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  1. Very brave to share your post on Monday! We all feel the juggle and I think it’s so important to be kind to ourselves (and our hubbies) and just try to stay in the moment and do our best.
    Love this photo!!

  2. You also have a wonderful weekend with your family! Thankyou so much for your post on MOnday. I know all mums feel the same way and we all feel alittle guilt stay at home, part time or full time, its the way we are. We need to remember tho to take a step back some days and be grateful for all we have….even the craziness. Peace, Love and Cuddles 🙂

  3. I haven’t had the chance to check your blog on the last week and have just read your last Monday post and have to say we are all in it. Even if I do not have kids I totally get the feeling guilty and the jealously and even if I knew it before I have just realized I have to make a wiser use of my time before I have kids and have one more worry in my head. Keep trying and be sure there is people around the globe in the same struggle as you are. 🙂
    btw this photo of your family is so great, you all look so have and worryless…


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