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a pretty floral updo…

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

As you guys may remember from my last beauty post, I am pretty lazy when it comes to hair and makeup. I rarely use a hair dryer because I don't really know what to do with one. And my version of an updo usually consists of some sort of ponytail or messy bun. So I love it when people who know what they are doing in the hair department teach me some skillz (yep, the "z" means we mean business). The girls from Irrelephant were in town recently and taught me how to create this easy floral updo which took less than 15 minutes and looks so, so pretty. It's perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day…or really, any day that you just want a little extra floral pep in your step! Here's how…

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

1. First start by prepping your hair. Any updo stays longer when there's a little grit in your hair using hair spray or texturizing spray. If you have straight hair like I do, curl the hair loosely with a curling iron and then break it up with your hands. This adds texture and volume to start the 'do off on the right foot. 

2. Begin by picking up top crown section of hair (the section that starts around your temple) and tie it with a small clear rubber band or pony tail holder.

3. Flip the pony inside out like a topsy tail! 

4. Next, grab the hair that's left over and tease it with a comb. Grab a one inch section from the left side and pin it over to the right past the pony tail part. Grab one inch of hair from the right side and pin it over to the left past the pony tail and place a bobby pin or two to secure.  

5. Continue and repeat #4 by pinning over another section of hair from the left and right sides and pinning them to secure. 

6. Once the top part is secure, divide the remaining hair at the bottom into two sections. Tease one section and roll it under up into the base of your head and pin until it's secure. Repeat on other side until your updo is complete. Spray with hairspray to set. 

7. To add flowers, snip the stems to a couple inches in length and use bobby pins to secure the flowers in place. You may need some help for this part, or you can feel it as you go, and pin the flowers as you like…the more free-flowing and organic, the better! We chose softer flowers that would also look pretty as they wilted so that you can go a for a day or evening with them on your head.

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

Enjoy! Let me know what you guys think. And if you try it, I want to see! A special thanks to Joanna and Molly at Irrelephant for helping me figure out this whole hair thing…

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Updo by Irrelephant. My dress is by WHIT.} 


  1. I’m always looking for incredibly easy ways to do my hair that don’t LOOK easy! This is unique and I have to say, I just love the word Irrelephant. ;]

  2. Lovely updo! Thanks for the step by step instructions. I am not good with my hair either and this is so helpful. It will be great for a wedding or baby shower.

  3. Hi Kaela,
    We used ranunculus (pink) and anemones (white). I am not sure what the others one are but we are trying to find out!

  4. Thank you so much for quick reply, Joy! Your blog is such an inspiration for living a creative and colorful life!


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