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I'm so inspired by architecture and love it when architects also design products for the home. This modular Kororo desk and stool by Torafu Architects is so clever with the built-in shelves and the ability to both hold and display desk items. And those colors…!


  1. Wow, that truly is a great desk! I love the versatility, simplicity, and (of course) those wonderful colors! Design at its finest. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the simplicity of these, but it reminds me of the cardboard “blockers” we used to hide behind during tests in elementary school! I can see this used in homes, offices, libraries or schools. Very cool.

  3. LOVE THIS, it’s nice to have some privacy when you’re working. Especially when you’re working in a public space. Would be perfect to place some of these desks in the Starbuck for example! Very cool


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