. Return to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer 5-10 minutes uncovered before adding the Thai eggplants. Simmer a few more minutes, then stir in the peas and kaffir lime leaves.

4. Season to taste with fish sauce (only if more saltiness is needed). Add palm sugar to enhance the spice and flavor to your liking. I like a mix of both salty and sweet, but base the ideal flavor off other green curries you’ve had at That restaurants and what you like best from those.

5. Continue to simmer until the eggplants and pea are tender and the chicken is cooked through. Stir in the basil and chillies (if you want more spice) and cook for another minute.

6. Serve over hot steamed jasmine rice or somen noodles and enjoy!

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Green curry is my fav!! Looks so good. And ha I totally know what you mean. I grew up in a family that owns two catering businesses but never learned how to cook till I moved out for college.

  2. This looks great! We’ve been looking for a good curry recipe to try out so I’ll definitely be giving this a shot! Do your parents still have a restaurant in Philadelphia?

  3. wow, nailed it! i love thai food and can’t wait to try this. i’ve made green curry with chicken and coconut milk… i did use the thai basil, but not the limes. i always use broccoli, because it’s so good with just about any kind of thai sauce, though i rarely see it in traditional recipes… is broccoli not a Thai thing?
    how lucky that you could eat at a thai restaurant whenever you wanted growing up! it probably wouldn’t be too hard for you to pick up good thai cooking, since you know what real thai food should taste like! 🙂
    thanks for sharing this. bookmarking, and can’t wait to make it!

  4. Thai Green Curry is my favorite Thai food dish ever so I’m super excited that you’ve posted a recipe for it. 🙂 We actually just had it this past weekend so I’m even more excited to have found a good recipe. Thanks for sharing, Joy!

  5. Thanks for sharing this great recipe! Do you have a favorite brand of curry paste? Just curious. I tried Maesri recently and it was very good.

  6. Wow, this looks awesome! Would normal eggplants work? I’m making a big pot of Tom Yum soup tonight and I can’t wait!
    Trader Joe’s has an awesome frozen Pad Ciu that I make at least once a week. I usually add in some extra veggies to stretch it, and I’d definitely recommend trying it!

  7. Hi Blaise,
    I think regular eggplants are a bit too mushy as the Thai ones are smaller and have more exterior to hold it together. You can try broccoli, mini corn, and/or bamboo shoots instead!

  8. Thank you for this recipe Joy! I just made it – delicious! I’m not usually the cook in our family, so it’s nice to add something so tasty, quick and simple to my (minimal) repertoire 🙂

  9. Thanks for posting the recipe. It is looking very delicious.There are many curry chicken formulas from each country which has the nonexclusive “curry” in its cooking. Be that as it may, a great many people consider Indian curry when they think about a chicken curryformula.


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