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happy friday + friend dates…

Sandra Freij Photography

Sandra Freij Photography

Sandra Freij Photography

Every Monday night, Bob and I meet up with two other couples who are our good friends and the parents of Ruby's besties. We take the kids and meet-up somewhere kid-friendly with good food and catch up and laugh and enjoy a simple dinner together. We've done it every Monday for almost two years, and it's one of our favorite nights of the week.

In our busy and hectic lives with work and kids and life, it can be so easy to stay at home and forget to make meet-ups with friends a priority. Lately, I've really been trying to start/continue/pick-back-up-on regular dates with more of my good friends. You know…like a weekly dinner, breakfast, coffee, a workout session, etc. If you can make it happen with a handful of close friends, it's so, so good for your soul and for your friendship.

So, go out this weekend and make a date with a friend, yes?!?

{Photos by Sandra Freij}


  1. It’s so strange to read this because I just thought of the same thing and decided to make an appointment with a good friend of mine whom I haven’t spoken to in 6 months! We are planning on having a fab brunch on Sunday. Hope you get a chance to reconnect with your friends soon!

  2. That’s a wonderful idea! As our kids were growing up my hubby and I kind of gave up on having a social life. Now that our kids are grown we realize that, while we each have individual friends, we don’t have other couples to hang out with.

  3. Agree! Last weekend, my girlfriend and I had a long-overdue “friend date” to go see a movie. We met for a drink beforehand and had so much fun catching up, we ended up ditching the theater and staying until last call. So fun! P.S. I want to be YOUR friend!

  4. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been lining up brunch/happy hour dates with my friends so we can catch up and/or try out new places. Happy weekend!

  5. Good advice.I have been meaning to catch up with some friends, particularly some friends I write with…I am actually trying to get a writing group together tonight!

  6. Viv took the words right out of mouth! Mondays are one of our favorite nights, too! We always have something to look forward to! Love you!

  7. that’s an awesome way to make mondays more fun for sure 🙂
    great advice, I definitely need to take more time for friendship

  8. That sounds like so much fun – it always seems easier to take the little ones out en masse because then they have each other to play with!

  9. I just loved this, such a good reminder. And it’s encouraging to hear about families with children getting together on a regular basis, it can (and should) be done!

  10. what a great idea 🙂 ryan and i are always thinking of way to just take some time from our busy lives and enjoy each others’ company, and the company of other adults 🙂
    Haven’t commented since your new look, but also wanted to say that I love it so much!

  11. Absolutely! But we seem to hit on Wednesdays; we need Monday to rest up from the Sat.-Sun. crazies and Tuesdays to focus on the rest of the week. Wednesday breaks it all up quite nicely. By Wednesday, the kids have all “come down” from the weekend highs, too!

  12. We go through periods where we don’t go out than they’ll be days like today where we have swim class, birthday party, then play date.


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