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dressing the bump / 12 weeks!

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump

I'm excited to share a new little video series with you today called "Dressing the Bump". During my first pregnancy with Ruby, I shared bump updates along the way and got lots of questions about what to wear during each stage. So this time, I thought it would be fun to chronicle it through video and give you more specific tips this time for what I like to wear along the way.

We recorded this first one a few weeks ago at 12 weeks, and I'll be sharing a new one every month (16 weeks, 20 weeks, etc.) For those of you currently expecting currently or who plan to in the future, I hope to inspire you to embrace that beautiful belly! You can see all sources for the pieces worn below…

Outfit #1 (pink dress)
Sonnet James Dress and Punchy Pink Chewbeads Necklace 

Outfit #2 (watermelon tank and jeans)
Gorman top (past season), Bella Band with silicone strip or Be Band from Target, and Greenwich Chewbeads Necklace. 

Outfit #3 (grey/white/black)
Zara floral tank, Storq tank, and Storq skirt

Brought to you by Oh Joy
Art Direction by Oh Joy
Video by Jenner Brown
Production Asst: Julia Wester
Hair & Makeup by Danielle Walch
Music is "Holiday" by Les Enfants
Locations: Sockerbit and Clementine

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*Please keep in mind that all bellies are shaped and sized differently and grow at different rates. I hope you'll find these videos helpful at some stage of your pregnancy. 


  1. Love this! I am almost 14 weeks and need some help figuring out what to wear.
    Where is the grey knit dress from? I love that.

  2. Yay!! I love this!! I just passed the 12 week mark (we’re expecting our first!) so I’ll be putting these tips to good use in the coming months!! Thank you Joy!! 🙂

  3. I love this feature and I can’t wait to see more baby bump ideas! I’m not pregnant yet, but I’d love to be one day and I’ll try to soak in all the tips I can now!

  4. Love this video! I am almost 14 weeks and have a little bump that needs some help. 🙂 You and your family are super adorable!
    Mom 4 Life

  5. Hi joy! I’m expecting my first and having so much trouble figuring out what to wear! What are your key pieces for 25 weeks? My tshirts are slowly starting to stretch all the way out haha
    Love this video! And you are so cute!

  6. I love this SO much! I’m 18 weeks, and I’ve struggled with embracing my pregnant body. I’m incredibly grateful to you for doing this. You’re always a source of inspiration. Thank you!!

  7. Hi joy! Almost 7 weeks here so I’m right behind u! =) couple questions: what size is the Zara floral tank you’re wearing? And are u just wearing a white cami underneath or is that a belly band? Thanks! Connie

  8. Never mind the second question. I see now that it’s a Storq tank. What size on that as well? Thanks!

  9. So cute!! Congratulations on your pregnancy! A well made video with great and useful tips! Thank you!

  10. I have this bookmarked! We are planning on starting a family soon, and I would have no idea how to dress! Most of my cloths are not loose, so these essentials are definitely on my list!

  11. That pink dress is awesome on you, chica – great color. But the thing I loved the most was your disclaimer at the end. You made me snort. How’s that for a Tuesday?

  12. This is perfect, Joy! You embrace your belly well (the pink is my favorite!) and I cannot wait for the end of the series, where you flatter your recovering belly–for all moms to apply. (And thank goodness for the jeans trick!)

  13. LOVE this series!! I am 27 weeks and it is getting a little more difficult dressing my bump as I get bigger and bigger. I totally did the hairband trick for a while haha 🙂

  14. Wow, this series couldn’t have come at a better time! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant (due 11/23) with my first baby and I’ve been really bummed to see all the boring or ugly maternity clothes out there! I don’t want to spend 9 months not looking like myself! I actually have the red version of that Madewell dress and I completely agree, it’s the perfect bump-camouflaging dress for my bump/bloat. =P

  15. So glad you’re doing this! My husband and I have officially decided we’re ready to add our first someone to our family and I have spent a lot of time navigating pinterest for tips and style ideas for a bump! Your videos make it easier! I’ve never had a baby so I feel like I know absolutely nothing. Haha Can’t wait for the rest of the videos! My style is extremely similar to yours and the bump photos you shared while pregnant with Ruby I saved for future inspiration at the time! Congrats, too!!!!

  16. This is great, Joy! I’m 14 weeks along with my second baby, but don’t have access to my friend’s amazing maternity loaners this time. Although none of my own favorite purchases were actually maternity items, just stylishly loose dresses.
    One thing, though–I’ve always been confused by the belly band. Is its purpose to cover up like having on a long tank? Or is it to rein in one’s partially open pants?

  17. Hi Joy! Thank you so much for doing this series! I am 13 weeks pregnant with my first (due 11/14…on my birthday ha!), and getting dressed and shopping for new clothes has been an interesting yet fun challenge. This series helps a lot, as do your recommendations and links on where to buy clothes. I can’t wait for more! And I love that we’re going through this together 🙂

  18. Congrats! Love the pink dress!
    And thank you for this series! I’m 26 wks pregnant with my first (yikes) and have struggled to find a way to not dress full maternity, I’ve done well so far including still using the hair elastic trick and bella band! Can’t wait to read the rest! Any tips for me since I’m slightly ahead? Many thanks!

  19. Great tips Joy…after four pregnancies, I swear by the hairband trick :). If you haven’t tried out Michael Stars, I recommend their pieces!! Oh, and Hatch Collection too :). xoxo Annie

  20. You are adorable. Congratulations on your second babe. We had our second last December (first is a little older than Ruby) and he is a truly magical addition to our little family. Enjoy, Joy!

  21. Well, I’m reading your blog to distract myself from contractions so I guess this post is a bit late for me. So glad to be done with maternity clothes. Didn’t want to spend too much on clothing for #2 and all my maternity wear was LA warm weather gear so being pregnant during a grueling northeast winter was not fun from a wardrobe standpoint 🙂

  22. Hi, love this post! Does anyone have a recommendation for people inbetween storq sizes? Better to order up or down? Thanks!

  23. Hi Kris,
    I LIVED in maxi dresses at the end. Pretty much the only thing I was most comfy in so hopefully its warm enough where you live that you can dress nice and light now! Good luck in this last stretch!!

  24. Hi Nataly,
    Maxi dresses are my default during any stage of pregnancy. Comfy, expandable, and flattering! Congrats!

  25. Hi Malia,
    Congrats on baby!
    The bella band is to wear with your regular pants unbuttoned. The idea is that if the rest of your pants still fit (legs and butt) just not the belly, then you can keep it unbuttons and wear the band so that it keeps your fly closed and it looks like a tank top. I wore one up until 20 weeks or so during my first pregnancy and then after that I switched to maternity jeans.

  26. Oh joy!!!! You don’t know how happy I am with this videos.
    First of all: congrats!!! This is muy second baby too and we are at the sale time 🙂 so perfecta for me.
    Love that Pink dress 🙂 where is it from?

  27. Thank you Elisa and congrats to you!
    The pink dress is by Sonnet James and link is at bottom of the post 😉

  28. I’m so excited for this series! I’m only 6 weeks along with my first, so these videos are actually timed really perfectly for me – I can watch, get tips, shop and be prepared for when I hit the stage you’re speaking of!
    So far, I’m getting all the wear I can out of my skinny pants – but I think I may have to start doing the hair tie trick soon!

  29. Hi Joy – congrats!!! That is such exciting news!! What a wonderful time for you and your family. 🙂 We had our daughter on Valentines Day. She is our first and it’s been such a magical time.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be much information on options for things to wear when breastfeeding/nursing. I’m sure if you decide to continue the series post birth people would be really interested. Although maybe you’ll be too busy…! ; ) All the best.
    Jane xx

  30. I was hoping you’d be an inspiration to those of us who choose to have an only child! Ugh– bloggers all seem to be breeders!

  31. you are so adorable! I have been out of the loop since my baby came in feb, but I am so happy for you guys. AAANND, my nanny got me the same chew bead necklace you have I can’t wait until my little Noa goes to town on it! Love you joy, you don’t know it but we are besties, ; )

  32. wow, what an awful reaction to someone’s joy. (no pun intended) I sincerely hope your one and only offspring doesn’t inherit your tactlessness.

  33. Thank you thank you for introducing me to Storq! Great basics to grow with you, so you can keep pairing with things you already own. I’m just a few weeks along at the moment, but excited for the weeks ahead. Such a fabulous brand in terms of concept, design, and comfort.

  34. Hi Maddi!
    Im 52 and usually wear a 0 or XS and got a size XS. Its def fitting in the chest, waist, and arms so if you want roomier you could go a size up. I have a couple other dresses from there and got a S instead.
    Sent from my iPhone

  35. I have another question. Sorry!! haha Could you wear the Storq skirt when you aren’t pregnant or would it look funny? Thanks! Im trying to buy mostly things that I can wear when Im not pregnant too. 🙂

  36. Hi Maddi,
    Yes, totally. Its a simple and very soft stretchy skirt so you can def. wear not pregnant. There is no maternity banding or anything. It is a long skirt (bc its meant to be worn over the belly when pregnant) but you could still wear it high when not.

  37. Joy!! I’m not even pregnant but just watched all 3 videos! You made me wish I was with all those great tips!
    Congratulations on having another girl! That’s so exciting!
    I’ll be sending you another package soon 😉 xox

  38. I feel a bit silly asking this but I’m not sure where or who else to ask. For the sonnet james dress, is there a particular brand of seamless underthings you use? I have the Stella dress and love it but feel like all lines show! (aside from spanx:P) I’m early in my pregnancy and am not sure what to do when I’m bigger…

  39. Hi Tracy!
    I wore spanx with it before getting pregnant and then after just very smooth hug hugger type underwear. Nothing with lace but something light and flat 😉
    Hope that helps!

  40. Hi – do you remember where the grey dress was from? I didn’t see it listed in the 3 outfits. Thanks!


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