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{oh joy eats} sweet rose creamery…

Sweet Rose Creamery / Los Angeles

Sweet Rose Creamery / Los Angeles

One of my favorite Los Angeles ice cream shops, Sweet Rose Creamery, has made its way to a more central location—hooray! Ice cream is literally one of my favorite things on earth, so shops that offer one-of-a-kind and seasonal flavors are always a must in my book.

During this visit, we got the cinnamon buttermilk sherbet with mandaquats and carnival sprinkles. It was creamy and tart with a nice touch of cinnamon as contrast, I couldn't stop eating it. In combination with the matcha green tea ice cream, it was a perfect and unexpected pairing.

Sweet Rose Creamery / Los Angeles

Sweet Rose Creamery / Los Angeles

Sweet Rose Creamery / Los Angeles

In addition to ice cream, they also carry a nice selection of pastries. We had the sticky bun with walnuts which was super light, buttery, and flaky—like a croissant—with the magical addition of the sticky caramel sauce on top.

We're expected to have a heat wave this week in L.A., so it just might be another excuse to go back!

Sweet Rose Creamery | 7565 Beverly Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA 90036 | 310.260.2663

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. Sorry to digress, but while my mouth was watering, I couldn’t help but notice the fantastic shade of pink lacquer. What company/color is that? Thanks!

  2. Do they offer the chocolate cone at the Beverly location? It’s so so good. I enjoy it as much as I enjoy the ice cream!

  3. That looks so good right now…today’s not even supposed be that hot and I am already dreading the heat. Definitely will stop by here.

  4. WOW. This looks SO gorgeous! How delicious and… YUM! My bf and I are thinking of packing up and moving to the west coast (we’re Mainers looking for a serious change of pace. and weather.) seeing cute little LA shops like this makes me want to move even more!!

  5. Yummy! Ice cream is my favorite too and I love special flavoring. That buttermilk one sounds delicious! The frozen custard shop around the corner has a delicious flavor right now: dulce de leche! I get mine dipped in dark chocolate and..oh man, it is heavenly.

  6. This is in my neighborhood and I haven’t been there yet! Guess I know what I’m doing this coming weekend. :)Looks amazing!


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