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The Coolest Pop-Up Book Ever…

food pop-up book by warabe kimika

food pop-up book by warabe kimika

The other day, I took the Oh Joy team on an inspiration field trip to Little Tokyo in downtown L.A. While at the Japanese bookstore, I came across this little pop-up book that I had to get for Ruby. I'm a sucker for pop-ups, and it's seriously one of the best I have ever seen…

food pop-up book by warabe kimika

food pop-up book by warabe kimika

food pop-up book by warabe kimika

Ruby loves it so much that she has asked to read it as her bedtime story every night since I found it. I have no idea what it says so we just make up a story about these cute animals and their favorite foods. You know a book is good when you don't need the words to keep a child entertained!

P.S. The book is called: Tabemono (Food) by Kimika Warabe. Thanks for the translation, Joyce and Lindsay!


  1. The book is titled, Tobidasu! Ugoku! Tabemono by Kimika Warabe. Basically, a pop-up book about food. Hope this helps!

  2. Ah! This is so cute! We have the most fun with the books that have no words — the story possibilities are endless. I’m pretty sure I look just like those crocodiles when I’m around pizza.

  3. Check out Robert Sabuda’s pop up books, not really for kids to touch but so beautiful to look at. They are something that adults & kids can both love!

  4. That is adorable! I love that Ruby loves “reading” it. The first picture says “obento (lunch box) open the lid and see all the yummy food. Which one should we eat first?” Next “ramen: hot ramen! Slurp up all the noodles!” “Pizza: melts cheese. Let’s eat it together!” Something like that! But I think it’s probably more fun for Ruby to just make up the words! 😉

  5. My husband and I read this book to our baby boy. He loves it! There are other equally cute ones and they only cost about 500 yen (around $5).

  6. SO SO SO cute!!! i just called up the local kino bookstore and they have it.. -screams- it also comes in a mandarin version. let me know if you want that for ruby! my son loves pop-up books too and he will be so thrilled with the vehicles one.

  7. My 18-month-old son looooooves and constantly shouts for his Aquarium, Zoo, and Vehicles books from the same line. They’re really fantastic! And only about $8 at Kinokuniya in NYC.

  8. Oh wow! Soo so cute! I love pop-ups too, but this one is in a league of its own haha! Makes me feel hungry (or simply greedy perhaps) just looking at it 😛
    Love your nails too by the way 😉


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