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Having a toddler means trying to keep coming up with new and creative ways to play with them and entertain their often restless minds. Ruby has been crazy about stamps lately, so I'm loving this book, Yellow Owl's Little Prints, which includes book stamp, stencil, and print projects to make for kids and with kids. Plus, I kind of want to stamp everything now…

{Photos by Laure Joliet for Yellow Owl Workshop}


  1. I bought a stamp set for my daughter a few years ago…and was super excited about it. Until she got ink all over everything :(. Did you find this set’s ink to be pretty washable? If so, maybe I’ll give stamps a second go!

  2. very cute! I love your blog & was happy to see your few page spread in Better Homes & Garden magazine recently!! Nice job!! Congrats on that!
    Happy Holidays!


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