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good things come…

Good things come to those who work hard.

Good things come to those who work hard.

As a business owner, I get lots of emails from people looking to start a business or pursue a dream of some kind. I try and give the most constructive advice I can or direct them to one of my books. Because of the ways in which we often see success and fame these days (ie. reality tv), it sometimes gives the perception that you can make it big without doing much work or by getting lucky. Sure, sometimes a little bit luck helps some people. But one thing I emphasize over and over again is that very few things come easy. You never realize how hard people work to achieve their goals behind the scenes. And I promise you, every successful person out there that you admire works their a$$ off. You have to work hard to get what you want in life. And if you work hard, if you're passionate about what you do, and if you are kind to people along the way, it pays off in more ways that you can imagine. 


  1. Thanks Joy! Your encouraging (and true!) words always come at a time when my initiative needs a kick in the pants! I think a trip to the bookstore is also in order!…

  2. I never realized you had two books – I have Blog Inc, which I love, but I think I need the other one as well, especially since I am trying to launch my candle business on a much larger scale. Thank you for the advice!

  3. Thank you for the reminder 🙂 If people want to get where they want to be, they do have to work hard. Sometimes they have to sacrifice their fun time to work time. But also to remember, don’t over work themselves. If help is needed, ask for help.

  4. Great post! I work with all kinds of businesses through my job at the chamber of commerce and I am constantly amazed to learn about all the hard work and sacrifices people put into making their business go. It’s incredible when you start realizing how much they’ve gone through to get to where they are today.

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  6. What an inspiring post! I recently visited a college and I absolutely fell in love! It’s a tough school to get into (and everyone feels the need to remind me how hard it is to get into) but I feel that I can get in if I work hard enough. Dream big, work hard, and prove all the haters wrong 😉

  7. Indeed! Often times, many people do not see or realise the amount of hard work behind all the fame & success they see on the front – which cause them not to appreciate the person’s work as much as it should have been. Let’s all work hard for our good things to come! 😀

  8. Unfortunately, though, that is not always true. Some people work very hard indeed and not-such-good-things come their way.

  9. I really liked this post, thanks! Great words… I started my own small business about a year ago and it’s slow going, but going well. This is a nice reminder that if I keep at it I might someday be where I want to be. To be honest at the moment I feel like I want to be working hard at it but it’s sometimes difficult to know what to be doing! I just keep telling myself that the little tasks are important and I’m that bit further on from where I was a year ago! We do different stuff but I find you an inspiration! Congrats on your Target collection 🙂

  10. Great, honest advice. Your are an inspiration on many levels for me and I appreciate the reassurance that my work ethic will get me places. I once heard that hard work never goes unrewarded, it may take time for it to pay off but it will never go to waste, I remind myself of this when I hit a wall once in a while.
    I am reading Blog Inc. and am really enjoying it. Keep up the great work and thank you for always sharing honestly!

  11. I love the voice of your posts and your candor. Today’s post does not disappoint and speaks the truth so clearly. As a new blogger, I look to the advice and experiences of veteran bloggers, like yourself, and so appreciate that you take the time to share about your (sometimes, bumpy) road to success, with newbies, like myself.
    Congratulations on your success and cheers to your continued success!
    Brett//…there is always grey

  12. This week I started working part time so that I could have a go at more creative stuff and try to pursue what I love doing, instead of the generic admin job I do now. It was actually a decision that began by reading your Blog Inc. book! Today is my first ‘day off’ to start blogging more seriously, and teaching myself graphic design and illustration. I was starting to feel really overwhelmed by the prospect of how much work I have ahead of me, and opening this right now was a timely reminder of how worthwhile the work will be. Thank you Joy!

  13. Thanks for your honesty Joy! As a starting bloggers it is really helpful to hear about your experience. I should definitely start reading Blog Inc soon.


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