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a new oh joy!



Hey guys, you might notice something different over here today! It was time for a change, and we've updated the site to a brand new, clean look to go with all the fun, new things coming out this year. The blog now matches my site (which houses all of my past work and the 411 on the Oh Joy brand). I hope you guys like the update—it was a fun change to make and sort of like getting a brand new wardrobe. (If you're reading this post via email, please click on over to see the new site! The email version will be updated to match very soon.)

Last year, I really tried to work on letting go of doing everything myself. So I hired the team at ALSO to redesign my website instead of doing it myself. It made a world of difference as I could really sit back and enjoy the process much more, and I love what they created. And thanks to my long-time programmers, Deko Design (who programs my main site) and Doan Designs (who programs my blog) for their technical skills that I would be lost without!

We're still working on some tiny tweaks and kinks to the blog so feel free to let me know if anything is functioning weird for you!


  1. I love how clean the design is and how it matches with your main site! I love the new fonts that were used in the design as well as the splashes of color. I think the new design is wonderful!

  2. this is awesome! links work in bloglovin now, which was broken for a long time so I could never click through any links on your site.

  3. I really like they new look, and love your website. I don’t know why I didn’t check it before! It’s fresh, clean, joyful and nice!

  4. It’s great Joy, really pretty. I love to see your studio’s work on the new studio website too. I looked for it before, but couldn’t find it until now. Very cool! Congratulations!

  5. I like the new layout, cute chalkboard & seafoam green color. However, I am not sure if you are aware that if a user has the addon “adblock” activated, your blogs sidebar 100% disappears.

  6. Hi Joy,
    I’ve just begun my travels through the blogosphere. I feel like I’m seated in a cockpit still unsure of all the lights and knobs at my disposal. I’m confident I’ll get there and hopeful that one day I’ll be in a position to help others just as you have with your wonderful book, Blog Inc.. When I began my quest for the perfect book I had 3 criteria: female author, creative/artistic, and written in a non-intimidating, user-friendly manner. My search ended with finding your book. So thank you, Joy. I appreciate the sharing of both your talents and your wisdom.
    AnnMarie Roselli-Kissack

  7. Love the new minimal design, the color pop is perfection! I think the only thing I’m noticing is that your images (logo, social icons, etc.) aren’t retina-friendly on my Macbook and are a little pixelated. Other than that, looks great! (:

  8. Please allow me just one minor suggestion: personally I enjoy a larger font size on posts. Tiny fonts hurt my eyes a bit.
    Besides that, I love it! Clean, simple and lovely. 🙂


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