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a {giveaway} for your next adventure…NOW CLOSED



Baggu has some of the best easy travel pieces around. In preparation for my trip to London next week, I'm starting to think about the things I need to organize and pack. So in celebration of my next adventure (and to help you with yours) I've partnered with Baggu to give away this set of five bags (which retail for $152) to one lucky reader.

To enter, simply visit Baggu's website, and then leave a comment here telling me your favorite piece from the site (My other favorites are this zip bag and this leather clutch). Entries must be posted by this Friday, May 2nd, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Casey D. from Washington, D.C. for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $152 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. I love the poppy weekend bag! It would be perfect for my trip to North Carolina in a few weeks.

  2. I have a few baggy shopping totes and love them, but the 3d zip tote is really cute and versatile. I could use it for my son’s toys, my shoes or tech stuff!

  3. I love the sailor stripe backpack … perfect for carrying my meal prep when attending sporting events with the hubby this summer!

  4. I love Baggu’s duck bags. I already have two. They are so convenient, and the colors are so fun!
    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Brittany H.

  5. They’re all cute, but I love the traditional baggu totes because they’re so convenient!

  6. I love the sailor stripe duffel + duck bags. That neon laptop case is adorable, too! All of them are too cuuuuuute!

  7. I love the boat tote! The sailor stripe is adorable, but the peach is a close second.

  8. I use my stripey duck bag every day, but this would set me up perfectly for my upcoming adventure to Cape Town! The 3D zip would help out so much with my toddler πŸ™‚

  9. Loving the Leaf Baggu. I’m constantly shuffling around heels and flats from various meetings so having a stylish bag to pack it in would be lovely!

  10. I’m in need of a new weekend bag and the sailor stripe weekender checks all the items on my list! I also love the basic tote in navy – perfect for picnics in the park and errands around town :]

  11. I love all their bags, and have quite a few. Love the 3D Zips, though. Perfect for knitting projects.

  12. I love the Boat Tote in Peach! I’m going on a cross-country roadtrip in a few weeks and it’d be the perfect bag to hold a bunch of fun things in the car!

  13. I LOVE Baggu! I get so much use out of the duck bag already, and I always keep a standard one in my purse for errands. I would looooooove a zip pouch for traveling! And the leather one would just be the cutest clutch.

  14. The Large 3D Zip bags look like they’d be great to hold just about anything! The mountain goat pattern is adorable!

  15. I’ve been eyeing the tote in leopard. I already own it in 3 other colors but they’re just so useful!!!

  16. I adore the black leather baggu. It’s been on my wish list forever! *fingers crossed*

  17. Loving the peach Boat tote. Its so classic and the color pop would be perfect to spice up an outfit when I take my new baby to the beach this summer.

  18. The mountain goat 3D zip would be perfect for carrying all of my kids toys while we go around town! Awesome giveaway!

  19. I’m such a big fan of Baggu! I especially love the basic leather tote – I also have a bunch of their nylon bags which is all I bring to pick up my vegetables from the CSA!

  20. Oh man! They are all so cute. I love anything with that alpaca print but I am really in love with duffels right now so the Sailor Stripe duffel also speaks to me.

  21. I’m a sucker for a good stripe so the striped beach tote and duffel are my favorites. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. I use the shopping totes every day, and just got a duck bag at Urban Outfitters with a great eye pattern. Love their prints and bright colors.

  23. Oh my gosh, I desperately need the Medium 3D Zip in Electric Poppy! I have a long-distance boyfriend, so I’m back-and-forth every other weekend. The zippers on my last two toiletry bags broke, so I’ve been currently carrying my things around in Ziploc bags πŸ™ . Would love to have a stylish dopp kit like this!

  24. Love the sailor stripe boat tote!! Would be a cute beach bag with my new baby!

  25. I love the gold leather pouch. I just got the leather drawstring purse in black, but now it’s sold out everywhere!

  26. Well I love the canary color from their leather line, so anything from t here is lovely.

  27. Wow! They have really upped their game. I have an old Baggu tote that needs to be replaced by that yellow clutch and the molasses basic tote. Thanks for reminding us about Baggu!

  28. No joke–I have spent part of my day searching for the perfect “backup” bag (should be small, nylon, foldable, square bottomed–basically the nylon variant of a gift bag) and settled on the baby baggu (sailor stripe!)as the only possible solution. Then I saw this post! Serendipity!

  29. The sailor stripe boat tote is definitely my favorite. Looking forward to using it year round if I win!

  30. i am CRAZY for the striped duck bag! I’m traveling in May and was just thinking how i would love to look like a “grown up” with some nice travel accessories!

  31. What a great giveaway! Love the simple and clean design of these bags, and the fun colors! I like the weekend bag and the boat tote a lot.

  32. I’m getting married in one month, so my husband and I will be headed on our honeymoon. I would love to have the weekend bag or the boat tote – in sailor stripe – for our vacation!

  33. The Weekend Bag in Mountain Goat is pretty spectacular! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for this giveaway, Joy!

  34. I’m partial to the sailor stripe backpack! Would be a perfect substitute for a diaper bag πŸ™‚

  35. I have the canvas backpack which is great for camping or the beach, but I’d love to have the leather tote one day.

  36. I love the boat totes and the big baggu! I have always loved their patterns and colors!

  37. I love the weekend bag in the sailor stripe fabric. I also really like all of their leather designs! Such pretty colors!

  38. How do you pick one!?! I have a duck bag and use it daily. The weekend bag and the leather clutches would be perfect for summer travel!

  39. I couldn’t live without my standard baggu bags especially the sailor stripe one! Perfect for the beach, market and little weekend day trips. These bags are my go to gifts with the bright colors and endless uses!

  40. I love the sailor stripe backpack. It would be perfect for bringing to school or the beach here on Cape Cod!

  41. I have been loving Baggu’s shopper bags for years, and they come in such fun colors and designs – they always get compliments! I would love to upgrade to a leather Baggu in that rich plum.

  42. Weekend bag in sailor stripe, I’ve been looking for a good bag for weekend getaways

  43. I’m loving the Sailor Stripe Backpack and the Cestnut Duffle Bag. Also, I just wanted to say thank you for writing your blog. I love reading it every morning. It puts a smile on my face and starts my day with a beautiful pop of color!

  44. I love their flat bags as storage for my diaper bag now, and I LOVE those new totes (especially the striped one)as a cool non-diaper bad for summer!!

  45. weekend bag is perfect as a carry-on but i’m with you on the leather clutches. they are just too perfect!

  46. LOVE the 3d zip bags!! Would be perfect for all the items needed for my 2 small children.

  47. I’m a fan of the duck bag! It is a good size for everyday use and can get thrown around and not worry about damaging. Best of all I can toss in the wash and it still looks great! Baggu’s colors and patterns are always on point!

  48. The canary yellow leather “Basic Tote” is beautiful! It would add a dose of sunshine to any outfit!

  49. I’ve never heard of Baggu but i’m loving their products! I like the backpack in canvas, the weekend bag in sailor stripe, and the laptop case in gray stripe!

  50. We love BAGGU! My daughter has a few bright BAGGU bags. We got from J.Crew! They’re great! She uses them to carry her lunch or somedays, gym clothes. They’re so easy to wash and super lightweight.
    My favorite one is the SMALL LEATHER BAGGU in brown. It’s so classy.

  51. I love all the 3-D zip bags — especially the large one with the blue mountain goat print!

  52. I have a few standard baggus for my grocery shopping and I love them, but my favorite right now is the sailor stripe backpack. Perfect for summer adventuring!

  53. I am in LOVE with the Sailor Stripe duck bag, but I’ve never had any occasion to use it. I’ve always fancied taking it for a nice picnic in the park, but my boyfriend is incredibly allergic to pollen -and- grass.
    I do love Baggu products though! I love their standard bags, I always have one in my purse for a just-in-case shopping occasion bag and the small leather pouches are a must have for keeping my bag organized.

  54. The Leather Baggu in Plum is delicious. The texture says luxury while the shape says casual.

  55. Adore my standard baggu bags for groceries. Amazing how much it holds. All the prints are so fun! Would love any of the 3D Zip for organizing the diaper bag.

  56. I love BAGGU! I adore their turquoise pouch. Perfect little wallet/purse size. I hope I’m chosen!

  57. i have a baggu tote in striped canvas but also love their weekend bag and leather tote!

  58. I have a duck bag and I adore it. I also love the look of the mountain goat weekend bag. Crossing my fingers.

  59. I love them all, but I have my eye on that sailor stripe duffel for weekend trips!

  60. The large 3D zip looks interesting! Every time I check in on their site, they’ve come up with some new bag shape πŸ™‚

  61. I love my baggu’s that I use daily at the store. I’m loving the duck bag in sailor stripe!

  62. How do you choose a favorite with so many colors and patterns?! I think I’m going to have to go with the big baggu in classic black.

  63. I love the wetsuit bag. i think it would be great for the beach or other kinds of trips.

  64. I have a favorite in every category. I love the standard baggu in alpaca neon, large 3-D zip in ostrich, the medium 3-D in electric poppy dot and the weekend bag in mountain goat . . . just to name a few, lol.

  65. I love Baggu– they hold up the best and they have amazing colors! I love the weekend bag in mountain goat!

  66. LOVE the new zip bags! So perfect for travel- one for lotions + potions, one for all my electronic chargers + cords and one for smaller clothing items like socks + underthings!!

  67. I’m a huge fan of the basic tote in molasses. Baggu’s leather quality is soooooo soft. =)

  68. So hard to choose just one…but I love the Sailor Stripe Weekend bag! I’m a sucker for anything with stripes! My fingers are crossed πŸ™‚

  69. I just can’t live without the bib Baggu perfect reusable shopping bags, but wow, they’re designing some fabulous new bags like the large 3-D zip and the sailor stripe weekender. Can’t go wrong.

  70. Their leather collection is my all-time favorite! I also dig the shopper bags which I own 2 now. Thank you!

  71. I am in love with the fig duck bag! Swoon! Great giveaway joy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. I love the standard baggu in Alpaca Neon. It’s so different! I would use it to throw all my snacks/drinks in when I take my twins to the park.

  73. I really like the standard goat print one for everyday use (it’s eco friendly!), but for travel I love the Duck Bag (blue dot!) because it has a shoulder strap, it seems sturdy and it zips close. Ahh, travel. πŸ™‚

  74. I love the Boat Tote in Sailor Stripe. It looks like the perfect bag to have packed and ready to go for an impromptu trip to the beach or park!

  75. I think the canary coin purse would be perfect for handling all the coins you’ll use in England. And I personally like blue polka dot small 3D zip, which would be perfect for organizing everything in my purse.

  76. I love the sailor stripe weekender. I love all of my baggy bags. They are the most convenient shopping bags.

  77. love so many of them, but my fave is the weekend bag with the mountain goats on it! Love the animals as print πŸ™‚ so fun!

  78. I’ve been thinking of getting one of the backpacks forever now, though the boat tote looks great as well. Both of course in the blue and white stripe!

  79. I love the sailor stripe boat tote. Been searching for a beach bag that is stylish but can still hold all my son’s toys and I think I’ve found it!

  80. The striped 3D zip is so cute, but I have been looking for something like their wetsuit bag for a long time!

  81. Love the small pouch. It would be so handy to keep small things contained in your bag.

  82. i loooove the 3d zip bags and the tote bags so much!! Would be perfect for our travels coming up.

  83. What a perfect selection! I love the Canary clutch, and adore the Large 3D Zip in Ostrich.

  84. Love the boat tote and the keychains! I was just looking for a new tote this morning so these are perfect! πŸ™‚

  85. Ufff I had to pick like 5 of them:
    1) Chestnut Duffel Bag
    2)Mint Stripe Big Baggu
    3) Dark Blue Medium 3d Zip
    4) Red Knapsack
    All of them for this lovely summer!!!

  86. I love the backpack in Fig. And everything that you’ve included in this giveaway! Thanks Joy πŸ™‚

  87. The mountain goat weekend in bag is the best! its so quirky with the goats, but still great for years of travel to come.

  88. I am in love with the new boat totes! I am obsessed with the indigo boat tote, which I could use every day, everywhere.

  89. I really love the leather Baggu bucket bag but of their original style bags, I love the ones with animal prints!

  90. Baggu is the best! My favorite is the leather Pouch in Gold. But I find it hard to pass up anything in their Sailor Stripe print too!

  91. The Medium 3D zip bag is exactly what I’ve been coveting for some diaper bag organization. If I’m not the winner, I may need to do a little shopping.

  92. I really like the weekend bag in poppy. The color stands out and it would be a perfect vacation bag!

  93. The poppy duck bag would be perfect for trekking through the South of France next month!

  94. J’adore the 3D zip bags…they make packing for travel so much easier! I always bring along one or two empty ones so that I can keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. No more guessing which undies are unworn at the end of a trip πŸ˜‰

  95. I love the canvas Duck Bag! I have one in fuchsia that I use constantly! Truth be told, all of Baggu’s products are amazing!

  96. I love the sailor stripe backpack! It would be perfect for trip to Los Angeles. Thank you

  97. I adore the Cat print Standard Baggu. My sister had a prolonged hospital stay last Fall, and I gave her that bag to help store some of her comfort items (she’s an animal fiend!). Happily, she is out of the hospital now, and uses the bag nearly every day to tote around schoolbooks. Just seeing this print makes me happy.

  98. I already have the Big Baggu bag in Sailor Stripe! Use it all the time. My favorite piece, right now, would have to be the duffel bag in chestnut. I’m looking for a good weekender bag for my upcoming girls’ trip to New Orleans, and that would be perfect! πŸ˜€

  99. Without a doubt it would be the Sailor Stripe BOAT TOTE! Perfect for my upcoming trip to San Diego πŸ™‚

  100. Oooh, I love the striped weekend bag! Thanks for introducing us to this site. So many useful bags – and at fairly reasonable prices too! I want one of each!

  101. There’s a Baggu for every occasion! I use my duck bag for library runs, since it holds a lot of weight and my computer. I use the regular Baggus for everything from groceries to beach bags. My favorite piece is my gold leather pouch… It is so buttery soft.

  102. When going out with the kids a practical and funky blue dot backpack, for the everyday life a basic tote ( impossible to choose one color, I want all of them!…navy color is sold out? ) and definitely a poppy weekend bag!

  103. Baggu has so many different fun patterns! That’s why I love them! But if I had to specifically pick. It would definitely be the large 3D zip in sailor stripe, of course!!

  104. I definitely need a sailor strip Duck Back in my life! Such a perfect bag. I live in a big city, and the option of cross body is always a lifesaver for traveling on crowded subways/schleping home the groceries.

  105. Love the duck bag! It looks so versatile for travel and everyday with kiddos!

  106. Where do I begin? I’m a sucker for the sailor stripe weekend bag. Also a fan of the idigo boat tote. Very cute stuff!

  107. I think the leather clutch or the tote is my favorite but of course they are all sold out of the clutches! Fingers crossed I win one! πŸ™‚

  108. Oh…..I’ve had my eye on the striped Boat Tote since they launched it earlier this month. Way too cute!

  109. I love the sailor strip backpack, perfect for day trips around the city! The leather tote in navy or yellow is classic and looks like the perfect size for everyday.

  110. Love the Alpaca Neon Standard baggu. Great pop of colors, and who doesn’t love llamas?!

  111. Anything with the Alpaca print!!
    I also really like the grey stripe laptop case.

  112. I love the Boat Tote in Sailor Stripe! Great bag for the spring/summer to carry all my todder’s necessities along with my own! πŸ™‚

  113. Definitely the wetsuit bag! Although the little cat pattern bag was a close second. πŸ™‚

  114. The fig colored backpack is adorable.
    I would love to win some of these to take on my trip to China coming up!

  115. haha i just bought 2 of the medium zip bags! they’re bigger than i thought but i love them πŸ™‚ that being said, i’d love the boat tote & leather clutch (i refrained out of self-control!).

  116. I love the sailing collection, which is the blue and white stripped tote you’re featuring too! So cute and functional πŸ™‚

  117. I’ve been searching for a cute weather-proof bag ever since I moved to rainy, snowy Iowa. The wetsuit bag is adorable! I also love the sailor strip boat tote.

  118. Anything in the Sailor stripe or goldenrod fabrics would cheer my heart but especially the Duck, Duffle and weekend bag shapes.

  119. My fave are standard baggu in neon, poppy stripe, elephant, also duck bag in blue dot and leopard, and weekend bag in mountain goat and squares. Very cool brand!

  120. I absolutely love the weekend bag in Poppy! A good weekend bag is exactly what I need as I’m planning several weekend getaways this summer! Good luck to all!

  121. I LOVE Baggu!
    My favorites are the animal print standard Baggus (especially the neon alpaca) and then weekender bag.

  122. That Ostrich print large 3D zip is funky, fresh and so perfect for the summer! I love it!

  123. oh goodness! I adore anything with the sailor stripe…and am obsessed with the yellow ostrich print 3d case!

  124. Perfect giveaway for this peak travel season. I would love the leopard backpack, too. Have fun in London!

  125. i love the extra large llama shopping bag the best and actually already own it!. i’m always looking for a new animal print anything and i jumped at the chance to own a llama bag. baggu is a great company with bright, fun, sturdy, and modestly priced bags– i hope i get to win!

  126. The standard baggu still tops my list. Especially with the awesome new animal patterns they’ve recently added to the mix.

  127. My favorite is and will forever be the Standard Baggu! I have a large collection that I carry to every store and think I always will. Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. I adore the weekender bag in the mountain goat print – it just brings a smile to my face!

  129. Love the boat tote. It looks big enough to carry all my essentials and toys for my 19 month old. Love all of baggu products

  130. I love the large 3D zip! It hold all my travel gear for my gps and phone charging accessories!

  131. I just bought the striped tote to bring my daughters things to day care and the striped 3d bag would be perfect to go with it!

  132. Zip bags!! I need them to help organize my new baggu leather shopping bag πŸ™‚

  133. SAILOR STRIPE BACKPACK is super cute and stylish! I’ve been searching high and low for a versatile backpack that I can carry all the little ones stuff in! Too bad it’s sold out. -ElizabethMxo

  134. Hello Joy
    I am torn between the knapsack and the weekender both great for those weekend trips.
    Have a great trip to London. It is a great city and I know you will love it.

  135. I love the Basic Tote in any color (canary and turquoise make me feel happy!) I’ve been searching for a simple, soft, leather bag just like this one.

  136. I love the large 3D Zip in Mountain Goat. I also love the backpacks and the weekend bags. Such cute stuff!!!

  137. I love the Canary Coin Purse and the Small Leather Baggu in Brown. Baggu makes such beautiful bags – their Pouches are my go-to gift for friends/family!

  138. I love the sailor strip backpack. If ever I were ready to make the switch to a backpack, that would be the one!

  139. Too hard to choose only one! The Boat Bag in Sailor Stripe is a classic…and the leather Baggu in plum is so cool!

  140. Love the sailor stripe weekend bag for a new gym bag. Or the cute standard baggus with the grocery- ocean wave is my favorite.

  141. Love Baggus — especially the weekender bag and the set of three zipper bags. They are great for traveling.

  142. The Sailor Stripe Weekend Bag and Red Knapsack are so adorable! It blends function and fashion.

  143. I love everything in the electric poppy, blue dot, and all greens. I think my favorite is the electric poppy dot zip bag…or maybe the blue dot duck bag!

  144. Anything with the sail stripe or electric poppy dot print is a FAV! But if I had to choose the duck bag with the sailor stripe! So cute… and a close second would be the medium 3D zip in electric poppy dot.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. I have never seen the leather clutches before – so cute! I think my favorite bag is the sailor stripe backpack! I hope you have a great trip to London!

  146. I’m a huge baggu fan and love the canary clutch. The perfect bag to stick in a bigger baby bag that’s just for me!

  147. How can one possibly choose with all of their pretty options!! I would love to have the cactus backpack to add to my growing collection! πŸ˜€

  148. Um…there’s a mountain goat bag. My bestie would squeal with joy if she saw that. It’s my favorite for her alone…
    Oh Baggu, you are so clever!

  149. Love the canvas weekend tote in sailor stripe!! This travel set would be super great to have for my upcoming trip to Lyon, France!!!!

  150. Who wouldn’t want the sailor striped weekend bag?? It seems we all want it. But really, all of their prints are so cute.

  151. I adore the leather Baggu in plum! What a gorgeous shade of purple, and such a chic, easy shape.

  152. i am OBSESSED with my Baggu backpack! I picked it up on vacation in Portland once. I use it everyday, but it’s time to change it up! I really love the duffel bag in sailor stripe.

  153. I LOVE the duck bag. It’s so stylish and lightweight and since I’m on the shorter side, the adjustable strap is key for me! A lot of other bags look way too long on me when I put them over my shoulder. I have the duck bag in the striped version and just saw that they have it in leopard now too… I think I know my next little treat!

  154. I was just admiring some Baggu bags at UO yesterday. I love the canary tote and the blue dot duck bag. The weekender in mountain goat is also pretty sweet!

  155. I love all the leather baggu totes so much!!! All the baggu produts are so fun. I use them in my everyday life.

  156. Choosing just one favorite piece is hard, but it would have to be the leather pouch; one small gorgeous piece containing all those tiny things that get lost in my big purse!

  157. I was looking at Baggu for my trip to Greece in May and I fell in love with the Sailor Stripe boat tote and duffle bag along with anything in the Electric Poppy Dot pattern or polka dots. I love patterns!

  158. I’ve been in love with BAGGU for years now and even though it’s hard to pick a favorite I love their Duck totes and Leather ones (even though I haven’t gotten one of those yet) They always have a great selection of colors and prints. πŸ™‚

  159. baggu is the best, I have been wanting the simple key chain for a while now it’s silly I haven’t just gotten it yet!

  160. My favorites are the simple shopping totesβ€”I have them stashed everywhere to use at a moment’s notice!

  161. I love the Sailor Stripe Boat Tote. It’s the perfect size for toting around toddler goodies throughout a weekend adventure!

  162. The navy rounded Pouch is my absolute favorite! I first spotted this style at the Guggenheim Museum, who was wise to partner with a brand like Baggu. Excellent contest – thank you oh joy!

  163. I think the yellow leather clutch and the electric poppy zip bag (what a cute name) would be handy and trendy all the same! πŸ™‚

  164. Love the 3d zip, in the sailor stripe and the poppy dot (might not be able to wait with my fingers crossed for the giveaway!) Have to get my muggy mits on them NOW!

  165. Absolutely love the sailor stripe weekend bag!! Perfect for traipsing around Europe!

  166. Although I love ALL baggu, and am partial to the perfect-sized Baby Baggu, I NEED that Sailor Stripe boat tote. πŸ™‚

  167. I love the weekend bag in the sailor stripe! So cute. I think I’d need to get that navy key chain too. πŸ™‚

  168. I love my Baggu bags! I use them every week at the grocery store, farmers market, and pretty much any time my hands are full. (: Right now, I’m loving the pouch in plum.

  169. The weekend bag and duffel bag are the best! So great for workouts, traveling, and any other running around you would have to do!

  170. I’m loving the backpacks and the small leather baggu – especially the coral suede!!

  171. I really like the Sailor Stripe Boat Tote. Perfect for summer travel! Thank you for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  172. The electric poppy dot medium 3D zip bag is so fresh and happy. That would make me smile when I open my luggage.

  173. Thanks Baggu!
    The Sailor Stripe Boat Tote looks perfect for the beach, and I love the name, too!

  174. I love Baggu! The travel pieces would be great for when I travel home to visit my family on the East Coast!

  175. As a travel writer, I’m always looking for the perfect throw-everything-in carryon. The squares weekender is the perfect choice. Love that unexpected pattern and color combo!

  176. i’m loving the weekend bag in sailor stripe! perfect for a weekend getaway to the lakehouse!

  177. Its difficult to choose! But I’m going with the sailor stripe Duck Bag. You can’t go wrong with a nautical print!

  178. Everything is so amazing, but I am thinking I seriously need to add the new stripe tote to my collection!!

  179. I literally have a Baggu’s stripped canvas tote saved to my favorites bar right now because I want to purchase it so badly! I’m really hoping I get to take this amazing prize pack home. Thanks for the chance to win! Xo.

  180. my favorites are the plum leather basic tote and the ostrich large 3D zip bag… so cute!

  181. I honestly want them all… I love the timeless, modern simplicity of them! the big baggu, the weekend bag, the boat bag, the duck bag, the leather baggu, the keychain, the pouch, and the coin purse… I want them all!

  182. I love the Medium 3D Alpaca zip! On a road trip through Kentucky with my father as an adult- we saw countless alpacas being transported on the roads. Including one in the back of van!

  183. My favorite is the sailor stripe backpack! I would definitely use it every day school chic.

  184. Love the Alpaca medium 3d zip bag. Alpaca’s are great – also love the practically + humor that defines Baggu bags.

  185. i love the sailor stripe backpack! I want to use it for beach and other daytime activities this summer!

  186. I was just in the Brooklyn store today buying a laptop case and I noticed their great leather basic totes! I LOVE Baggu!

  187. I love, love the Sailor Stripe Weekender bag! I’ve been looking for a weekender for forever! So cute.

  188. The 3D zips in any size would be great for staying organized while traveling!
    I especially love the alpaca print!!

  189. Really cute stuff! I think my favorite is the Duffel Bag in Chestnut. I also love the Medium 3D Zip in Electric Poppy.

  190. those little fancy coin purses are adorable! but i could certainly see getting a lot of great use out of the weekend bag. the question would be in mountain goat or poppy??

  191. as a frequent traveler, the mountain goat weekend tote or medium zip looks so practical and cute!

  192. the poppy medium 3d zip!! such a pretty color/print, and so perfect for a travel makeup bag!!!

  193. My favorite is the standard baggu in the sheep print, I love orange and blue together!

  194. The big Baggu is perfect to throw in a tote- just in case!
    The weekend bag looks great too!

  195. I love the duck bags. I survived graduate school with a cactus-colored duck bag, and am hoping to add to my collection once I graduate in a few weeks and start working.

  196. My favorite bag is The Duck Bag in Sailor Stripe. A perfect beach bag for me for Avalon, NJ. πŸ™‚

  197. I would love the black backpack, or the sailor stripe, or the canvas! really any of them!

  198. Love the weekend bag and duffel in sailor stripe! Also, the alpaca and sheep baggus are amazing. So cute!

  199. All of these are so GREAT! I couldn’t go wrong with any of them, but I think I am digging the HIDE STANDARD BAGGU, with elephant jade pattern!

  200. I love the mountain goat weekend bag! These bags would be wonderful for my upcoming honeymoon trip to Ireland!

  201. I love the leather basic tote – perfect for work! And the knapsack just might get me to try the backpack trend…

  202. Favorite baggus are the zippered baggus…which, did they get rid of for this 3d version?!?!

  203. LOVE LOVE Baggu! My favorite piece right now is the duck bag – so functional and cute. Every color is gorgeous but I particularly like the sailor stripe!

  204. Oh how I love these bags!! I really love the duck bag in the stripes, or blue perhaps. Anything really! Here’s to hoping I win πŸ™‚ and I hope you have a wonderful trip in London! Such a magical city!

  205. I love those backpacks! So many fun colors and lightweight for travel! πŸ™‚

  206. Hard to pick just one… Love the boat tote in sailor stripe and basic tote in molasses or navy!

  207. I really like the sailor stripe in the tote you chose, but also on the iPad case too. Hope I win!

  208. I already have a Big Baggu and I love it but I am obsessed with the Elephant Jade Design. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  209. Oh my god, I’ve used a Baggu Duck Bag for years! First, to carry my laptop and books to class and now as an extra travel bag (for those extra things I can’t fit in my suitcase…) As it is, I’ve been obsessing over their adorable weekend bag for a very, very long time (in poppy, to be specific). I’d be so excited to win!

  210. I like the blue dot small 3D zip pouch. It looks perfect for holding a range of small travel essentials (chargers, currency, makeup, etc).

  211. This is the best! Such cute bags! I’m also preparing for Europe (Croatia and Slovenia for me, but I bet London will be amazing!) and find myself overwhelmingly lacking in luggage! The sailor stripe weekender is my fav

  212. Hi Joy! I love these bags! I have several of the shopping bags and I love the old style zip bags – I use them in my purse now instead of carrying a full diaper bag! The 3D zips look amazing – I love being able to organize!!!!

  213. I’m partial to the red knapsack. <3 It would be my best friend in Paris and Bruges this summer.

  214. I love the nylon tote in blue wave. Their big nylon tote is our favorite for the beach!

  215. It’s small, but at the top of my list is the navy or black keychain. I just upgraded my key ring to the nice brass hardware from Kaufmann Mercantile, and a strap is last bit I need. Either color would compliment the brass perfectly!

  216. Hi Joy! Have been a fan of yours since I discovered your blog! I loved the Leather Baggu in Molasses. Great style so that I can look mommy chic and spacious enough for baby stuff as well!!!

  217. I love anything in the Electric Poppy Dot or Elephant Jade patterns, they’re so cute! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  218. Turquoise clutch would be my immediate favorite but I spied lots more to love.

  219. I am really loving the medium 3D zips. it would be great for little accessories and things I don’t want to loose during my trip in June

  220. Your post is so timely as I travel back and forth from Wisconsin to Cali to visit my newborn nephew! Such great accessories. I think the large 3D zip bags are especially useful-love the ostrich print!
    Thx for sharing and the opportunity to win such lovely items.

  221. The sailor stripe weekend bag is so sweet. It would match my diaper bag perfectly! Maybe a good excuse for a trip with my little one…?

  222. I love the leather totes and the new striped totes! I use my by baggus all the time and these would be useful and super cute additions!

  223. I love reading your creative blog! I’m moving to Australia and think the Sailor Stripe Boat Tote is ideal for a trip to Maggie Island!

  224. Hi Joy: I am in love with the basic tote – reminds me of a bag I’ve purchased while traveling in Nepal. An all day, every day, every night carry all. Safe travels to London my dear.

  225. Oh my goodness! I can’t decide what item from Baggu is my favorite! The duffel bag, the duck bag, the weekend bag… I can think of a million reasons to have all of them. One of my favorite items (and probably my soon-to-be first purchase) is the backpack. All of Baggu’s items are so simple, but very detailed from drawstrings to cell phone pockets – they have it all!

  226. I could really use the medium 3D zip in Alpaca! It’s can put a lot of stuff in that little bag!!

  227. I love the Standard Baggu in the new sheep print! Perfect for a large knitting project!

  228. The weekend bag in mountain goat would be great for short summer trips! The 3D zip bags also look really handy for upcoming travels!

  229. Joy Cho – Your blog timing this year keeps being SHOCKINGLY serendipitous! While living in Seattle you visited my fave Anthro store to promote petites. Then, I move back 18 weeks pregnant and you launch the most adorable Land of Nod line evs. Now, I leave for London next week and you open the greatest forum of the best “to-do in London town guide,” PLUS a killer giveaway to boot! Joy I really do love this blog. You are so fabulous and this is a great read every day. Serious thanks and kudos and being amazing.
    And Baggu – I must have that sailor stipe Boat tote. Maybe one in Peach too. Adorbz.

  230. I need a large 3D zip! It’s perfect for carrying around extra changes of clothes for the kids when we are out and about!

  231. The sailor striped boat tote is totes my style! Oh the things I would carry πŸ™‚

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