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Oh Joy Gift Guide: gifts for the adventurer…



My next gift guide is for the girl that loves to explore—whether through travel, food, or daily life—she sees adventures in every moment, big or small…

01. chopsticks by Hank by Henry to explore new tastes ($25), 02. brass bottle opener from Michele Varian for her favorite beverage ($68), 03. mini vases by Anzfer Farms to hold collected buds ($40), 04. print by Max Wanger to remind her of her favorite road trip ($25-enter code "OHJOYHOLIDAY" for 25% off anything in the shop from today until December 19th), 05. vanity trunk from The Little Market for a little getaway ($350), 06. over-sized inflatable zebra from Urban Outfitters just because ($400), 07. Jeni's pumpernickel ice cream because she's already tried every flavor out there ($12), 08. Owen & Fred key chain for getting her in and out of trouble ($18), and 09. brass bike bell from Poketo for nearby adventures ($20).


  1. I totally fall under this category! Out of all your gifts, I think my favorite are the print and ice cream. Jeni’s ice cream is pretty good. We’re lucky to have one by me. 🙂
    I’ve taken so many pics during my trips and have not printed a single one. Printing some would be a good idea.

  2. That brass bell is beautiful! I wish my husband would let me put a bell on the fancy bike he bought me..but I guess real cyclists don’t have bells 🙁

  3. Chopsticks?! What a GREAT idea! I just took a friend of mine to a sushi dinner for his very first time (hard to believe, right??) and I was trying to teach him how to use the chops…. I think I’ll be gifting those chopsticks this year 🙂

  4. I loved the inflatable zebra and I loved the reason as well. While I don’t consider myself to be an adventurer, it is a nice addition to any home. I like it so much that I like to take it home with me.


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