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family check-in station DIY…

Oh Joy / Family Check-In Station DIY

Oh Joy / Family Check-In Station DIY

Running around and juggling work and family and life can be totally overwhelming. There are some days I really just wish I could blink my eyes and have everything all come together seamlessly. I've found that staying organized is really so key to keeping myself sane, so today we're sharing a fun DIY for making a central area to help keep the whole family organized with this Family Check-In Station. With the additions of some easy-to-use home organizational items, we’ve created a life-sized catchall for the whole family so we can worry less about where everything is and focus on time together instead. 

Instead of just having a bulletin board for to-do's for each member of the family, we wanted to create an area that each person could keep things to grab on the way out the door, as well as a place to put everyday reminders and notes on a custom magnetic wall. We also wanted to make place to put those daily belongings you need on your way in or out of the house—it's like a giant bulletin board mixed with a super practical cubby area. The whole piece is modular so you can make it for a family of two or a family of six. And it's great for roommates, too.

Here's how to create one:

Oh Joy / Family Check-In Station DIY

1. Cut out and stick contact paper (we used gold) onto the backing of 4 cube shelves. Build the shelves using the adhesive strips provided to secure them together. 

2. Line up the cubes along the wall based on how many cubbies would be a good fit for each family member. They could all be the same height or different (like we did). Outline the wall with area you wish to paint behind the cubes with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.

3. Paint the entire area above the cubbies within the taped outline with magnetic primer. You will need to paint at least 3 coats —the more coats, the more magnetic it will be.

Oh Joy / Family Check-In Station DIY

4. Once completely dry, use painters tape to outline the individual sections. Then paint each section with its individual color using regular wall paint.


5. Stack the cubbies and fill with each person's daily essentials as well as various memos to keep notes, tickets, receipts all in place.

Oh Joy / Family Check-In Station DIY


I love how The Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands helps busy families stay organized so they can spend time less time organizing and more time enjoying time together.

See below for all sources/items used:

Mom (mint green): Map out family activities for the week with the Post-it® Planner with Perforated List Pad. We also used the Post-it® Grip Board to keep important receipts, business cards, and any other loose pieces of paper that need to be attended to. 

Dad (green): The Post-it® Dry Erase Grip Tile holds tickets and other things to grab on the way out the door while offering a spot to make notes for the day or week. You can also hold receipts or other loose papers with the Post-it® Magnetic Grip Disk and the Command™ Clear Smartphone Station holds his phone, loose change, or keys.

Daughter (pink): Hang up the week’s homework or play date reminder on the Scotch® Restickable Strip while displaying her latest masterpiece with the Scotch® Display Frame.

Pup (yellow): Hold onto Doggie Daycare coupons or other pet mementos with the Post-it Magnetic Grip Disk and make sure the dog walker lets you know your pup’s latest updates using the Post-it® Reminder Tile

Also used: gold contact paper, white storage cubes, magnetic paint, and regular wall paint.

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with 3M. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy.

(Photos by Casey Brodley and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy. Special thanks to Tuna the Frenchie!)


  1. When we have a familiy, I was thinking of doing this exact thing, I just didn’t know how to do it and now I do!
    Thank you! It looks adorable and it fits your family beautifully. You are adorable!
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  2. This is such an amazing idea! I have been living alone for the past year and am moving in with roommates this summer…may have to try this out!

  3. Any suggestions for renters who can’t paint? Would there be some way to hack the fun magnetic stuff in a different way, while still having a nice pop of color? I’m going to be renting a 1-bed condo with a small-ish entryway, have been trying to think of what to do with the space without it being so permanent.

  4. This is a great idea! We have a more simplified version in my household with an area (a chair and a shelf) holding watches, wallets, handbags, and other items we need before heading out.

  5. Hi Lindsay,
    We used a level to create a straight line on the very top of where the lines would extend to. Then you can either measure in evenly from the left or right side of the wall so that you are going in 1ft all the way down for each panel. Or if you are concerned your wall edge is not straight, you can use a T-square to give you a defined parallel line from the top edge.
    Hope that helps!

  6. I love this!!! Can I get the paint colors? I love the color scheme that was used!!! Thanks! 🙂

  7. Hi!
    The paint colors are:
    Benjamin Moore:
    Razzle Dazzle (pink)
    Once Upon a time (green)
    Hannity Green (mint)
    Cheerful (yellow)

  8. Hi Kyra!
    No, we didnt get a dog. The pup belongs to one of the girls on the Oh Joy team. He was our dog model for the day 😉

  9. This is an amazing DIY – so useful and easy! Since I live alone, I can’t really justify bringing out the paint can, but I sure can get better at organising my everyday things. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Thank you Joy! One more question- how did your lighter colors cover the magnetic primer? How many coats did it take?
    Thanks again….

  11. Amber, try using colored contact paper over smaller magnetic boards! Or you could also hang painted cookie sheets for the magnets to grip.

  12. Really tired of dogs being used as props and accessories. Especially french bulldogs, pugs and other extremely unhealthy breeds. These poor animals have so many health issues as a result of the way we human’s have mutated them to look less like animals and more like cartoon characters. I wanted a french bulldog myself before I was educated on the truths about purebred (inbred) dogs. The way most people are breeding them, it’s almost animal cruelty for them to even exist and marketing them as fashionable is creating a huge demand. Just makes me so sad.


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