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happy friday + happy to be here…

Oh Joy | Ruby

Oh Joy | Ruby

Every night before Ruby hops into the bathtub, she like to climb into our bed and have us tell her a made-up story. She'll say "banana story!" or "polka dot story!" so we tell her a quick story about a banana or a polka dot (usually named Ruby). It's a simple moment that has become part of our nighttime routine. The other night, I didn't realize Bob took a photo of us during our little story time, and I love this so much. It just reminds me with all the hustle and bustle and stress and worry about life, I can take a step back and know that I am simply happy to be where I am right now.

I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead, friends!

P.S. Thanks SO much to everyone who bought something from my Hunters Alley sale. We've raised over $1000 to benefit My Stuff Bags. There a few items left if anyone is interested.


  1. How sweet! It’s so rare that we get these moments captured and what a wonderful thing it will be to look back on this moment with her one day. Happy weekend!

  2. this is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    When every my mom’s side of the family visits my grandparents, we always cuddle up in one room and each pick a word that we want included in a story. then my uncle or brother tells a story using everyone’s words! it’s so fun because everyone ends up laughing so hard!
    cherish these sweet moments!

  3. What a sweet moment! You should start collecting the banana, polka dot, Ruby stories. I plan on doing that for my niece who likes blue stories. Doesn’t matter who the characters are so long as the stories incorporate the color blue.

  4. that is so sweet… ! i love those special little routines with the littles… my little guy loves his bath time and story time, too … if i say the word bath he drops EVERYTHING and marches straight upstairs to the bathroom for “bah bah!” 🙂


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