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floral friends…

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

If you’ve been reading this blog from back in the day, you may know that I have a growing collection of quirky vases. They are my favorite things to find and collect. I love ones that have their own personality especially an extra sweet floral hair-do. It’s been a while since I share some of the latest pieces in my collection, so just in time for spring, we pulled together some of our favorite florals in my favorite vessels…

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

This is Winkie. My friend Emily gave me this vintage vase for my birthday last year, and he’s become one of my very favorites. Winkie is wearing his favorite shade of orange dressed in ranunculous and kumquats. For this little arrangement, the focus was one off-centered flower with the others surrounding it to make his ‘do feel complete.

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

This is Diva. She’s elegant and bold, and she knows it. All other geese hope to be as graceful as she is. Diva doesn’t need much and completes her look with a simple and beautiful peony in full bloom accented with a little bit of wheat and sprigs of rosemary.

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Goldie is the newest member of the collection. She’s vintage and made of brass. Although she is beautiful on her own, we gave her a tropical coat for the spring with ranunculus, lisianthus, and some mint leaves—which means, she looks (and smells) amazing!

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Daisy is the sweetest baby goose you’ll ever meet. She’s part of a set of measuring cups, but we love her as a little vessel for baby flowers, too. She’s holding a collection of chamomile, ranunculus, and green trick dianthus. She loves soaking in the sun on the kitchen window ledge.

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Alfred is the wild one of the pack. He can’t hear you because he’s too busy finding things to adorn his ears. Today, he’s wearing a combination of blue irises, kumquats, chamomile, ranunculus, and green trick dianthus. He never wears the same thing on both ears, and he likes it that way.

We had such a fun time updating these little guys with their latest spring ‘do, and will share more with you as I add to the collection!

{Art direction by Oh Joy, photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester. All available vessels linked to above, the rest are vintage.}


  1. These are adorable, I am totally in love with Diva the goose. I love that it looks like she’s wearing a fancy hat. You can’t go wrong with a goose shaped vase.

  2. I love these! I’ve had an eye out for a porcelain face vase ever since I saw the photos of your living room. Have you seen the work of atleier stella? I think you’d really like her stuff!

  3. love these vases Joy. doing a piece on my blog about indoor plants and think will mention your lovely collection. something to aim for !
    hope london was good 🙂


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