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  1. How funny! I just bought this shirt after seeing it on Pinterest and it arrived in my mail on Friday. I wore it yesterday, and was stopped by a woman in the grocery store who took a picture of it to show her husband. Mine is constantly reminding me how grumpy and indecisive I get when I’m hungry, so this shirt gives us both a good laugh. I have a feeling a lot of women might be receiving this shirt from their husbands in the near future if they’re brave enough to buy it!

  2. Sorry but I’m waiting for the giveaway results for 2 days and I’d like to know who are the winners.

  3. Hi Laura,
    The giveaway winners were all contacted on Friday. We wait until we hear back from everyone before posting their names.
    Thank you!

  4. so I’m a loser!! hahahaha thanks to you for allow international readers participate in your giveaway.
    Love OhJoy!

  5. Story of my life! You know it’s bad when the first question friends ask is “do you need food, I have a package of almonds” when I get irritable.

  6. Of course I had to go check out the rest. This is one that def suits me but they have really cute sayings. Cool find

  7. I can’t believe it, so this is a common problem? How comes that my whole family of 4 thirty something girls, including their mom needed 35 years to understand, that it’s hunger, which makes our handsome dad so grumpy out of the blue!


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