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happy friday + ruby lately…



Oh boy, this whole kid thing keeps getting more and more fun. Two years old has been the best age yet. I love posting little Ruby updates over on Instagram, so I thought I'd share more about some of the things she's doing and saying and thinking as she grows. So, here's a little of Ruby lately…

-She loves wearing sunglasses. For the longest time, we couldn't get her to wear glasses ever. But one day, she outgrew her toddler hat so I found a pair of kids sunglasses that she loves and now wears all the time.



-She has a busy social calendar. We're lucky to have so many cool things to do in LA, and Ruby's currently taking gymnastics class and swim class once a week. She loves jumping on the trampoline and walking across the balance beam in gymnastics. But, swimming, eh, not so much just yet…


-This girl is a talker. She says things like:
"What are we doing today, mama?"
"Oh, that's sooo cute!"
"I farted! Ew, Ruby, Ewww!"
"Let's go get FOUR pancakes!"
She tells a great "Knock, Knock" joke..
And, is getting the hang of those letters.


-The "trying" two's. Oh boy, they don't call them terrible two's for nothing. From happy and smiling one second, to on-the-ground-screaming-beyond-belief the next. The last few months have been some of the roughest I've had as a parent. It tests your mental strength and makes you figure out real quick how you'll respond, reason, discipline, all while trying to convince yourself that you still want more kids.

It's the funniest time of toddler drama and angst mixed with discovering their personality and hearing the amazing things they have to say.

Have a great weekend, guys!

{Photos by Bob Cho}



  1. I love age two! Yes, transitions can be hard for toddlers, whether it’s putting back a toy or going to the car…the days are long but the years are short! Ruby is a joy to watch via your photos and IG posts…the masses, they love her!

  2. My twins are 18 months now + we love this stage, although they’ve entered the toddler stage for sure. Challenging + rough for sure…good thing we’re done having babies! Ruby is such a doll, and I’m impressed by her spelling skills!

  3. I am so glad you mentioned the “trying” twos. My daughter is about the same age as Ruby, and I’m looking at these pictures thinking “she looks so pleasant”. My daughter, not so much. Her new thing is telling everyone to “stop talking” when she wants to interrupt. I never new a toddler could be so intimidating…

  4. I adore your posts featuring Ruby! I just found out last week that my first baby is a little girl – Going back through your archives and taking notes on all of the cool places you get her clothes. Posts like this are EXTRA special for me lately. 🙂

  5. All so true! My daughter just turned 2 in December and I also call it the “TRYING” Twos – I hate calling it terrible, but man, they test your strength and patience, don’t they? : )
    Ruby is a doll!

  6. Awww. I saw a few of her videos and you can really see her personality shining. Spunky and sweet, for sure. My daughter is also 2 and she also does weekly gym and swimming classes. (and Kidspace and…) I can’t believe how different my daughter’s “lifestyle” is compared to my own when I was 2!
    BTW, I just learned that my coworker (Adria) is your next-door neighbor! I told her that I’ve been following your blog since basically when you started in the pre-blog days. 🙂

  7. I know 2 is cute, but it gets just better. They just get to do more things with you, less the fuss. These days I ski with my boys, watch the movies (something that is even fun for mom), go to an art museum… I love it! Enjoy every minute!

  8. I love the Ruby pictures and stories that you and your husband post on Instagram, and also here on your blog. She is by far the cutest little gem of a lady on the “big screen”.
    Your style and love shine through her.
    PS…She could use an adorable little puppy to go with those sunglasses!

  9. Thanks for providing updates of Ruby. I love hearing about her.
    My favorite quotes from her are:
    “Oh, that’s sooo cute!” – it’s so cute coming from her.
    “I farted! Ew, Ruby, Ewww!” – this is funny.

  10. I love age two, despite the “trying” moments. And my second is 4 mo-it’s a great age gap! If you do want another, I recommend it. Also, it has made my daughter so aware, in the middle of the “mine” phase, that hey, there is someone else! It’s really increased her thoughtfulness.

  11. She’s beautiful! I have a 22 month old daughter and know what you mean about them being trying and amazing at the same time! 🙂

  12. What an adorable little girl! I know what you mean by the terrible twos. I was the two year old teacher at a daycare and I had fifteen of those little runts by myself. Holy moly, they were tough! Much respect for you because it’s no picnic, but it’s so rewarding! Love the update 🙂

  13. Loved these cute updates!! I like calling them the “teachable twos” because it’s a time of opportunity for instruction and learning boundaries, rules, etc. I think having a positive attitude (as you do!) helps a lot, too. Hang in there, mama! You are doing a great job!


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