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A Few of My Favorite Apps Lately…



There's no question that it's fun to add graphics to photos to share on Facebook and Instagram, and the Obaby app makes it easy to add text and graphics to existing photos. I personally love adding little illustrations to photos, but the time lines for baby bumps and month-to-month photos is super cute, too. (And it's currently 80% off in the App Store!)


Ever since Apple updated their iOS, I haven't loved the way the new Calendar interface works on my iPhone. Bonnie recently introduced me to Sunrise which has a much cleaner and intuitive interface for keeping track of your calendar.


As a continuation of Endless Alphabet (one of Ruby's favorite apps), Endless Reader takes it to the next level to help kids put words together and understand how they fit into sentences. Ruby loves this one, too, and loves hearing about the story and context behind words.

What apps do you love that are part of your daily routine right now?

P.S. my last set of favorite apps…


  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your note. This is not a sponsored post. Anything that is sponsored is marked as such. Its just a round-up of apps I like right now and Obaby happens to be one of them 😉

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I downloaded a few of the apps and I haven’t tested them all out yet but I went back to the previous post and downloaded the Endless Reader app. My 2 year old loves it!

  3. Thanks for the recomendations, I am downloading Endless Reader as we speak 🙂
    My 2 year old and I love Lazoo Zoo:
    The illustrations are fantastic and the games are fun for both toddler and mama. (Im a graphic
    designer, thus a bit of an app snob…I have high standards for illustrations and graphics!) They even added fun holiday themed graphics. All of the Lazoo apps are really great!

  4. We LOVE the Endless Reader and Endless Alphabet games in my house! We downloaded the Endless Reader this summer before Little A started kindergarten, and it’s made a huge difference with her reading.
    I also love Instavation for adding text to pictures; only downside is that you can’t change the colour of the appliqués. And A Beautiful Mess, of course. ABM is my favourite photo editor to use before posting to Instagram. Only downside to them is that they only have a few filters–but I’m all about their text options, really!

  5. Hi Joy, I just saw that Sunrise was acquired by Microsoft and is going away. What app are you now using for your calendar? I’ve been using Sunrise, but now I have to find something else–fast.


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